Inside the jet…

Sam dropped instantly into the control seat of the plane as Warpath closed the door behind him and began to set the course as Sunspot dropped into the seat next to him. “We good?” he asked glancing over his shoulder.

“All present and accounted for captain,” Sunspot saluted as he pulled his headset on. Sam smiled and shook his head gently. “The med bay at the complex is all ready, the girls don’t think that the twins are too battered up at all though. Do you think lardo was right?”

“About them being mutants?”

“About his mistress looking for them? She sounds like trouble,” Roberto glanced to his friend nervously.

Sam nodded slowly “They all are ‘Berto, they all are.”


Henry Pete Gyrich re-watched the footage which had been beaming from the base before the New Mutants blew it up during their escape attempt.

He watched it carefully without any visible emotion. This attempt at the twins hadn’t exactly gone to plan even with all of the Sentinel tech he had supplied his contact. Their mistress would not be best pleased he was sure of that.

He was however a pragmatist, he would not focus on the failures of the past but focus on refining his forming plan for the future. Then perhaps his mistress would be lenient on him. The thought of her anger did bring out a wave of emotion across his face.

His finger pressed the intercom switch. “Agent Sims contact the special operations unit. Tell them it is imperative we move quickly. Gyrich code ‘42095JW43’…confirm activation of Freedom Force X.”

To Be Continued…

Next time: The New Mutants recover from this little adventure, love is in the air and…I’m forgetting something. Oh yes! MAGICK!