U.S. Military Installation, Nevada

The man in the elevator does not exist; at least he doesn’t exist in a legal. A single man, only child, there is no record of his birth, his education, or his family. He has no formal identification, and yet he is a very high ranking official in the US government. He wears a sensible pinstripe navy suit, double breasted, the shirt is crisp and there are no creases in his trousers. To the casual observer, he would appear to be a businessman, a man more used to pushing paper around a desk than managing people.

He adjusts his cuffs as the elevator descends, and runs a hand over his hair, smoothing it into place. An audible ping sounds in his ear as the elevator halts. The doors open and he steps out into a large room, briefly nodding to the armed soldiers who stand at either side of the elevator door. They salute him and then return to attention. A white clad scientist hurries to greet him. The man waits patiently until the scientist reaches him.

“Sir, my apologies, I was only informed a moment ago that you were due to visit.” The scientist said breathlessly.

“Do not concern yourself, doctor.” The man’s voice was deep and even. “I was not expecting a red carpet, I am simply here to oversee any developments we may have had.” He motioned to the doctor, “Please, lead the way.”

The doctor led the suited man towards an observation booth, which overlooked a bright, white-walled laboratory, where several medical staff were carrying out an operation on an unconscious female. The scientist motioned his companion to take a seat and then began to speak.

“As you can plainly see, sir, we are making steady progress, we have had partial success with the initial trials, in particular the feline and canine subjects. I’m afraid our major failing so far has been arachnid.” He paused for a moment.

“Hmm, two out of three isn’t too disappointing, I suppose. Although it would have been good to have the arachnids operational.” The man looked at the doctor. “I trust I do not need to remind you how important the transient project is to our sponsors?”

“No sir,” the doctor replied nervously. “We should have the first transients ready for service by the end of next month.”

“The end of this month would be preferable,” the suited man said, “you are aware that the Weapon X project has been reactivated?”

“I was not, sir, but I assure you, what they can do to mutants, we can easily duplicate in human subjects.” The doctor was nervous, since the man next to him could easily see to it that he would be erased if he failed in his duties.

The suited man spoke again, “My direct superiors are having great difficulty identifying the management behind the newly reborn Weapon X but we are hoping that our transients are capable enough to counter any threat.”

“Yes, sir, they will indeed be up to the job, I assure you.” The doctor motioned towards the window. “Would you like to see the rest of the operation, we have some prototype transients that still require training and testing, perhaps we could give you a demonstration?”

“Yes, by all means, doctor,” the man smiled, “I’ll need to report something to my bosses.”

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