Green Lantern shot a quick wink at Black Canary. Hal ‘Hotdog’ Jordan unlike Black Canary tended to tip over into cocky and brash. It was how he got his call sign. The confidence he had in himself was only increased by the fact that he above everyone else in this particular sector of the universe had been chosen as the sentient being which best exemplified the concept of bravery. He was literally a man without fear. It was only five months ago that he was abducted by the alien presence to the middle of the desert to receive his power ring deputizing him as a member of the Green Lantern Corps.

“I have to apologies for my friend Green Lantern,” said the Flash with a warm smile. “You get used to him rather quickly…or I did at least,” he held up a tray which seemed to appear from nowhere which had some refreshments on it “Orange Juice?”

Barry Allen was the person whom if it had been an option in the yearbook or police academy would have been voted the least likely to be a superhero. He was a little shy around people, quiet most of the time and was always afraid of making wrong decisions. He was also (which he discovered was not the best trait for a cop) trusting without fault and had a big warm heart for everyone (which had served him fairly well). He was a forensic scientist who did most of his police work from the lab before handing the evidence on to the ‘real cops’ or more frequently these days doing so and then arriving at the scene as The Flash.

“Don’t mind if I do,” Black Canary walked past Green Lantern and threw him a wink in return before picking up a cup and taking a long drink.

“What is an Orange?” asked Aquaman with a raised eyebrow.

“You’re not from around these parts are you? Not by a long shot,” smiled Hal. He cast a quick green light over the newcomers. Black Canary pinged as human in his mind, Aquaman as a human offshoot and Superman was something known as a Kryptonian. “You’re an alien? Well if that doesn’t just beat all…I’ve not met an Alien I haven’t had to fight yet.” He let Superman know he was joking with a big smile. He was being particularly forthright today given his feeling that he hadn’t pulled his weight enough yesterday. If only the Appleaxian he fought had not been a giant yellow Roc creature. He only succeeded in beating it in the end by dragging an entire disused factory complex over on top of the creature.

“Yes I am,” Superman fought down the blush he felt coming. He hadn’t wanted to let the others know this soon about his true origins. There was still so much that he didn’t know. He would have learned a little more right then if Hal having seen his discomfort decided not to ask him what he was doing so far from Krypton especially seeing as it had exploded all those years ago (according to the ring).

“Did you come together?” asked Aquaman as he sniffed at the cup of Orange tentatively.

“It’s good,” said Flash with a smile. “We did come together, we ended up bumping into each other earlier today on a case and then we got some pie in Texas…which is where we finally managed to catch up with the alien thieves.”

Superman wanted to ask if these were aliens who stole or some people who had stolen some aliens but thought better of it.

“Can I just say I was very impressed by you all yesterday,” Superman spoke. He had meant to say it then but no sooner had they agreed to meet up and discuss things than he had to run off and save The Daily Planet from the Toyman’s giant robotic gorilla. “Your ring is amazing Green Lantern, it seems to do anything you want it too.”

“Except yellow,” cursed Green Lantern silently to himself.

“..and Flash, how fast can you run? When you ran out of the cave a second ago I only just managed to see you on the way back with the juice.”

“I slowed down because I’d spilled the first batch just outside the cave,” Flash blushed and self consciously went to run his hand through his hair before remembering he was wearing his mask. “I don’t know how fast, it’s hard to time properly…you move pretty quick yourself. We should race one day…maybe for charity?” Barry was always thinking of others.

Superman shot a big smile and nodded his head.

Green Lantern and Superman turned their heads at the same time to look at the mouth of the cave. GL because he sensed something coming into his light and Superman because he had heard her arrive a few moments earlier and knew she would be appearing in the doorway now.

Wonder Woman smiled from the cave entrance. She was the tallest of the heroes being just quarter of an inch bigger than Superman. Hal wouldn’t know how right he was as he flew in the direction of Coast City with The Flash (who was on his way to Central) later tonight when he referred to her as an Amazon.

