[Then all of a sudden a spark is seen and he is electrocuted. John quickly falls to his knees in pain and screams.]

John-“I wish I was dead!”

Selene-“No John I’m sorry I should have known.”

John-“I knew it I couldn’t have control I knew it!”

[John runs in tears towards his room leaving Selene outside by herself to think]

Selene-“I should have known! Why couldn’t I help him? Why? Poor kid.” This is too straining, I’m getting too involved with these kids and I know I’m going to send them into battle. A battle they may not come back from. How does Xavier do it? How can he stand it? Why is this killing me? Why can’t I help him? I may be losing my edge.

[John runs into his room and slams the door. Right behind him is Star who is concerned for her friend, she knocks on the door.]

John-“Leave me alone!”

Star-“I can’t we are friends remember we help each other.”

John-“You don’t care liar!”

Star-“I do care John please open the door.”

John-“You just met me why would you care?”

Star-“I see something in you!”


Star-“We’ve all had problems, my dad used me for most of my life he beat me everyday that I refused to work with him!”

John-“I didn’t know.”

Star-“No you didn’t!”

John-“Star? Star?”

[He opens his door only to find nobody there he then follows the trail of tears to Stars room where he enters to find her curled up in the comer in tears.]

John-“I’m sorry.”

Star-“I wanted you to like me. Maybe I tried too hard.”

John-“I do!”

Star-“I don’t want to turn out like my dad.”

John-“Your nothing like him!”

Star-“How do you know?”

John-“Because you care about me.”


John-“Know one has ever cared for me!”


John-“Maybe we can care for each other from now on how about that?”

Star-“I would like that a lot!”

[They hug each other and lay in each other’s arms where they stop to cry and begin to smile when Marie burst through the door!]

Star-“Marie what is wrong?”

Marie-“It happened today?”

Star-“What is it? What happened?”

Marie-“My powers they emerged at the mall!”


[Robert her brother rushes after her and busts through the door.]

Robert-“Marie are you alright?”

Marie-“No leave me alone!”

Star-“What happened Robert?”

Robert-“While we where at the shop something happened and Marie’s powers emerged!”

Star-“What where they? Why is she like this?”

Marie-“You want to know why do you?”

[Marie lifts her sleeve to reveal her arm no longer looks like skin but more like a machine]

Marie-“Are you happy now?”

Star-“I’m sorry.”

Marie-“I’m a freak now!”

Star-“We can cover it up honey.”

Marie-“What if it spreads through my entire body?”

Star-“It won’t.”

Marie-“How do you know? Huh Star leave me alone all of you!”

[Marie runs towards Selene’s room and demands some answers]


Marie-“Is this why you brought me here for this!”

Selene-“I guess your powers must have emerged!”

Marie-“You guess? They did!”

Selene-“Everything will be okay.”

Marie-“You can’t tell me that.”

Selene-“Time for you to clam down!”




Selene-From now on you will like the fact you’re a mutant and you will help me with something!

Marie-“I will help you then!”

Selene-“Good now I need your help!”

Marie-“Oh sure with what?”

Selene-“This damn computer!”

Marie-“What about it?”

Selene-“I need to find something in this disk, the Xavier Protocols!”


[Marie’s arm is then revealed and two wires emerge out of it and plug into the computer. She searches through the computer in seconds and finds the information she was looking for.]

Marie-“Done it is printing.”

Selene-“I’m impressed how did you know?”

Marie-“How to use my power I don’t know it just seems like a second nature.”

Selene-“That’s because it is your second nature and it is under your control not the other way around understand.”

Marie-“Yes I do!”

Selene-“Now go to your room.”

Girl’s Dorm Room

Marie-“Hey guys I’m sorry for my attitude earlier.”

Star-“It’s okay I know how scary it can be.”

John-“How come you’re okay now?”

Marie-“I really don’t know Selene just made me understand my powers a little better.”

Robert-“That’s great Marie I hope you know I will always be there for you.”

Marie-“I know Robert I know.”

Selene’s Study

Selene-“I have it I can’t believe I have it finally I know all your little defects X-men Xavier’s mistrust will bring your downfall! I will train them to kill you! Next you will all die at the hands of teenagers!”

To Be Continued…

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