Inside the base…

The three person incursion team had made an easy entrance to the base, their attack had happened so quickly that the doors had remained open to allow the Wild Sentinels and Omega Sentinels to spill more easily to attack the mutants.

The women moved quickly down the first main hangar and into the warren of corridors of the base. Wolfsbane led the way sniffing the air as they made their way through the base.

The only resistance they had met so far was the blaring warning sirens the base had which was currently assaulting their ears and making all communication other than non-verbal signals (which thankfully they were well practiced in) useless.

Karma tapped her nose and shrugged at Rahne as if to ask if she could smell anything. Rahne raised her furry face to the air as she crouched on all fours and gave another long sniff as her head panned slightly from one side to another. She was finding it hard to concentrate with the noise if truth be told, her lupine hearing being more of a burden than a boost in this situation.

The noise in the corridor was suddenly deadened. Dani lowered her arm from above her head still holding her knife from where she had slashed the wires leading to the speakers. “Better,” she smiled tucking her knife back into the scabbard at her side.

“There are,” she sniffed again as if to make sure “Seven guards on the landing a flight below that landing,” she pointed towards an opening in the corridor which had a handrail running along it.

“What about the twins? Anything?”

“Faint, they’re here somewhere…doon stairs, somewhere behind those soldiers,” she nodded, her ears swivelled for a second listening to something. Her ears settled a second later and she turned to face the girls again.

“Can you pick up anything else?” Dani watched Rahne’s reaction carefully, Rahne’s face whilst inhuman thanks to being in her half transformed state but Dani could still read her ‘little sister’ well enough. “Are there any familiar scents? This attack and kidnapping was all too convenient for my liking?”

Rahne took another long sniff of the air in several directions, “Nah nothing I can smell anyway.”

“The enemy probably have the drop on us, were certainly outnumbered and they’re most probably monitoring us in someway. We can’t get down to the next level easily without walking straight into the line of fire. I’ve got an idea though…” Dani nodded as she motioned for her friends to come closer.

On the landing below seven armed soldiers knelt in position their backs against the wall with the door between them. Their weapons were directed at the stairs coming down. One of them was aiming higher than the rest towards the descending stairs around the bend watching for any movement.

They were some of Brazil’s finest drafted into this military project thanks to their amazing credentials in the field of soldiering and their commendations for service. They conducted their duty without questions, it helped that they had also been selected personally by commanding officers who had worked with them all personally, their dislike for mutants being one of the decisive factors in this selection process.

They waited patiently with their fingers trained on the triggers of the automatic weapons they held. They believed in what they were doing and waited calmly as they were trained to do.

A dark figure dropped down from directly above coming from one of the above levels. It landed on the guard who was watching the stairs. The figure turned to face the soldiers.

Saliva dribbled from the beast’s jaws as it snarled bearing it’s long yellow teeth at the soldiers. “Meu Deus!” whimpered one of the guards as the furry mass shifted towards them slightly. “Fogo! Fogo!”

On his command of fire he tightened his finger and waited from the rattling of bullets not only from his own weapon but those of his fellow soldiers. Instead there was nothing. Their bodies, trigger fingers included, were no longer under their control.

Dani slid down the banister keeping her bow trained on the soldiers as Karma walked down slowly behind her keeping her concentration on the seven men who had their life and deaths in their hand at the minute.

Karma smiled at the guards and spoke aloud as she issued mental commands “Dismantle and place your guns on the flaw,” she smiled as the soldiers did as so “Now where are my brother and sister?”

She activated her powers in a more subtle way which she had perfected over the years pushing the men to speak something they knew. “They’re in the main hangar, three levels down,” the men spoke in unison. She nodded.

“Now when I leave here it wont be very long before you’re out of my power…then you’ll reassemble these guns and come after us which I can’t have so you’re going to stand perfectly still whilst my two friends knock you unconscious.”

Dani and Rahne leapt forward making short work of the soldiers until soon the three mutant women stood in the midst of their unconscious bodies. Rahne pointed towards the corridor the soldiers had been blocking “We need to go this way,” she nodded.