newsToday may mark the end of the world, according to some incorrect theories around Mayan prophecies, but from now on it will also mark the day that UnCanon grabbed hold of the flag of Comic Fandom and proudly marched on-wards.

So What is Uncanon? well UnCanon is a place for you to write, share and discuss Fan created content.
UnCanon is not just a site to read fan fiction or look at fan Art, we also want you to get involved, from giving feedback to these aspiring artists and writers to contributing your own work as well!

UnCanon is not just about Fan Art and Fan Fiction though, its about everything to do with Fandom, as our *cough* official definition for the word UnCanon goes:

UnCanon: A term used to differentiate between the official story-line (= canon) and everything which is not (= UnCanon) #whatwedo

We plan to feature any Fan created content based on comic book properties, be that Art, Film, Cos-play, custom figures, humor, top tens, Lego recreations, opinion columns, interviews with fan creators, or any other idea that you think deserves an audience. We’ve built in a number of features into the site to help you get involved, including:

  • No waiting for an editor to post your work online. Once you’ve signed up and your account has been verified, You can do it yourself all through our simple admin tool which will even allow you to save drafts of your work if you think its not quite ready for public consumption. Sure, we still have a number of editors acting as gatekeepers to do those final checks before it is published, but it means your work will be seen pretty much as soon as you are ready.
  • Commenting! – Like someones work? give feedback on that issue as soon as you have finished reading. Want to reply to someone’s comments? You can do that too!
  • Social Media Integration. Every creation will be featured on our UnCanon twitter and Facebook feeds as well as giving you the chance to share with your social networks!
  • Are you part of a group of people working on a connected universe? Then start a sub-site for your Universe! you don’t need to know html or web coding, that’s taken care of for you, you can just concentrate on working on your content. If a Universe sub-site wants its own look, that’s cool and we’ll work with you to organize giving a tailored look.

So what are you waiting for? Get involved!

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