[John now joins Selene outside in the beautiful garden.]

John-“Hello I’m sorry for having doubts.”

Selene-“It is perfectly alright.”

John-“It’s just I don’t think you need me here is all.”

Selene-“Not need you here of course I do all you need is some control. Some of the kids say that they have heard you scream when you are alone is this true?”


Selene-“Why do you scream John?”

John-“Because it hurts!”

Selene-“What hurts?”

John-“My body, I’m constantly getting electrocuted it hurts so much I can’t stand it.”

Selene-“Give me your arm.”

[When he hands her his arm she turns it and she sees slashes on his wrists.]


John-“So it can stop!”


John-“All the pain!”

Selene-“I want to help.”

John-“How? You can’t, I know it!”

Selene-“Yes I can I swear!”


Selene-“But nothing did you know John that you have two separate sets of powers.”


Selene-“Yes you can produce lightning but you can also produce water.”


Selene-“Have you ever noticed that you sweat a lot more than others or that you’re mostly never thirsty?”

John-“Actually no, but now that you mention it…”

Selene-“Exactly you have that powers it’s just you’ve never had time to develop it. Now with my help we can help to control it so it doesn’t react with your electric based powers so it can stop hurting you.”


Selene-“It will take time.”

John-“I have time.”

Selene-“Now concentrate and imagine being sponged of all the water in your body do you see it?”

John-“Yes I can it’s all coming out from me I know it I can feel it! Is it happening?”

Selene-“Open your eyes and find out!”

[When he opens his eyes he sees his hand glowing a light blue colour.]

John-“What is this?”

Selene-“It is all the water that was in your body in you hand for you to control. You can do anything you want shoot it to the air.”


Selene-“Wow it’s so beautiful it feels like rain.”

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