The X-Force, a special operations unit formed by Charles Xavier’s former students, the New Mutants, stand ready to strike at the enemies of the mutant race. Their aggressive approach to the conflict between humanity and the mutants has put them at odds with their mentor and the X-Men. However, with the mutant nation of Genosha reduced to ashes and anti-mutant hysteria raging after the war with Apocalypse, the X-Force may be the best hope for the survival of the mutants.


Noriko Ashida was cruelly turned away from the Xavier Institute by Julian Keller, but she was met by the new member of X-Force, Michael “Mike” Holmes who asked her to accompany him back to set things right. Noriko was welcomed by the team and received the help she desperately needed to control her powers. Meanwhile, “Holmes” as he’s become known tracked down Laura Kinney in order to keep a promise he made to their mutual friend Kiden Nixon.

Rahne Sinclair was touched by the kindness he showed Noriko and came to see how he was settling in. Holmes was equally enamored with Rahne and the two began to bond over dinner with Sam Guthrie and Tabitha Smith at a local restaurant. After dinner the pair took a walk in the institute’s gardens and grew closer as they talked long into the night.

This issue:

X-Force: Cannonball, Boomer, Wolfsbane, Siryn, Warpath, Wrath, Mirage

X-Men: Cyclops, M, Shadow Cat, Beast, Forge

Students: Pixie, Surge, X-23, Armor, Anole