Diana was basically the perfect woman, it’s how she had been designed. She was given life equally by her immortal mother Hippolyta Queen of the Amazons and by her other mother Athena Greek Goddess of women when she had been sculpted from magic clay. She had been an emissary to the patriarchs world for about 4 months and she had already been voted in numerous polls as the most desirable woman on the planet, the person little girls (in all categories from 4-7 all the way up to 15-18…they didn’t run polls for older girls) most wanted to be and the best symbol of female empowerment in the last 50 years. Diana was in short drop dead gorgeous, she was confident, powerful and amazingly feminine all at the same time.

She was a conundrum to be sure. The warrior woman sent to preach peace. She was as strong as Superman and had about 1000 years of training on Batman which meant she could probably beat him in one on one combat or in tactical battles.

“Superman it’s good to see you,” she grinned massively and moved to hug Superman.  The two had met a few times and had formed a good bond.  Superman was not used to meeting others with powers like his, people who could understand what it was to have to be constantly careful. He offered Diana a window into the Patriarch’s world.

“Hello to all of you too, It’s good to see you all,” Diana smiled at the various heroes who were in the room.

Hal being Hal fired her a big smile and a half salute. It was the sort of move he had done a thousand times before. Diana was not at all impressed, she made sure she didn’t show it overtly though. She was still new to this world and was learning her way around the ins and outs of the society.

Barry offered up a pleasant smile and held out his hand to her. She gripped it tightly and shook vigorously. Barry had not been expecting it. He had seen her in action yesterday against the monsterous aliens. He had seen her punch it clear through a mountain but he was still a little shocked.

Diana turned her hazel brown eyes to Aquaman and curled her lips into a beautiful smile. Orin returned the smile as best he could without looking uncomfortable.

Wonder Woman turned to Black Canary and embraced her. This took Dinah a little by surprise but she felt the warmth with which it was meant and returned it as best as she could. “How are you sister?”

“I…I’m good,” Black Canary responded. She was a little unsure of how to respond, she was not prepared for such a warm welcome by the only other woman invited to the meeting.

Diana liked Canary already. In all the time she had been in this world she had only ever met female superpowered villains and so meeting another heroine was very exciting. She saw in Dinah much of herself in her youth. She was confident in her abilities, strong willed and had a true warriors grit.

“We should talk later, I would like to discuss a great deal of things with you” Diana smiled. She was looking to get as much information as possible from Black Canary’s point of view. She knew the world much better than Diana and it only made sense to the Amazon that she got some real intel on the believed role of men and women and the politics of the world from someone who had experienced it.

“Were just waiting on Batman and The Manhunter,” informed Hal. “I didn’t think it was much like Batman to be late for anything.”

Diana and Superman smiled at one another. They both knew perfectly well that Batman would have been at the location well before them. He was probably skulking in the darkness somewhere listening in to every single piece of conversation between the heroes.  Superman in fact could hear his heart beating in the darkness.

Batman was indeed perched against one of the far walls of the cave. He was resting on one knee with the other foot ready to launch into action. His cape hung long and dark around him as he prepared to launch into action at any given moment.

He was sizing up the other heroes who had arrived, he was not exactly a team player. In any sort of situation he was analyzing whether it was up against a criminal in a dark alley or a party attended by his alter-ego Bruce Wayne.

He was being extra cautious on this particular occasion. He did not trust superhumans, he had been given no reason too. This was especially true of those who decided to dress in gaudy costumes. He was dressed sensibly for his mission, each and every part designed for stealth or two evoke fear.

No sooner had they begun to debut had he started his files upon each of them. He’d paid private detectives through third parties to follow them where possible and to try and find things out. He’d run their faces through his computer system and had personally begun the arduous task of researching through high school yearbook after yearbook to try and spot similar facial features. He was getting a good handle of them all and watching them all now was only adding to his understanding.

