By Eddie Pilares


[It is late at night and Selene is sitting in front of a computer with a priceless expression on her face.]

Selene-“Damn this box I can’t get it to turn on!”

Pandora-“Mistress you have to push the big button the green one.”

Selene-“Oh! Well magic I can deal with but this!”

Pandora-“Is it not this what you brought the girl in for?”

Selene-“Yes but her powers are inactive yet only if that traitor Sage was still here she could turn her powers on.”

Pandora-“The girl has already hit puberty her powers should be along soon that is if your sure that she is a mutant.”

Selene-“I’m sure Pandora trust me but dam we have to wait until that girls powers surface.”

Pandora-“Then we must wait.”

Selene-“Yes but I’ve never been good at that.”

Pandora-“Excuse me Mistress but may I ask what your schedule is for tomorrow?”


Pandora-“Because I was hoping to have some time off to visit my mother.”

Selene-“Your Mother? Ah yes sure tomorrow I’m going to be working with John and Star on their powers you can certainly have the day off.”

Pandora-“Thank you Mistress it is our anniversary.”

Selene-“I know.”

[The next morning]

[They are woken up by a telepathic thought]

Selene-Star wake up!

Star-“What’s going on?”

Marie-“I don’t know!”

Selene-It’s just me!

Star-“Who is me? Why are you in our heads?”

Selene- You would think you would recognise my voice.


Selene-Yes now come down to the training room so I may speak to you. Marie inform the others that you have the day off I want John to stay behind as well enjoy yourselves goodbye.

Star-“Damn why me? She probably wants to throw me and John off the team!”

Marie-“Why do you say that?”

Star-“We haven’t done anything.”

Marie-“That is because your powers weren’t needed that day but it will sometime.”

Star-“I guess let’s see hope you have fun at the mall room mate.”

Marie-“I’ll get something for our new room like a poster.”

Star-“Alright See ya!”


[Downstairs a few minutes later]

[Star and John have met and are eagerly awaiting Selene.]

Star-“So what do you think this is about?”

John-“I don’t really know but maybe?”

Star-“We are being thrown out?”

John-“How did you know I was. Are you a telepath?”

Star-“No I just feel the same way cause like my powers they are pretty limited you know.”

John-“At least you can control yours! Mine only manages to hurt me.”

Star-“I’m sorry.”

John-“It’s okay thanks for caring.”

Star-“We are friends after all.”

Jon-“We are?”

Star-“Of course we are we do live together so why not be friends?”

John-“It’s just I’ve never had a friend.”

Star-“Ever had a girlfriend?”


[Selene enters]

Selene-“Sorry to interrupt but I’ve been meaning to talk to you both.”

John-“Don’t bother I’ll go pack my bags.”

Selene-“Don’t be absurd did you think I would go through all that trouble of breaking you out of that asylum if I wasn’t interested in your powers.”

Star-I can’t believe it he was in an asylum poor guy no wonder he is so shy but he is cute though. “So what is this about?”

Selene-“We have spent months training your physical aspects now we move onto your powers. Now Star follow me John you stay here I’ll be back.”

Star-“All right bye friend.”

John-“Bye friend…”

[Star exits towards the backyard ]

Selene-“Okay Star when I first met you shot little stars at me can you do that at will?”

Star-“Sorry about that!”

Selene-“It’s fine it was my fault can you?”

Star-“Release them at will? Yeah sure it’s easy see.”

[From Star’s hands stars emerge and as she shoots them towards the sky and they fall to the floor engraved on the ground.]

Selene-“That was good but now I want you to imagine something.”


Selene-“Let me finish just think of an explosion once you throw it alright try it.”

Star-“Sure I’ll try it but I don’t know what good it will do.”

[Star releases from her fingers once again her trademark stars towards the sky but with one significant difference this time they explode.]

Star-“Wow that was amazing!”

Selene-“I know and in time you will learn how to do much more there is limitless potential.”

Star-“Really? How cool! What else can I do?”

Selene-“We will continue this lesson later go back and bring John out here he needs my help more than any of you.”

Star-“I know and thanks!”

Selene-“You care for him even though you have spent very little time with him?”

Star-“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Selene-“Of course not now go.”

Star-“Yes okay.”

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