harles Xavier is dead; he has been for going on five years. Magneto killed him and now sits in a prison cell at some unknown location. Most people figure him to be dead as well. The dreams they’d both worked towards building separately are gone. All that’s left is the middle ground in between for their successors to fight over. Their respective students went off in different directions, each scrambling to recover. While most of the Brotherhood made it out without being caught by authorities, none have been heard from since the attack. Xavier’s X-Men are now stuck picking up the pieces. The general public is scared of mutants, afraid of their neighbors and friends and the government needed a response.

X-Corporation was the only feasible option. It was that, or make-way for the costly sentinel program. It’s a last ditch attempt at allowing a population growing uncontrollably to live without being policed like dogs. In the wake of the travesty, Xavier’s followers made a deal with the US government. They’d work with them so long as they kept some control. The New York office has been in operation for a little over three years, and now various agents have been dispensed to majors cities across the United States in order to develop offices there as well. That leaves New York City in the hands of senior agents Scott Summers, Jean Grey and Hank McCoy and recent additions Bobby Drake, Ororo Monroe and Emma Frost.

They are the remaining agents left to run the New York division of X-Corporation or, as it’s commonly referred, NYX. New York is a big city full of young mutants and NYX is their last line of defense.