Superman, he was the one who Batman knew the best. He, as far as Bruce could tell, was the antithesis of everything Batman was. He set himself up to be a symbol of hope rather than fear. Batman couldn’t help but think of him as being anything but a big blue boy scout. He had a strong moral code and Batman knew he would have difficulties making tough decisions. He should have been easy to control and manipulate but in their past meetings Batman had found him vastly intelligent and able to see through most ruses and lies easily. He had so far by looking at the data found him capable of supersonic flight, intense durability, massive superhuman strength, the ability to fly and fire heat beams from his eyes.

Wonder Woman was the second of the group he had met. Aerial photography from a Waynetech Satelite using cutting edge imaging technology had shown Paradise Island to be exactly where she claimed it to be supporting her story on that front. She had similar levels of strength and durability to Superman. Her personality profile was a little less straight forward, whilst she set herself clearly as a symbol she was not in the slightest opposed to extreme violence. She had shown that several times throughout her career already. Video footage however showed this was not uncontrolled rage, he had no evidence in fact that she felt that emotion at all. She showed more emotions than him, she smiled and showed joy all the time but she was measured and controlled in her fights. He had spotted the basic form of at least 12 different fighting styles in her battles. He found this admirable given her strength she had barely needed to learn any true skills but she had. She was intelligent and a strategist. She was someone who definitely had to be monitored.

Flash was faster than could be measured. He seemed to have reaction speeds to match. Flash was the only of the assembled heroes who worked ‘cases’. Criminals who had committed crimes, crimes which required more detective work than appear and fight. The police records which Batman had retrieved showed statements from the officers of Central City, Key Stone City and several other cities as well as Flash’s own statements and a piece of court testimony which identified a good level of deductive reasoning and detective work. The fact that he was methodical enough to give a statement and appear in court spoke volumes about the man. Batman believed that he was a private detective or a police officer himself. He was currently searching the Central City police files trying to find the most likely identity. He was competent but overly cautious in his behaviours, he must have been a very good cop/detective but was wary about the turn his life had taken. Accidental powers by some source he assumed.

Aquaman was the biggest mystery. There was more news about him than Black Canary but there was so little information but the undersea adventurer was rather recluse. There were a few pictures but the majority of the stories about him occurred out at sea or on a coastal town. He battled pirates, monsters and saved ships from sinking mostly. He didn’t speak much to reporters or the people he saved. The one video reel of him made him look uncomfortable around others. His accent was impossible to place, though there was a twinge of something, some dialect in there which Batman was unable to discern so far.  One thing the cowled hero did know was that Aquaman was as violent as Wonder Woman but certainly let his emotions get the better of him. Several witnesses talked about the rage he displayed when dispatching their attackers. Batman was not sure how he would play Aquaman, he was definitely the biggest case of ‘wait and see’ in the group.

Black Canary was Dinah Drake, he had managed to ascertain that over night. There was more than enough clues about the Black Canary of JSA. She and this one had a clear physical similarity and shared a similar motion. It was simply a fact in his mind that she had trained her. A little work and the identity of this new crime fighter was obvious. She was competent he was sure, trained by the JSA which counted for her and from what he witnessed yesterday she was an excellent fighter. She was also a good actress. Batman always had to put on a show, put on a façade when he became Bruce Wayne. He was good at it, he was an expert and this made him an expert at spotting it. He wasn’t sure he could even explain it if asked but there were cues. Her entire Super-hero persona was an act, sure she had those parts in her the flirtation and such but it wasn’t who she was or wanted to be. She was the one who he saw the most future for as a crime fighter.

Green Lantern was not going to be an easy man to get along with, this was not usually something Batman would worry about or even think about but this was certainly the case. He was like the public persona of Bruce Wayne without any act. He was cocky, arrogant and those always led to problems. The ring he wore had immense power and he did not like the idea of such power in a man like him hands. He would be the one who would have to be kept on a shortest leash.