The X-Force, a special operations unit formed by Charles Xavier’s former students, the New Mutants, stand ready to strike at the enemies of the mutant race. Their aggressive approach to the conflict between humanity and the mutants has put them at odds with their mentor and the X-Men. However, with the mutant nation of Genosha reduced to ashes and anti-mutant hysteria raging after the war with Apocalypse, the X-Force may be the best hope for the survival of the mutants.


Danielle Moonstar has recently returned to the Xavier Institute after a long absence. Danielle was tortured and depowered by the Purifiers, a heretical cult dedicated to destroying mutants, several years earlier. She left behind her best friend, Rahne Sinclair and her adopted family, the New Mutants, hurting them all deeply. She recently had her powers restored by Josh Foley an Omega level healer and she has become a teacher at the institute as well as Josh’s legal guardian.

Danielle is happy to be reunited with her friends, especially Rahne, but she’s shocked by how much they’ve changed since the war. She also feels threatened by Tabitha Smith who has become Rahne’s best friend during her absence as well as Sam Guthrie’s girlfriend. Danielle was embarrassed by her jealousy after she learned Rahne saved Tabitha from committing suicide. With so many changes coming at her, Danielle felt that she didn’t belong anymore until Rahne comforted her. Sam also revealed that X-Force has a new member, but he isn’t a mutant, leading Danielle to wonder why he’s joining.