So, I’m trying to get things rolling on the site again. I have no guarantees on when I’ll have things going up but if you’re up for writing let me know what you got going on. For now here’s what’s been posted for September.

General Section – Returning Classics

Civil War: Shattered Mirror #6: Web-Slung – The Spider Meets The Man by Hunter Lambright
<Excerpt Needed>

(Decimation) New X-Men #4: Mind Wipe by David McNamara
The death and destruction continues as two more squads face decimation. Find out who lives and who dies in the Corsairs and Paragons and what is going on with all the telepaths?

House of M #4: Here, and There, and Everywhere by Laudo
Read about the sordid lives of the royal family of Genosha, the scandal, the corruption, the political intrigue and all the drama that comes with it!

Knights of Greymalkin #6: Hunted by Mitch Crane
After a young gifted’s power goes out of control, killing a relative of the king, the gloves are off. On the run from terrible forces, he comes to Greymalkin for sanctuary. But can they defend him from horrors on his trail? The Knights of Greymalkin have faced hate crazed people, demons and even their own kind, but can they stand against the cold, relentless might of the Sentinels?

New Mutants #4: Friends and Family Part 4 by Anthony Crute
The battle of the Amazon continues! Will the New Mutants survive the worst vacation ever?

Supreme: The Magical Misadventures of Megan Gwynn #1: The Fool by JanO
The Agency X-verse expands once again! The nature of of Magic in the world is broken and who will the mystics, the monsters, the magicians and the mysterious look to for salvation? Well, certainly not Megan Gwynn, Pixie of the X-Men, but our goth-girl bad-ass “have Souldagger, will travel” magical mutant will sure give her best shot! The world may be doomed, but Pixie’s on the case!

General Section – New Stories (At Least New To Me)

Nothing Special – a New X-Men story by Grief
<Excerpt Needed>

Fallen Angels #1: From Ashes by Wings
<Excerpt Needed>

All*Star MU – New Stories

Araña #22: Fractured by Justin Santos
Lucas’s soul is fractured. Now Jessica and friends find themselves following a memory that reveals the true first meeting of Anya and Lucas. Will they be able to help him or be left with even more questions?

X-23 #1: Disconnected by Justin Santos
Laura is not sure where fits in the world and must figure it out while living with her aunt and cousin. Living in San Francisco, she tries to deal with being abandoned by her father, Sabretooth. But what will happen when an organization known as Alchemax Genetics comes after her? Find out here in the debut issue.

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