TWENTY-FOUR HOURS Part I: As Things Change… Written by: HUNTER LAMBRIGHT London “Oh, god! Wanda!” shouted Hawkeye, holding the fallen redhead in his hands. He looked at all the heroes, who had stopped fighting. “You killed her! All of you! You bastards!” “Calm down, Clint,” said Cap. “The last thing we need is a breakdown… Read More »

WEB-SLUNG – THE SPIDER MEETS THE MAN Written by: HUNTER LAMBRIGHT My name is Peter Parker, and I’ve been Spider-Man since I was fifteen years old… Peter’s eyes flew open as he checked the alarm clock. Memory resurfaced. No longer was he the mysterious Spider-Man. Ever since he’d given himself up on national television, Peter… Read More »

DIVERGENCE Part I: Feet First Written by: HUNTER LAMBRIGHT Base of Captain America’s Secret Avengers “What the…?!” shouted about ten voices at the same time. All eyes were focused on the television screen as yet another blow came from Iron Man’s side. After last week’s Darkhawk scandal, this was a harder blow for the Secret… Read More »

BROTHER VS. BROTHER Written by: HUNTER LAMBRIGHT New York City… “They kicked you out?!” “They threw you in jail?!” Captain America and Luke Cage had just told each other their stories and reacted simultaneously. Both were in shock. “As you can see,” Cap explained, recovering first, “I got out.” “Well, I’m still out here, and… Read More »

The destruction of the small town of Stamford, Connecticut sparked the Civil War that torn the Marvel Universe apart, pitting hero against hero. Everyone knows the story. But what if things happened differently? What if the New Warriors weren’t to blame? It’s the start of a new Civil War epic brought to you by Hunter Lambright! Continue reading