By Eddie Pilares


[It has been four months since they where all brought together training has been done day and night. Self-defence is learned as well as martial arts, gymnastics, and kickboxing. She is moulding them slowly into a deadly team even without the use of their extraordinary powers. She has not forgotten about their power either she has trained each student individually.]

Robert-“I have never worked out so hard in my life.”

Star-“Oh I need water please water.”

Pandora-“No water until we finish. Come on all of you now!”

Marie-“I don’t know why I have to do this I don’t even have my powers yet!”

John-“I don’t get why Eve does not have to do this!”

Pandora-“Selene has her reasons now keep working and stop talking

Star-“Fine O fearless leader!”

Pandora-“I said be quiet!”

Star-“Okay God” She acts as if she was forty years old but she only looks twenty.

Pandora-“Okay now we are going to try a roundhouse kick”

Robert-“Oh no!” I’m going to fall on my ass I know it!

[In the backyard of the Hellfire club there is Selene and her newest apprentice Eve.]

Selene-“Okay Eve I want you to calm down and concentrate.”

Eve-“Alright I can feel it I’m connected to the rest of nature” I can feel everything around me. I have control over everything around me. “It is wonderful!”

Selene-“Let’s see what you can do I’m going to levitate these targets in the air I want you to control your vines to Impale them all right.”

Eve-“Okay I’ll try.” I can sense the vines from the trees they are under my control I can actually do this. “Take that!”

[From the ground vines shoot out and hit the targets perfectly in the centre.]

Selene-“Great Job! We are progressing nicely.” I haven’t met someone with such potential in such a long time. She can actually connect herself with every plant life in the world.

Eve-“I never knew I had this much control it usually just happened in an outburst like when I killed your guards or my…”

Selene-“That was not your fault!”

Eve-“I killed my own!”

Selene-“It was involuntary you where not in control. Everything is going to be better. Now you can go join the others in their physical practices.”

Eve-“Thank you!”

Selene-“Thank you child” I can’t wait to see these kids in action. “Oh and Eve tell Robert to meet me out here.”


Later In The Garden

[Robert runs out to see why Selene had asked for him only to not to find her anywhere, When all of a sudden she appears behind him.]


[She scares him and he disperses into wind and disappears. Only to reincorporate behind her.]

Robert-“Not funny!”

Selene-“Just wanted to test your reflexes and their pretty good.”

Robert-“Whatever! What did you want?”

Selene-“To test you is all.”

Robert-“Test me?”

Selene-“I want to see the limits of your powers and to see if we can improve them.”

Robert-“My powers are fine I’ve had them for a long time now and they’ve saved me more times then I can count.”

Selene-“That’s great but let’s just see what you can do.”


[A gust picks up as a small whirlwind appears]

Selene-“Good, now I want a tornado!”

Robert-“What I can’t do that!”

Selene-“Sure you can just concentrate and imagine being in the middle of a tornado think of all the wind starting to pick up close your eyes and imagine it.”

Robert-“I can’t!”


Robert-“I can’t!”


Roberto-“I can!” I see it in my mind, the wind’s picking up all doing one circular motion causing so much destruction. “I can do it!”

Selene-“Okay open your eyes.”

[As he lifts his eyelids he sees a marvellous sight, as a tornado is right in front of him.]

Robert-“Oh my god!” I never knew that was possible. It’s so beautiful.

Selene-“Good now disperses it.”


Selene-“Do it we don’t want to get so much attention now do we?”

Roberto-“All right!” What a rush.

Selene-“Oh I know. Now before I send you and Eve into your first missions I’m curious about your teleportation powers.”

Robert-“Ask away.”

Selene-“Can you teleport other people with you?”


Selene-“Good now I want you to go get Eve so the both of you can rest.”

Robert-“What is our first mission?”

Selene-“You’ll find out soon enough.”

Robert-“It’s only Eve and me.”

Selene-“Stop asking and go to bed.”

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