Hi, I’m Kitty Pryde. I am sitting here behind my computer, thinking about everything me and my team have not accomplished over the last week. The most important thing we have not gotten anywhere with is the investigation into the infamous Harold van Steen AKA DJ Magni and his spectacular power trip in San Francisco. By the time we got to his home, there was nothing there. Absolutely nothing. The place looked as if it had been cleaned down to the smallest microscopic mote of dust. All the furniture and everything that might have told us anything about who the man was that had lived there was gone. I figure the place has been sanitized, as if somebody ordered the complete erasure of anything connected to DJ Magni.

The next step, trying to figure out who his friends were and where he worked, also came up futile. All the five of us ever heard about him was that he was a nice guy, a talented DJ, a womanizer and a bit of a junkie, mostly into XTC and cocaine. It wasn’t that his friends seemed to hold anything back or that they didn’t really know the guy, it was just that there seemed to be nothing to tell. Clarice wrote a long letter to Harold van Steen’s father, hoping he would meet with her after they spoke on the plane, but so far he has not responded. Alani suggested finding Harold’s regular dealer, and most of Harold’s friends found her a very effective interviewer, as she came up with the address of the guy without any problem. When Clarice and Rachel went to talk to the dealer, a Wesley Starrenburg, they heard from his neighbors that he was dead, found a few weeks ago executed in a drug deal. There had not been much of an investigation, as things like that just happened, even in the Netherlands, the neighbor added. Another dead end.

The second thing we were looking into was the attack by the four costumed villains on the plane, followed by the weird attack in broad daylight by the Dark Riders. The two villains from the plane that were captured, Blacklash and Scarecrow, were no use at all. Blacklash kept his mouth shut and was extradited to the US in record-time. Scarecrow is still around, as his mental health has completely broken down after his arrest, something I can’t feel too sorry about after what that animal put me through.  The man is now being kept at a psychiatric institution near Rotterdam, the second city of the Netherlands. Rachel had Blink visited him, but all Rachel got from him was static, as if his mind was completely gone. Abby has done all she could by going through SHIELD files on the Dark Riders, and everything she came up with was that they were all dead. The SHIELD access is a bonus feature of her involvement with the Avengers, but it has not provided anything useful.

Meanwhile, I have been doing all I can to find out who in the Initiative wants to keep tabs on us, and why. So far, I have nothing, and that is saying something because I’m quite the hacker. Right now, as I’m writing this, I have another program running to get me inside the Initiative, but I don’t think that’ll get me anything, either. Frustrating? Oh yes! Right now I’m sit-at-home-girl, while the others are all busy. Not on our mission, but on something else….