The Inhuman City of Attilan, The Blue Area of the Moon

Medusalith Amequelin Boltogon stormed through the corridors of the Royal Residence. The Queen of the Inhumans had been notably tempermental as of late, not surprising given that her husband Black Bolt had recently married another four women from across the cosmos in order to unite their bretheren among the Universal Inhumans.

Medusa knew in her heart that she was the only one in the galaxy who could possibly hope to understand Blackagar, and to love him as she did. But these symbolic brides flouncing around the palace annoyed her, as did her husband’s increasingly notable distance since his return from the realm beyond the Fault. She was beginning to understand her sister Crystal’s frustration with him when it came to relations with their erstwhile homeworld, Earth, and her foul mood was only worsened by Lockjaw’s sudden materialisation within her private chambers.

Medusa had been a split hair away from harming him before she realised who it was, and that Crystal was not with him. When the giant of a dog had begun to howl and whimper, Medusa knew instantly that something was wrong.

She spared only a moment to send Lockjaw onwards and to wonder briefly who had come before her on Lockjaw’s list. Blackagar of course. Karnak would make sense as their most competent strategist. But who next? Had Blackagar had Maximus alerted before he deigned to have her?

Medusa put aside her petty thoughts. This was beneath her, especially with Randac knows what about to arrive on their doorstep. She had left her son Ahura and his cousin Luna in capable hands, and stopped herself from going to check on them as she reached the entrance hall. Several Inhumans were crowded at the windows and at the door. They parted like a sea before their queen as she emerged into the open air of the Blue Area.

There were figures flitting across the sky, casting forth queer energies at their opponents, the Inhuman Militia, several of whom had bravely risen into the air take their opponents head on, under their own power or otherwise held aloft by Sky-Sleds. Medusa winced as energy blasts struck true and several Sky-Sleds blew up in a blaze of glory. There was more movement overhead now, Medusa caught sight of several starships rushing through space towards the city, as an explosion ripped through one of Attilan’s many golden towers. How had they gotten past their defences?

Medusa had only one thought. Traitors. It was clear for her to see now, her eyes narrowing as she took sight of the figures rushing across the courtyard. Weapons in hand, or else armed with sacred gifts granted by the Terrigen Mists, they took fire at the front steps. Medusa reacted instantly, her long scarlet tresses growing longer still as she whipped her hair out in front of her, hardening it to form a shield. Strands were left smoking and damaged but when Medusa’s mane recoiled, she herself was left entirely unharmed. Her subjects hadn’t been as lucky.

Medusa seethed with rage. Again her hair stretched out, this time in all directions as the tips of her locks grew razor sharp, piercing through armor, skin and bone. Medusa’s opponents fell quickly, left gurgling on the ground as the Queen of the Inhumans slashed their throats for good measure. Medusa turned to those cowering at the door. They were weaker than her, their Inhuman gifts not made for battle.

Medusa stood tall as she turned to face them, her voice level and steady, as they gazed at her. How she hated this. She would not ask them to throw their lives away. Not even if her husband wished it.

“Attilan shall not fall. We have defended her against a thousand armies, and we will vanquish a thousand more,” she promised. “I will protect you as the Royal Family has protected you for eons. Do not doubt this now.”

“Queen Medusa,” a young girl said, gesturing fearfully to the courtyard. “Look!”

A portal appeared in the middle of the courtyard, but not one of Lockjaw’s making. The enemy poured out onto stone that had travelled the stars, that had been Inhuman since ordinary humanity lived in caves. The mark the footsoldiers emerging from the tear were wearing was clear to see. It was a sigil Medusa would never forget, the mark of a mutant who had poisoned her cousin’s mind and led him to his death.

“In the name of Apocalypse!” one soldier cried. His fellows let out a roar as they began to charge.

“Go,” Medusa ordered as several servants stepped forward to protect their queen. “Barricade yourselves inside and have Lockjaw summoned by order of Queen Medusa. Get to safety.”

The servants stood hesitantly, glancing at each other unsure if they should follow her orders.

“Go!” Medusa barked. The servants jumped at her words, then dutifully fled back inside. Medusa turned back to her opponents.

“Heed my words, Clan Akkaba!” she cried out imperiously, as the soldiers continued racing towards her. Her hair began to lengthen again. “Trust that Attilan shall not fall to your filth again! The Inhumans have conquered the stars, and trust me when I say I shall slaughter you! In the name of the House of Amequelin! In the name of the House of Boltogon!”

Tendrils of hair thwacked against cracking skulls as Queen Medusa began her assault.