The Nexus of Realities
The Nexus of Realities is a void that links all known realities in the multiverse together. Imagine every decision you have ever made in your life. Now imagine that there exists a world, similar to yours, where those decisions took a different path. Maybe you never went to college or chose a different job, maybe married a different person. All these possibilities are catered for, somewhere in the mulitverse. Sometimes, the walls between these realities can be thin, and people or objects can push through, like the M’Kraan crystal, the physical manifestation of the nexus in our universe. And sometimes, people will try to travel between these worlds, these myriad realities.
But occasionally, someone can get lost, disconnected from his or her world, left drifting in the void, unsure of which direction to go. One such person is Alex Summers, a man displaced from his own world, he died trying to save a friend, but his soul was transported to another world, where he took the place of his recently deceased counterpart in that alternative reality. He lead that world’s version of X-Factor, called the Six, for over two years, he fought against many perils, the Goblin Queen, the Canadian army, the Beyonder. In that world, near the end of his life, he became the focal point for the Nexus in that particular reality, but now, he no longer exists there, except in memory.
I remember dying. But most of all, I remember living.
Dad? A voice echoed in Alex’s mind. Dad? Can you hear me? Are you there?
Scottie…? Alex formed a mental picture his adopted son’s face.
“Dad? I’m trying to bring you back, but… but something is stopping me. I can’t…”
“Scottie!” Alex cried aloud, but the sound was swallowed by the void.
The voice ended suddenly, the telepathic transmission cut off. I remember waking up. Only this time, I woke up in the void.
Don’t know how long I’ve drifted here, or even if time means anything. Still, it’s peaceful, just floating here, but the solitude, the loneliness; it really isn’t all it cracked up to be. I think I must be in the Nexus, I passed on my connection to Maddie, my wife, no, my counterparts wife, and she’s the guardian of the Nexus now in that world. So, I must have died again, really getting to be a habit. But I guess I must have saved the world, … okay, maybe it wasn’t my world but it was my home for a while. I saved Scottie and Maddie, and destroyed the Goblin Queen once and for all, and now… well, there’s nothing, nothing at all.
Alex shed a tear for the little boy he left behind. He raised his hand to his face and then the thought struck him. Hang on, I can see my hand! I can see! But … where is the light coming from?
He turned his head around; searching for the light that had begun to slowly permeate the darkness that enveloped him. In the distance, he saw a faint red glow, emanating from what looked suspiciously like an egg sac. He could make out the vague shape of a man, the light pulsing from within his prison.
Well, what do you know, I’m not alone after all. But, here’s the big question, who am I stuck here with? Friend or foe, Summers, what’s it to be? Alex altered his course, steering himself to drift closer to the glowing pod, and the person inside it. May as well go and introduce myself, and hope for the best.
Alex managed to change his course with great difficulty, moving through the void was like moving through treacle, but after a while, he started to come closer, the egg growing larger in his vision. Alex felt the hair on the back of his neck stand on end; he could sense the incredible power coming from the mysterious stranger. Alex stopped his momentum suddenly, and waited, pondering his next move.
Alex was having second thoughts. Yes, he had been alone, drifting in a state of semi-consciousness, but did that mean he would just try and free this man, because he was lonely? Okay, I must have gone mad, what if this guy is meant to be here, like an exile kind of thing? I’ve been an X-Man too long, it’s made me paranoid, but then, after all I’ve been through, can you blame me?
Alex regarded the pod again. Guess there’s no real harm in looking. He moved slowly towards the egg, until he could make out more details of the man and his prison. The man inside the egg sac was young, perhaps late teens, maybe even early twenties. He was tall and slim, almost lanky. The most distinguishing feature about him was his hair. Thick dark brown hair stood up on his head, giving the impression that the man had just been electrocuted. Alex stopped again as he began to hear a voice, very faint, almost childlike. Alex hesitated, and then moved closer still, until he could make out the words clearly.
“So sorry, can’t believe, failed you father, I… I tried to help but, destroyed, yes, destroyed the dream, can’t believe I destroyed, shattered, so sorry, failed you father, failed you.” The voice was timid, and very faint, repeating the same mantra over and over again. It took Alex a few moments to realise the voice was coming from the egg, from the man trapped inside.

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