Secret Military Base, The Amazon…

Amara Juliana Olivians Aquilla was from the heart of the Amazon in Brazil. She had spent her formative years growing up in a city reminiscent of ancient Rome known as Nova Roma.

The ancient city was formed shortly after the death of Julius Caesar in 44BC after a perilous journey half way across the world by the descendants of Hercules as Amara was (apparently).

She years later having met the New Mutants when they visited Brazil discovered that she was in fact a mutant. Her powers allowed her to control fire and earth and transform her body into the form of living magma which was where her codename came from.

Despite growing up in a rainforest and then transforming into the molten rock which flows beneath the Earth’s surface she had never been in a hotter situation.

The New Mutants had only barely got through M-Day and the crisis with the ‘Messiah’ child…with several fatalities unfortunately. They had decided to go on vacation to Brazil fully funded by Roberto’s millions.

When they were sunning themselves however they were attacked by a fleet of Sentinels, given her luck it was not surprising that she was amongst the three mutants (Warpath and Wolfsbane) who somehow managed to find themselves dragged along to the jungles where they were unceremoniously attacked and dragged to this military base.

This is when thankfully the other members of the New Mutants arrived. They instantly made the situation better by helping to take out some of the Sentinels, Omega Sentinels and Wild Sentinels. Boom Boom unfortunately managed to antagonise the several storey tall Mastermold who was now rising to it’s feet and spilling more and more robots from it’s open chest.

“Jimmy told me to do it! Jimmy told me!” barked Boom Boom. She launched herself backwards. She glared at the large Apache Indian who was in a small pair of swimming shorts. Tabitha herself had managed to get changed into a costume reminiscent of the original New Mutant ones…something ‘Berto had whipped up for them.

“I wanted you to blow it up not tickle it with a time bomb,” he growled before launching forward toward the chest of one of the Sentinels and hacking at it using his vibranium knife and superior strength.

“Sam what do we do?” Amara yelled as she let off a blast of flame from both of her hands towards a small swarm of the mini sentinels who were scuttling towards her on anything between three to eight legs. Her cries may not have seemed like the worn fighting skills of a hard fought veteran of many of these super fights but the small group had had enough trouble fighting off eight Sentinels on the beach let alone the 30 full grown Sentinels, numerous Omega Sentinels and hundreds of tiny robots who they were currently trying to fight off.

She ceased her flame allowing Roberto to hurtle past her hurling blasts of his own energy at one of the other Sentinels.

The base looked like a warzone in moments. The Sentinels were firing laser blasts like there was no tomorrow causing the young (youngish now) mutants to dodge and leap with the best of their abilities to dodge the blasts. The ground however was beginning to show the ware and tear, the energetic bursts from Boom Boom, Sunspot and Magma were not exactly helping the situation.

The explosions of the various robotic bodies caused by Cannonball and Warpath as they did their best to tear through the metal forms made it sound like an air strike was going on.

“Keep fighting!” barked Sam. His blast radius shielded him as he smashed into the side of a Sentinel making it’s metal scream for a few seconds as it stumbled sideways before he managed to plough through the solid outer shell and into the machinery inside.

“Someone,” Dani grunted as she landed with a bump as an Omega Sentinel managed to catch her with a solid back hand interrupting her sentence. She launched herself backwards with a roll as the Sentinel sent out a blast. Her bow was in her hand in seconds and she fired an arrow. She couldn’t help but flinch as it soared into the eye of the human Sentinel causing her to crumble to the ground sending sparks through her eyes as the flesh around them sizzled.

Dani took no joy in killing, she in fact avoided it at every chance. She was however not afraid to kill. Her eyes panned across the group for a moment until they fixed on Karma. Xi’an was doing something they rarely saw her doing, fighting. She twisted the wrist of an Omega Sentinel and extended her leg up to it’s face in a swift kick. Karma was so softly spoken, so gentle and so calm that they often forgot that she was an expert martial artist. She was deadly when she needed to be, this was a time.

