Queen Magda’s personal parlor
11:02 am

Her Majesty the Queen sat gracefully behind her desk wearing a gray A-line skirt and a matching jacket over a burgundy blouse. Her red-brown hair was tied back into a thoroughly conservative and commanding bun. Today of all days was not the time to show weakness. Today she must be strong, in control, and grounded. This was not the time to worry about her husband’s death, which was approaching at an alarmingly quick rate, or argue with her children about their romantic habits. No, today she needed to be everything a Queen should be.

There was a knock on her door.

“Come in,” sang her illustrious voice.

As the door opened, in walked Robert Drake, Palace Press Secretary, Alison Blaire, the minister of information, Victoria Knave, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Katherine Pryde, the Palace Chief of Staff, and Douglas Ramsey, the Court Chancellor.

“Please, everyone be seated.”

“Usually,” said Alison Blaire, “these meetings are with Lord Magnus in his office.”

“I’m afraid he is indisposed at the moment, Alison. Why don’t you go call your next guest or something while we figure out how to help 3rd-world refugees.” The Queen’s tone was as patronizing as it was sweet.

The other four individuals in the room shifted in their chairs uncomfortably. It was a common-known fact that the Queen and the Minister of Information did not get along. Whether it was Alison’s aggressiveness, or the Queen’s fragile ego that had started the rivalry was anybody’s guess, but everyone knew to try and avoid a private meeting with the two of them.

“Your highness,” said Drake, What is Genosha’s plan in dealing with this situation?”

“Well, there’s an actual plan of attack, and a PR plan of attack. The former will consist of sending dozens of trained med-techs with abilities that will help, along with planes and planes of supplies.”

“And the PR plan?”

“My children and their companions had a plan to go to New York today for a three-week trip. Drake, I want it known that their plans have changed, and that they will now be going to Haiti to aid in the relief efforts.”