Lucas is finally back on his feet after recent events but finds himself being sidelined. After the New Slingers handle some business, including finally finding Emi Kitane a.k.a. Armory, they learn from Lucas and Jessica’s mother that everyone will be taking a much-needed vacation. What exactly will Mania and the Cult of the Tarantula have in store for them when they arrive? Continue reading

In a world of beetles, scorpions, ants, and wasps, Anya must fight to keep the spider at the top of the insect and arachnid kingdom! With Monica Rappaccini scheming in the background and various societies and councils plotting the rise of their own champions, can Araña maintain the status quo amid rising violence even with Avispa’s help? After a few months’ absence, Araña returns in the penultimate issue of the series’ inaugural arc. Continue reading

Anya Corazon, the amazing Araña, has been poisoned and her friend Lucas Garcia has been captured by the Cult of the Tarantula – a declaration of intent as the Third Great Insect War looms! Can a weakened Araña hope to stand firm against her enemies? And when the conflict attracts the attention of SHIELD, whose side will agent Carmilla Black – the deadly Scorpion – be on…? Continue reading