Leong and Nga were her younger siblings and they had been taken in the same Sentinel attack as Magma, Warpath and Wolfsbane. It in fact seemed that their kidnapping was the reason behind the whole attack. Karma had killed three people today, helped them commit suicide thanks to the torture they had been put through at being turned into Omega Sentinels. The way she was moving through the Omega Sentinels who were rushing her they would not be the only ones. Dani worried her best friend would be troubled by the death she was dealing out but the fact was at this point Xi’an was missing the two reasons she kept on living and it had focused her mind like the tip of a knife.

“Someone,” Dani repeated launching another arrow into an Omega Sentinel who was turning to fire a blast towards the circling Sunspot “needs to go into the base after Leong and Nga.”

“We stay together!” yelled Cannonball. He zigzagged through the air above her and then accelerated towards two Sentinels who seemed to be tracking him. They turned and fired on one another. He looped back as they stumbled smoking from the chests and began to fall. “We secure this perimeter and then make an incursion!”

“They could fly them out of here while were distracted, we need to get in there quickly.”

“I’m going!” Karma offered, she dropped to the floor as she spoke letting the blade of an Omega Sentinel whip over her head. A spherical bomb exploded around its chest a second later showering the area with falling debris.

Sam sighed through gritted teeth. They hadn’t been a team in a long time and they weren’t listening to him…fair enough during their time as New Mutants they barely listened to him but he’s been the leader of X-Force and a long time X-Men member since then. The only way they were going to get through this was as a well oiled machine. Yet he couldn’t help admit that his friends knew what they were doing nearly as well as him and as soon as Dani mentioned it he knew it to be true. He calculated battle strategies briefly in his mind.

If they separated out into two teams then their likelihood of success went down dramatically. “Dani, Xi’an and Rahne head into the base, track down the twins. We’ll catch up!… ‘Berto, ‘Mara and Tabby you handle the Sentinels as best you can!…James toss ‘Berto a knife to help out and then me and you are taking on Mastermold!”

The teams began to moved and separate out into the three fronts which he had ordered. Rahne sprinted across the courtyard from the Wild Sentinels she had been fighting towards her two companions on their mission. James hurled his knife which Roberto inexpertly caught with a nervous grimace.

Sam’s eyes met James’ as he rose into the air aided by his flight powers and they both set their sights on the gigantic mother of all Sentinels who rose up high above everything around them. He seemed to notice their intent and changed from spewing out Sentinels to arming his own defence mechanisms.

“Ready for this Kentucky?” Jimmy smiled as he stretched out his arm holding the remaining knife tightly and hurtled towards the robot alongside his team mate.

“You bet…er…Arizona. That doesn’t really sound right coming from me,” Sam shook his head and then gritted his teeth as he prepared for impact.

James was in the mood to smash some stuff. He’d been through many a personal problem lately and he was liking the chance this massive sentinel attack was giving him for catharsis. He had been going through things for many years and had never really felt stable since the death of his entire tribe…pretty much everyone he had ever known up until the age of 16. He had since then become what was either affectionately…or mockingly (he couldn’t decide) called Wolvie-path because of his tendency to tear through everything which got in his path. The death of his girlfriend Hepzibah had not helped thing. Now all he felt he had left in him was the anger to fuel his smashing rage. He wasn’t going to get all ’emo’ about it though, he had super-strength, super speed, super senses, flight and now two vibranium knives…smashing and slicing seemed to be the best use of these abilities.

Cannonball was not exactly having a fun time currently in his life, it’s why he had agreed to come on this small holiday with his old friends to try and recapture some of the fun of his youth. He had lost his younger brother Jay thanks to an attack on the mansion, which was partly responsible for his leaving the main X-Men to join Rogue’s team. That wasn’t exactly a song and a dance, he had been mind raped by the girl of his dreams, had half of the team betray them, he saw Cable die thanks to some mayhem which destroyed the world’s most perfect country and then all the Messiah trouble…not to mention the betrayal of his family by Beast.

Cannonball was the first to hit by a matter of seconds. He was stopped in his tracks by the hard metal surface of Mastemold. Warpath hit just after, his body smashed into the metal at the full speed his flight powers could muster before bouncing clear of it. He reconfigured his attack in the air and hurtled towards it again to help Cannonball.

