Emma Frost is sitting in her “office” at the Weapon X facility. In truth her office was little more than a surveillance room, like much of Weapon X. All military still. Still the surveillance televisions give her a sense of security, no one can sneak up on her office. Helps to balance the fact her powers are broken.  Frost sits there reading a letter with a serious look on her face.

“Miss Frost? Can I talk to you for a minute?” Asks a short haired brunette from the doorway.

“Yes, what is it Mindee? I do have things to do you know.”

“Well… I have this desire but I don’t know how to express it and I need your advice….”

“I don’t have time for this, spit it out or go.” Frost snaps at Mindee.

“I want to leave, I want to separate from my sisters. I need my own life….”

Suddenly Frost smiles…. “I am sorry about snapping. I think I have just the solution….”


Emma knocks on the door to Cyclops office.

“Scott? We need to talk. I am leaving here, I am little use combat wise with my broken powers, even as they still are growing. I am leaving to teach real students, not combat soldiers. I am sorry, and I wish you well. Also I am taking Mindee with me. I have had a job offer and I think he needs me more. I truly wish it had worked between us, and if you ever need anything…I just thought that we would end because of you cheating on me. Not…all this.” She holds out a letter to Scott and it is folded in such a way you cannot see any of the letter except the first two letters of the signature, Se…… “But don’t worry Scott, I will still send you money to operate this school. Think of us as sister operations, after all without me you would still be standing over Jean’s grave wondering where it all went so horribly wrong. Goodbye Scott.”


In another school all the way in New York……..

“Hey Know-It-All, we need to talk.”

Monet is sitting there at the desk in her room and standing in the door way is a dark haired Asian featured young woman. Her bright yellow coat looking out of place on her and her pale skin.

“What do you want mallrat?” Monet said in annoyed voice.

“Monet, you know we don’t always get along but I got an unsigned letter and I suspect you have to. We need to talk about it.”

Monet, “Get to it, I have studying for college, something you would not understand.”

Jubilee, “Whateva smarty pants. The important question are you going? If it is who I think it is, and you should be able to guess, then we have no choice.”


In a dark room in once again in another school not too far away….

Someone is behind a desk, in complete shadow, but a long scarf can be seen wrapped around his throat many times. Across the desk from him is a tough looking woman with a briefcase and a stylish crisp Gucci suit and a black bob cut.

In the chair next to her sits a man. “Okay, spit it out. What could you possible want now? Whose life are you here to ruin now? You keep ruining people lives, people I care about. People that should be here in our realm.”

Said very breathy, think Voldemort) “Da, you are correct. For the most part I create ruin around me. But do not forget I died a hero, trying to save people. So judge me not. As I was explaining, I am reopening the Massachusetts Academy, and I need a public figure to avoid the public’s wraith after recent events. I have my demons I am dealing with, but I am dealing with them. I need a public member of the board, a head master for the world to see. We will run the school on vote, you would have 1/3 vote. Myself another 1/3 and the final third to our other board member who is on her way here. Finances, science equipment, staff, and every you can think of has been provided.”

The young man looks really surprised and suspicious. The woman remained silent throughout this. “I have no experience in this so what’s the catch? And why me?”

The man smiles smiles slyly. “Well the first is hard to explain but suffice to say what most of the school will not know is that I am putting together three secret teams.  All three teams are made of young adult mutants wanting to preserve the future and the teams will also be ran democratic. I have final say on the team members. This is my chance at redemption after recent events. As for why you, this school will be a mixed school both human and mutant. And you idolize all aspect of duality…. That is you have been baseline and mutant. And besides, let’s just say you came highly recommended, very highly recommended.”

The man looks uncomfortable and a little suspicious. “I will give this a shot, but not for you. This is for Theresa and to protect these teams of yours, I was a young adult once to, and it was chaos. But I can quit at any time if need be. AND we are equals. Got it?”

