The X-Force, a special operations unit formed by Charles Xavier’s former students, the New Mutants, stand ready to strike at the enemies of the mutant race. Their aggressive approach to the conflict between humanity and the mutants has put them at odds with their mentor and the X-Men. However, with the mutant nation of Genosha reduced to ashes and anti-mutant hysteria raging after the war with Apocalypse, the X-Force may be the best hope for the survival of the mutants.


The peace of the previous day was shattered as Holmes and Monet began what promises to be an epic feud; much to the displeasure of Sam and Theresa who are trying to keep the peace with the X-Men. To make matters worse, Danielle’s anger and resentment toward normal humans and SHIELD threatened team unity and her friendship with Rahne. X-Force couldn’t even finish a meal together before Danielle, Tabitha, Rahne and Holmes were all embroiled in conflict. Sam and Theresa quickly put an end to the infighting, but now they both question their decision on put Danielle back on the team. Rahne was very upset by the confrontation and tried to pray about her situation, but her quiet moment was interrupted by another of Josh Foley’s unwanted romantic advances.

X-Force began training for a dangerous mission against the anti-mutant terrorist group, RIGHT, led by the deranged cyborg, Cameron Hodge. Unfortunately, their carefully made plans unraveled when it was revealed RIGHT was much further along in their plan than the team realized. With young mutants lives at stake the team had no choice but to go in immediately, trusting their expert training and their secret member Cypher to bring them victory. Sam and Theresa led most of X-Force to attack Hodge while Holmes, Tabitha and Laura (X-23) rescued the captives before Hodge could test the rebuilt Gengineering lab on them. The assault team was surprised by prototype Nimrod sentinels, but one of the captives, Xian Coy Manh (Karma), helped turn the tide of battle. Xian was seriously injured by Hodge and Rahne had to finish him off by unleashing her ultimate werewolf form; nearly losing control in the process.

X-Force found the captives unharmed, but Laura had been horribly burned by the last of the Nimrod sentinels. Her injuries overwhelmed her healing factor and there was nothing Rahne could do to save her. Holmes held himself responsible for both Xian and Laura and he was deeply affected. Sam always has a plan, but it seems that even he is out of options….or is he?

This Issue:

X-Force: Cannonball, Boomer, Siryn, Warpath, Wrath, Wolfsbane, Mirage

X-Men: Wolverine, Beast, Cyclops, Emma, Dr. Reyes, Storm, Dr. Nemesis, Forge, Professor X

Students: X-23, Mercury, Elixir, Prodigy, Wolf Cub, DJ, Dryad, Anole, Rockslide, Hellion, Surge, Pixie, Tag, Loa

Faculty Members: Karma, Sharon Friedlander, Annie Ghazikhanian