He stretched out his arms and tossed his shoulder first into the metal monster’s side. “What now?” He grunted through gritted teeth to their make shift leader who was just below him.

“Were out of the way of any of its blasters here…hack through and let me do the rest,” he nodded. James smiled, there was nothing he liked more than hacking away at these giant metal monsters, it was complete catharsis with no boundaries before or during and no guilt or remorse afterwards.

He reared the blade back as he shifted his body for perfect striking angle. A blast exploded around him tossing him away from the side of the machine. Cannonball broke off from pushing against the machine to race to Warpath’s side as he spun through the air. He reached him just as Warpath regained control of his own fall.

“I think you all do that stuff on purpose some times…out of the way of blasters my ass Kentucky,” growled Jimmy.

Cannonball moved quickly away from him for a second as a blast soared between them, a blast fired from one of the Sentinel’s stomping across the ground below them. “Sorry pal. Ah never thought of the control he could have against the others,” he angled his body and prepared to attack the one who had just fired at him only to have it handled for him.

Amara’s arm was stretched out to it’s fullest, the earth had shattered next to her like a pencil had been thrust through a sheet of paper, the pencil in this case was the stream of still pouring magma which arced through the air across the sentinel burning through it’s cheap metal like it was nothing. The hazards of retrofitted and repaired technology would soon become clear to their masters.

She was surrounded by concrete and steel for nearly two hundred feet in all directions including down so she was free to use her powers how she felt. She could feel the Magma beneath her feet filling up several rooms of the base which she had managed to flood in summoning it to the surface before she could use it in an attack.

The rapidly melting Sentinel seemed to give a scream as it’s sound system melted. It’s arms tried to reach out to the young mutants but they melted dripping red hot metal across the floor as it moved.

Her hand flew out behind her sending a tremor through the ground crumbling the ground beneath several of the other Sentinels. Their huge legs crushed through the broken concrete and steel through to lower levels of the base taking their huge forms with them. Omega Sentinels and Wild Sentinels slipped down over the edges with them.

“Careful Magma you could burn me,” grinned Roberto as he swept quickly and lowly over the fissure she had just opened and he hurled a blast of energy towards one of the sinking Omega Sentinels blowing it’s head clean off.

The young Brazilian mutant could himself burn with plasma as hot as the sun so there was little danger of him burning up in anyway. He was in fact for the most part enjoying this battle. He, Magma and Boom Boom were tasked with blowing up The Sentinels which was easy for their powers. The hardest thing for the three was avoiding the blasts of one of the Sentinels without leaping into the blast of another.

Roberto had an extra worry in this battle compared to the others (with the exception of Xi’an) not only did he have to think about the twins as well as his own safety but the fact was since he had poured time and resources into this adventure his business manager had been forced to hand in his notice because Roberto was putting other things before the business.

He had tried to remind Roberto of his duty to not only his shareholders but his employees and the fact was paying for this venture was putting a strain on the business. Roberto however had no choice, this was just something he had to do.

“How about a bet?!” Shouted Boom Boom as she leaped over one of the thin vein’s of lava which stretched across the concrete. She felt the immense wave of heat before she hit the ground on the other side with a roll before running again, the blasts of a Sentinel who had locked onto her in pursuit. “Whoever gets the most wins a Kewpie Doll.”

“I don’t know what that is…but one more to me I guess,” laughed Roberto as he hurled a ball of plasma at the machine which was pounding after her.

“You don’t know what a Kewpie Doll is? Someone didn’t pay enough attention to the trailer park education I tried to give out during X-Force,” with a click of her fingers she flung her hand forward pitching a marble sized bomb of concentrated energy at a wild sentinel about the size of a cat which was flitting through the air towards the hovering Sunspot.

“Some of us were raised by millionaires…some of us were raised as Princesses,” Magma grinned through a flaming mouth as she summoned a blast of fire “still if there is a prize to win…” the ground rumbled as chunks of the Earth tore from the ground and hovered for a second in the air.

Sunspot knew what was coming next and dove rapidly though the air out of the path of fire. Magma threw her hand forward unleashing the stream of rocks like guided missiles towards the mass of oncoming Sentinels.