The Man’s quest for answers is interrupted. Jubilee discovers…something…while Gambit makes a hard decision. And Prelate Summers discussion with Vance Astrovik goes better than he expected. Continue reading


X-Force is forced to deal with the fallout from their mission against RIGHT. X-23’s fate is revealed and Wrath and Wolverine come to blows as the tension between the teams boils over. Continue reading

Araña deals with the effects of last issue as Avispa struggles to come to terms with the revelation of the Goblin’s identity but can either of them control their anger long enough to make the right judgment call? Lives hang in the balance, old faces return and a new . . . old . . . um, I mean, classic hero returns to active duty, sorta! Continue reading


Quicksilver’s patience runs dry as his team reaches the Tomb and tries to contact the Mansion. In the city of Cain, Summers encounters his first prelate. Can we win the prelate over? Or will he be forced to fight for his new found dream Continue reading


Prelate Summers left the Bedlam Brothers in charge of the Pen survivors, so where are they now? Meanwhile, across the continent, Quicksilver’s team finally reaches their destination. Continue reading

Noriko Ashida has been disowned by her family and forced to live on the streets. Desperate to control her powers, she seeks refuge at the Xavier Institute. Rahne seems quite enamored with the girl, bu will she overcome her shy nature and brutal upbringing to act on her feelings? Meanwhile, Michael Holmes, aka Wraith seems to have a past with several X-Men, but what is the former SHIELD agents connection to X-23? Continue reading


Danielle Moonstar’s life was destroyed when she lost her powers. She has returned home after a long absence, but everything has changed. Her former mentor is dead and her old enemy has taken her place. The war with Apocalypse has left her teammates scarred, and angry and her her best friend Rahne Sinclair has found a new best friend in, Tabitha Smith, making her feel forgotten. Does she still have a place a the Xavier Institute? Continue reading


Based on a vision of the future that burned itself into Lady Mastermind’s head, the team are rushing towards LA to speak to Dazzler… and hopefully save her life!

Meanwhile, what’s going on with Illyana? What could the Church of Humanity possibly want with her? Continue reading


The world is evolving and a new generation of human is emerging. But are they friend or are they foe? A completely new take on the origin of the X-Men by Uncanon Legend, David! Continue reading


In the middle of what appears to be a jungle…. Jubilee quickly stuffs a silver egg inside a hollow stomp and turns around; full vamp on, a yellow trench creating a halo around her. Jubilee angrily screams, “Who’s there? Whoever you are I have been trained by the best and I will not let you… Read More »


The Story So Far: With great power must come great responsibility. Words of wisdom that were given to a young Peter Parker by his Uncle Ben, the man who helped raise him after the death of his parents. Growing up with his Aunt May and Uncle Ben, Peter had a home life that was full… Read More »

Charles Xavier is dead and the X-Men have been shattered. Will Rogue be able to pick up the pieces in time to defend the world from a new threat? Continue reading

Downtime is well earned but now easy to come by and Jessica is learning that the hard way as her heart leads her into a very difficult situation that her head desperately wants to avoid! Meanwhile, Anya and Lucas spend their time together but it’s not all fun and games! Could Rome’s secrets lead everything into a war they never even knew was occurring as the Jackal and Crime-Master make an attack! Continue reading


She fell from grace, but like the Phoenix she so loathes, she’ll rise from the ashes. Emma Frost is back! No longer satisfied with wearing black and staying behind Cyclops, Emma has decided to go off on her own. But she won’t be alone. Who will be joining Emma on her journey? Find out in Generation Chi! Continue reading


Quicksilver’s group, free of the Core, begin their trek to safety. Rasputin, the Final Horseman, returns to his Citadel to recover and plan. Prelate Summers and Weapon X escape the sewers at last – and X puts his old enemy to the test. Continue reading


Brucien Bannerson’s quiet life has, quite literally, been overtaken by chaos, Chaos God that is! Can Brucien control the Behemoth? And when Thaddeus Rose aka “Thunderbolt” enters the picture, will a God fall? Continue reading

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Jubilee returned to her old home of Los Angeles after the events that led to the shutting down of the Massachusetts Academy. After her former classmate Skin leaves her for his old gang, she starts to feel lonely and bored with her normal life. Thinking of starting over again, where will she go and what will happen when she goes to settle things with Skin? Continue reading

The destruction of Decimation is spreading in this new title from David McNamara. What remains of the world-expanding mutant police force X.S.E. fights back against the deadly Sentinels with all they’ve got. But is it enough? Continue reading