“That is fine. Da, we have a deal then, Evangline, give Mr. Richter the forms then.”


On the steps to a recently built castle-styled building stands two figures, one a woman with distinct Asian features and Mr. Richter. 6 black limos are pulling up and out step a group of young adults (one is holding a bald baby). They look at each other and are surprised to recognize many, all but one overly muscled blonde girl.

The two adults step forward and the woman speaks. “Welcome. My name is Ms. Manh, I am the senior staff members and this here is Mr. Richter, he is the headmaster of this operation. Some of you know us, other do not, but I am sure you know of us at least. You might know us better as Karma and Rictor. But you may only use those names when not around other students. We asked you here as the first group because we would like to hire all of you as advisors to the next generation.”

Rictor, “We might not be much older, and in some cases not older at all, then you but we have experience and we want to give that experience to you, and you to them. We will be focusing on the core educational values and have hired some of the best staff around to support you, however most will not know a secret. We are forming three secret teams.”

The guests all look at each other in surprise. During all this they are being led through the mansion.

Karma, “You would be the first of these three teams, I have been around or heard of many of you, and of course many of you have worked as a team before which is why we have chosen you. You have the right to refuse this offer as well as any mission. These missions will focus on more of the defensive. The rest of the mutant team members are Jubilee, Monet, Jono, Heather, Clarice and you Arlee.”

Rictor, “The rest of you are normal human or former mutants. But you have a place in this too, I lost my powers for a time and found out after a hard struggle that I could still be a hero. I hope you can do this same thing Barnell, Angel, and Marie. Now here we are the rear door to the gardens, it is here that you will meet the backers for all this and your one final team member.”

With this Rictor opens the back door and a huge bio dome can be seen. And standing at the entrance is Banshee and the White Queen. M and the White Queen nod to each other with disdain on their face. As a mix of emotions goes across each face Banshee approaches Jubilee first. (Anytime Banshee speaks picture Voldemort voice) “Jubilee, you have changed. And I am not talking about that lack of a tan. You have grown and don’t worry we have the very best in private nanny’s on staff. And that goes the same for you Angel and Barnell. Now Jubilee, the fact you’re here proves you accepted my offer, I assume you could detect my death scent on the paper with your vampire powers, I knew you would. So you, if no one else knew it works out perfect, don’t tell Monet but I always thought of you as my number one student and would like you to be the team leader. You adapt to any situation, your powers have drastically changed as has your life, but you have fought your way through it all. I need to talk to the others and you need to go get the last member of the team, she is waiting inside. Go introduce your little Shogon to her.”

Jubilee, “Sean what is going on here? I am not moving from this spot until you explain what kind of lunatic idea this is. The school was blown up, Synch died for gods sack. And that does not even touch the Paris fiasco, what are you doing.”

Banshee,” Calm down Jubilee, I understand the risk, we will talk later, and you will accept this because you know someone else has to look after me. Just like you and Monet did in Paris. Now go meet your last teammate.”

Jubilee starts to storm off in a huff when she hears her the sound of the air parting for a thrown object. Jubilee to self, “God these vamp powers are getting scary strong, I was not even listening… As she turns around an apple is thrown at her head, without even jostling Shogon Jubilee catches it right out of the air with vampire reflexes.

Banshee, “Bring her an apple.” Then Banshee turns around and heads towards the others.

As Jubilee heads towards the biosphere she can be seen carrying the apple and what she does not notice is that char spots are developing from where her fingers touch the apple. As she enters the bio dome she looks around in wonder, it is an exact replica of the old one, only moved to New York. Jubilee starts showing Shogon all the different plants she learned about in the old one when from behind her she hears a sound of rustling and knifes striking each other….It’s a trap……


Authors Note:

Hope you liked….

My first fanfic, thoughts opinions, anything you want to see in issue 2?  Not very good at formatting yet. And still getting a grasp of voices, but hopefully you enjoyed.