Generation Last
No More New X-Men Part Three
“astRal wAr BIrDs”

LAST LAST: Recovering from the events of the Messiah Complex and the departure of her lover and leader of the X-Men, Emma Frost opened the Tomorrow Institute. A precarious alliance with the sentient techno-morphic Danger provided her with a new (and more importantly, free) school in which to teach and protect the last generation of mutants. After gathering the last of her students, Emma embarked on a mission with faculty member and genius mutant, Forge, to salvage the remains of the main Cerebra unit at the now defunct and destroyed Xavier Institute. Unbeknownst to them, the mutant vampire Emplate had been lying in wait for a mutant to return to Xavier’s school. Emma and Forge were defeated but not before the dormant energy form known as Quentin Quire was able to prevent their deaths via telepathic warning.

Combat Instructor Jubilation Lee brought in a small rescue team of seasoned students only to find themselves under attack by Emplate’s ever vigilant henchman, D.O.A. Meanwhile, Emplate fed on Quentin and gained his Omega level telepathy while turning a now powerless Quentin into Q-Plate and sending him out to eat the X-Men. Tomorrow Institute student and former New X-Men leader Surge was in turn fed on by Q-Plate and he gained her electrical speed powers. Surge’s revenge was interrupted when her fellow students, The Stepford Cuckoos, decided to pursue their own personal agenda with Quentin.

Rockslide went after Emplate himself, believing he would fare better than his rescue teammates. Instead, he found himself trapped by Emplate’s now massive mental abilities. Meanwhile, a rescued Emma headed back to the Xavier Institute with Danger in order save her students and end the threat of Emplate forever…..