The flight had been sort of long as there had been two layovers that had been a few hours, and then there was the hassle of security and all of that, but in the end Peter had made it. Keeping his Spider-Man gear hidden had been the hardest part but at it had worked out. Extra deep security was not his friend.

A deep breath was taken of the air as a bit of the water nearby could be tasted and smelled in the air and it was glorious. Before him was the spread out large building that would be his new workplace going forward and all Peter could do was whistle. The large facility was state of the art and the shimmering glass material it was made out of just made it seem even more amazing.

“Glad you like it Peter,” a voice came from behind as he turned to meet Dr. Curt Connors who had a large smile upon his face. Gone was the haggard and weary look usually associated with that man. An outstretched hand was offered and Peter took it and shook it. It took a moment for it to dawn on him.

“Wait…your arm!”

The arm that had been lost in the war, the arm that the man had long tried to bring back using reptile DNA that brought about the LIzard, it was back fully.

“Yes, just one of the amazing things we’ve accomplished here. Don’t worry though I won’t be going Lizard any time soon. That DNA has been purged from my body completely. I’m a new man with a new lease on life.”

The smile on his face was only matched by Peter as he placed a hand on the man’s shoulder. “I’m genuinely happy for you Dr. Connors. If that is just one thing you can do here I’m glad I took you up on this offer.”

“We’re quite glad as well. Shall I give you the tour and introductions?”

“I think I’m ready.”

The older man nodded as he led the way towards the building. Everything had changed so quickly lately. Mary Jane left him and was off shooting movies as she wanted to live her own life. Aunt May had found her calling and purpose in helping others, something she had been doing all her life and never really thinking about it. Flash was going for Mayor of New York City and there was a high chance he’d win. Betty seemed happier by his side this time around. The Bugle was down without shots of Spider-Man but it was not out. Peter knew that even as cantankerous as he was, Jonah would find a way to keep the paper relevant and afloat especially with Robbie at his side. It was now time for Peter’s life to change and all it took was a few more steps and he’d be in the building and into a new life.

As the two men reached the pathway towards the front door, Connors’ arms rose high and outward as if to show it all off. “Peter I’d like to not only welcome you to San Francisco but welcome to your new second home or home away from home. Welcome to Horizon Labs.”

Next: New City! New Job! New Faces! New challenges! Old Foe!