The team had been split into three: The adults at Xavier’s rebuilding after Xorneto’s attack, Dennis and Owen had hit the road and were heading home to Florida for a break, whilst Becca, James and Marley had gone to Becca’s family home in Beverly Hills.


Whilst on the road, Owen and Dennis had a brief, but violent encounter with James’ mother, who is now part of the Phalanx. They flew clear across the country, to California to meet up with the rest of their team, whom they thought were a target for attack. The teens decided to attack the Phalanx themselves, and the last issue ended with them teleporting into a mutant bar, where they found the staff of this bar being attacked by James’ mother and her Phalanx henchmen.


Meanwhile, the adults (along with Jubilee and Husk), arrived in California, after seeing news footage of their students battling Harvester, whom Jubilee and Paige thought had died in their original battle with the Phalanx that sparked the birth of Generation X. After defeating Harvester, and causing much property damage, the adults stormed the bar, and found their students had ended the battle and won.


‘Since we know how this ends, why continue with this storyline?’, I hear you cry… quite simply, because it’s not finished. What the hell happened in that bar? How did a team of relatively wet-behind-the-ears mutants stop one of the X-Men’s deadliest foes from resurfacing? And why is Blink a captive of the Phalanx?


All is about to be revealed. Well, mostly.


Oh, and to anyone who may have been reading from day one, Owen and James finally got together after Owen realised he actually did have romantic feelings for James, and they stayed in the same bed that night. But nothing happened in the dirty sense. And Marley and Dennis got drunk, slept together and were awkward in the morning. Which leaves Becca as the group’s fifth wheel. Awwwww.


Anyway… I’m rambling. STORY! READ! I’M SHUTTING UP NOW.