Previously in Exiles
They say that time is like a river, you can travel up and down the stream, redirect the flow, do bomb dives, whatever. The point is that time marches on. Sometimes, people pee in the river, and that’s when the Exiles come into play. Wait, that sounds all wrong, let me start again.

We’re the Exiles; when things go wrong in time and space, we’re there to fix the damage. We’re like sexy, reality hopping repair men, without the plumber’s crack. Well, Sabertooth has the plumber’s crack, and it’s a hairy one too, but all eyes are on me when we save the day anyway.

Recently, this reality hopper named Axel Asher (No, he’s not a biker. Though he does wear leather) was sent hurtling through reality and crashed into our extra dimensional hidey hole, the Crystal Palace. Apparently he caused a lot of damage to reality along the way, which we now have to fix. While we’re off getting shrunk to ant size and fighting Magneto, Asher’s been sleeping and dreaming of scary, black, crystal monsters.

That was until he woke up and booted Heather out of the Crystal Palace. What he does next is anyone’s guess.

– Morph