Jessica is hard at work trying to help her brother and she is determined to help him. How far will she go? And what will she do when an old enemy resurfaces in the form of Aftershock? All this and the true origins of Elizabeth revealed, by Anya? Continue reading

They are the DC Universe’s greatest heroes, come together to fight for truth and justice! In a special One Shot for UnCanon favorite Anthony Crute, find out how this team of superheroes put aside their hero and became the most extraordinary league of heroes the world has ever known! Continue reading

Something dark and corrupt is manipulating the Behemoth’s mind, sending him on a path of destruction towards the magical city of Sanctus. Can Stephanos Le’Strange, Archmagister of Sanctus, stand in the beast’s way? Continue reading

After a young gifted’s power goes out of control, killing a relative of the king, the gloves are off. On the run from terrible forces, he comes to Greymalkin for sanctuary. But can they defend him from horrors on his trail? The Knights of Greymalkin have faced hate crazed people, demons and even their own kind, but can they stand against the cold, relentless might of the Sentinels? Continue reading

The Agency X-verse expands once again! The nature of of Magic in the world is broken and who will the mystics, the monsters, the magicians and the mysterious look to for salvation? Well, certainly not Megan Gwynn, Pixie of the X-Men, but our goth-girl bad-ass “have Souldagger, will travel” magical mutant will sure give her best shot! The world may be doomed, but Pixie’s on the case! Continue reading

My name is Peter Parker, and I’ve been Spider-Man since I was fifteen years old… Peter’s eyes flew open as he checked the alarm clock. Memory resurfaced. No longer was he the mysterious Spider-Man. Ever since he’d given himself up on national television, Peter Parker had shown up everywhere. His high school grades, all of… Read More »

Lucas’s soul is fractured. Now Jessica and friends find themselves following a memory that reveals the true first meeting of Anya and Lucas. Will they be able to help him or be left with even more questions? Continue reading

Utopia, island home of the X-Men located several miles out in San Francisco Bay Y’know, I grew up in California. Los Angeles, specifically. I was a rich kid with rich parents. Had the best of everything; big house, tons of toys and games, a butler, the best education. If I wanted to go to the… Read More »

  FROM ASHES Written by: WINGS   Cooperstown, Alaska, Now Rachel Grey breathed out a puff of condensed air as she let blue flame envelop her, soaring below the clouds as flecks of snow fell all around. A beacon of cobalt fire, she lit up the night, or at least she would have if the… Read More »

Laura is not sure where fits in the world and must figure it out while living with her aunt and cousin. Living in San Francisco, she tries to deal with being abandoned by her father, Sabretooth. But what will happen when an organization known as Alchemax Genetics comes after her? Find out here in the debut issue. Continue reading

After losing a battle with Menace, Lucas is left in a coma. His friends and family are working to piece him back together but can they do it in time before a confrontation between a Mania-controlled Anya and Menace? Continue reading

Lucas has fallen into a deep depression. His friends and family try their best to help but could it be too late for him as the newest goblin on the scene attacks? Meanwhile, the Tarantulas and Mania plot out their next move. Continue reading

Ted Mankowski has been in hiding ever since the Spider Society disbanded. Now he has to figure out what to do when he finds out Anya has gone missing and the Spider Hunter powers have been transferred to someone else. Meanwhile, Lucas must deal with a new situation…a time-displaced daughter? Continue reading

Anya Corazon is missing, and the Spider Hunter has chosen a new host! Can Avispa pick up where Anya left off? Plus, now that Anya has the Mania symbiote, will she be able to control herself? Or will she bet set upon her friends? The issue title doesn’t bode too well for her. Continue reading

It’s a showdown in the Anthill! Can the New Slingers take on the Tarantula-controlled Ants? Or will they find themselves taken down by the sheer power of the hive? Plus, Araña gets some devastating news just in time for a rematch with Nina Tanner! Who will come out on top? Continue reading

In the battle that’s been months in the making, Araña versus the Goblin as the Crime-Master makes his move! Will Araña’s past actions define the decisions she’s about to make or will the hero at her core win out? Continue reading


It’s the double sized conclusion to Agency X’s inaugural story arc. Who will be on the team? Just how many contacts does Colonel Vazhin have? And the secret of Illyana’s misbehavior revealed. The team finally comes together in a brawl for all the marbles, and Berlin will never be the same! Continue reading

Gambit Logo

Remy LeBeau has always been an outsider. Adopted by the Thieves Guild of New Orleans, he was feared by enemies and friends alike because of his burning red eyes. However, he soon realised he was a mutant, gifted with the ability to charge inanimate objects with biokinetic energy that is explosively released. A thief, an adventurer and a former X-Man, Gambit now has to make his own way in the world, atoning for his past sins by fighting to preserve the future of man and mutant alike. Continue reading


While the X-Women have certainly been busy since they arrived in Amsterdam, their investigation has not yielded any results so far. Desperate to try anything, Kitty approves a plan from Alani to infiltrate the Amsterdam chapter of The Hellfire Club! Continue reading

The Bastards of Evil continue their assault on the Young Allies, tasked with their capture by the alternate reality white supremacist movement known as the World Party. As heroes become the hunted, Araña’s own personal allies search for the missing spider, intent on bringing her back to them. It’s a race against time as John Barnes’ plan becomes clearer! Continue reading