Previously in Exiles

Reeling from the death of Mimic, and having Morph possessed by the monstrous Proteous, the Exiles barely had time to rest before the reality traveller known as Access came crashing through the Crystal Palace. Turns out something had used the man to damage dozens of realities, which in time would cause a chain reaction, leading to the destructions of the multiverse. While away on a mission, Access awoke from his coma, unhinged and dangerous, and banished Heather Hudson to a far off reality. Now with the keys to the Palace, Asher is calling the shots, not allowing the Exiles to return home. On their last mission, deep in Shi’ar space, battling against the Terran Empire, Exile Miguel O’Hara sacrificed his life. Before he perished, the reality traveller witnessed a malevolent crystalline entity, which Access called the Monolith, scouring the multiverse for the man. If the Monolith finds Access, it will likely use him to finish the job it started.