A tale from the people affected by superhero and villain showdowns, Victor Alvarez is the sole survivor of the Young Bastards attack on Spanish Harlem and he’s faced with a life changing decision when he discovers it’s because of his abilities: where does he go from here? Witness the birth of a new hero but is he the type of hero Spanish Harlem needs . . . or even wants? Continue reading

The girls have arrived in Amsterdam, and can finally get down to business. However, it seems a lot of people are none to happy about a team of X-Men arriving in Europe. And what about Cloud 9? It’s High Noon Amsterdam as The Dark Riders return! Continue reading

The devastating events of Decimation continues. What’s up with Psylocke? Will Bishop and Dazzler arrive in time to be of any use. Will Northstar find his squad. Is anyone going to die?? You’ll just have to read it and find out. Continue reading

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  San Francisco Remy LeBeau stood on the third floor of the San Francisco Museum of Natural History, clutching in his hands a red gemstone, the Devil’s Heart. In the doorway of the room he was about to leave stood the Shocker, a costumed mercenary hired by Norman Osborn to steal the jewel that Gambit… Read More »

Still reeling from the events of the last issue, Araña struggles to find her way back onto a heroic path but will a mystery girl found bleeding in an alleyway lead her back? Elsewhere, Avispa is also struggling with all that has happened and the New Slingers may have found themselves splintered as an offer is made that will change everything! Continue reading


It’s the start of the 617 classic; Evolution-X! Jubilation Lee, Ben Reilly and Clarice Ferguson are at a crossroads. Can they come together and make the right choices? Continue reading


The Exiles find themselves in for a fight for survival in a savage, mad world! Can our heroes save the day or will they fall to the feral beasts! Don’t miss this pulse-pounding, bone chilling chapter of Exiles! Continue reading

Decimation cuts through the student body in the event which gave series writer his nickname “Doctor Kill ‘Em All’. As the devastation continues, the student body fights back to save their home! Continue reading


Whoever said that getting there is half the fun never took a trip on an airplane flying directly from San Francisco to Amsterdam. Of course, Kitty & Co. do, and they’re not the only ones boarding the plane. Looks like a lot of people are intersted in Kitty, Rachel, Clarice and Alani, and most of them are not very nice… Continue reading

DIVERGENCE Part I: Feet First Written by: HUNTER LAMBRIGHT Base of Captain America’s Secret Avengers “What the…?!” shouted about ten voices at the same time. All eyes were focused on the television screen as yet another blow came from Iron Man’s side. After last week’s Darkhawk scandal, this was a harder blow for the Secret… Read More »


The Knights have returned to Castle Greymalkin after their respective missions, with new member Khert in tow. Meanwhile, dark, demonic creatures stalk the dreams of Lady Jean Grey; are they real or a delusion and why are they calling her the Goblyn Queen? Learn how Jean came to be Xavier’s stepdaughter and the fate of her family. Continue reading

The epic beginning to Decimation universe! Life is peaceful for the mutants at the Xavier Institute, but all that is about to change with the arrival of the Sentinels. Nothing will ever be the same again! Continue reading


The mysterious and alluring Eve brings her newest recruit to the Hellfire Club, where the glitz and glamor of the Club dazzles the impressionable young man. But will he be to blind to see the danger that lurks around every corner? Continue reading


The titanic showdown between the Behemoth and Thunderbolt! Plus the third mysterious member of the Exiled Trinity will be revealed! Why do Raketh Marr and Malak fear him so and what is his true goal? Continue reading


The Agency X Universe expands. Kitty is back from space, traumatised and disconnected. So, what does the X-Men’s smart and opinionated sweetheart to get back into the swing of things? Why, strike out on her own, with an all-new X-Squad. Join Kitty and her team as they head for a whole new continent of trouble. And you won’t believe who makes the team! Continue reading

BROTHER VS. BROTHER Written by: HUNTER LAMBRIGHT New York City… “They kicked you out?!” “They threw you in jail?!” Captain America and Luke Cage had just told each other their stories and reacted simultaneously. Both were in shock. “As you can see,” Cap explained, recovering first, “I got out.” “Well, I’m still out here, and… Read More »

Decimation continues as the Amazing X-Men continue to battle this unexpected attack. Wolverine’s squad face their greatest challenge, Shadowcat gets an unpleasant surprise and an X-Man dies. Don’t miss it! Continue reading