COTA Circle

Do mutants dream of electric sheep? Probably not but they sure do dream of some pretty messed up things. In the strangest episode of Children of the Atom ever journey into the dreams of Josh, Cassie, Lily and Cory. But are there dreams everything they seem to be? The most important episode of COTA yet! Continue reading

COTA Circle

Wednesday September 30th Cory It was a day I think we were all dreading but we knew it was coming. Lily told me she was having sleepless nights because of it, Cassie told me she didn’t really care but I know she did, Josh said it was inevitable, that it had to happen. Me, I… Read More »

COTA Circle

Carnivàle!! Stressed from school and the rising tension between humans and mutants, the young X-Men decided to enjoy some down time at the local carnival, but the cards are not in their favor. A new group of young mutants have arrived and they are up to no good! Continue reading

With the Sisterhood of the Wasp preparing its grand takeover in New York City, it’s a good time for a hero from another world to gather herself a team! Who will answer the call to join Nomad’s Young Allies? And will they be able to come together in time before the Wasps take over? All this, and the story will be continued in next week’s issue of Araña! Continue reading

Nomad has found herself on a world that is not her own with the pieces on the table set to collide into the same tragedy that befell her Earth! Will she be able to trust anyone in this new place? And just who is the Panther that wants a word with Nomad? All of this, and one more mystery players makes his presence known! Continue reading

In the midst of the warring insect groups, a resident of another earth lands in Manhattan! How will her arrival change everything for Anya and crew? Plus, the initial battle comes to a conclusion… but can a Wasp work with a Spider without one killing the other? Continue reading

In a world of beetles, scorpions, ants, and wasps, Anya must fight to keep the spider at the top of the insect and arachnid kingdom! With Monica Rappaccini scheming in the background and various societies and councils plotting the rise of their own champions, can Araña maintain the status quo amid rising violence even with Avispa’s help? After a few months’ absence, Araña returns in the penultimate issue of the series’ inaugural arc. Continue reading

Anya Corazon, the amazing Araña, has been poisoned and her friend Lucas Garcia has been captured by the Cult of the Tarantula – a declaration of intent as the Third Great Insect War looms! Can a weakened Araña hope to stand firm against her enemies? And when the conflict attracts the attention of SHIELD, whose side will agent Carmilla Black – the deadly Scorpion – be on…? Continue reading

Young Aña Corazon has been selected by the mysterious Spider Society to be their latest warrior emissary in an age-old conflict against the Sisterhood of the Wasp – but how can Aña possibly juggle her super-hero role with her life as a regular teenager? Who are Lucas and Jessica Garcia? And who will become the deadly Tarantula Hunter…? Continue reading