SEEING RED (Part one)


Having been released from the mental imprisonment of Elias Bogan, the team had a LOT of issues to work through, not least of which being the total catatonia of Sage following her self-sacrificial success in destroying Bogan’s consciousness. After intensive sessions with Emma and Empath, the team was starting to feel ready to be able to work through their issues (mostly), when they were hit with a double whammy– Sage had fled the Massachusetts Academy that the team are now calling home after unexpectedly coming out of her coma, and they had a visitor in the form of a young woman named Savannah, claiming to be the child of Wolverine and Lifeguard from the future!

While most of the team are almost ready to start working through the torments inflicted on them by Bogan, Marley in particular seems least able to do so… and most likely to snap…

The foyer of the Academy…

Savannah smiled nervously at the group of mutants who were standing slack-jawed in front of her, their confusion at her claims of being from the future evident.

So… while I realise that maybe this isn’t the kind of thing you’re used to having to deal with, I don’t suppose I’m in any danger of being invited inside the house, am I?” she asked tentatively.

Of course,” said Emma, shaking her head as she took a step backwards, gesturing that the young woman should enter. “Terribly sorry… Savannah, did you say?”

Yup, or Totem, whichever’s easiest to remember,” she replied as she gingerly entered the house, offering an awkward smile.

Savannah will be fine,” responded Emma with a welcoming smile. “You might know me as being in my forties, dear, but I assure you that my memory is perfectly intact at present.”

Becca frowned, opened her mouth to speak and then paused, scratching her head in confusion before speaking. “So, if you’re from the future what do you know about–”

No!” came the telepathic command from Emma, abruptly cutting Becca off. She continued to speak to Savannah in a soothing tone, whilst issuing telepathic commands to the others. “No questions about the future, anything we find out and anything we change could have ramifications when we’re able to send her back. Mystique, I’m assuming you’re armed, if she so much as makes a fist, aim to incapacitate her, non-lethal only. I’m not taking any risks that this isn’t some kind of trick. Adults, with me, children, leave us to work. Until we get to the bottom of who and what she is, we’re not taking any chances with her.”

Agreed,” replied Bishop, no dissension with Emma’s plan of action. “Although Raven, in future, you won’t be wandering the school armed, understood?”

— if you’d just follow us to the medical bay,” continued Emma out-loud, never once having dropped the façade of the caring mother-hen towards Savannah.

Sure thing,” said Savannah with a smile, before clapping eyes on Mystique. Her eyes narrowed into slits, and her body began to tense up. “What’s she doing here?” she asked coldly.

Things are a little different than you might remember being told, Savannah,” smiled Ororo, placing her hand gently on Savannah’s shoulder. “We’ll explain it all once we make sure that you’re okay.”

Fine,” she said, relaxing slightly. “Just keep her the hell away from me.”

Mystique shrugged and stood to one side as the rest of the adults took Savannah to the entrance to the sub-levels of the school, watching the girl intently as they left.

Wow,” said James, breaking the silence. “Time-travel, huh?”

It happens,” replied Mystique dismissively. “Not often, but it happens. If memory serves, usually accompanied by time-travelling Sentinels, too.”

Great,” said Dennis, rolling his eyes as he stood behind Marley, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her close to him. “Just when we thought life couldn’t get any weirder…”

It could,” came Emma’s voice telepathically. “Sage is missing. Becca, Marley, James; suit up. You’re heading out with Rogue, Gambit and Raven to see if you can catch her trail. Owen and Dennis, I want the two of you patrolling the grounds to see if we have any other intruders who managed to take advantage of our alarms going off when Savannah entered the grounds.”

Never a damn dull moment,” sighed Marley, turning her head upwards to give Dennis a kiss on the cheek, before pulling away to head up the stairs. Dennis frowned.

Hey, wait up!” he called out to her as he followed her.

I’m glad I got the easy job,” said Owen, before burping. “I’m so full of sugar right now that I don’t think I could give chase too easily…”

Dude, you got the boring one,” joked James.

Totally,” agreed Becca. “Don’t worry though, I’ll keep an eye on James for you, make sure he doesn’t get into a fist-fight with any little girls… Lord knows, we don’t want him being knocked out cold again!”

You bitch!” laughed James, grabbing Becca and getting her in a head lock, messing up her hair as she squealed. “How’s this, ‘little girl’? Too scared to fight back in case I smudge your lip gloss?”

C’mon guys,” said Rogue as she entered the foyer, Gambit hot on her heels. “Clown around when we haven’t got a job to do.”

Sorry,” said James, releasing his hold on Becca, before dashing up the stairs.

Gambit cast a furtive glance at Mystique, who was smiling, her amber eyes glazed over, as if in a daydream.

Reveille-toi, Raven,” he said, snapping his fingers. “Time to go.”

Sorry,” she said, shaking herself from her reverie.

What’s up with you? Ain’t like you to be lost in your own world,” he said.

Honestly, Remy?” she asked. “Having spent so much time training them to be soldiers, it’s more than a little refreshing to see that they haven’t lost the last of their childhood.”

Huh,” grunted the Cajun. “Never had you down for de sentimental type.”

Oh, there’s always more to me than meets the eye,” smirked Raven. “You’ll soon discover that for yourself, Gambit.”

Now, why don’ I like the sound of that?” asked Gambit as Mystique walked away.