Part I
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In the aftermath of the death of Charles Xavier at the hands of a Phoenix empowered Cyclops, and the end of the “No More Mutants” spell cast by Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch, the X-Men are once again reunited under one roof, operating from the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.

However, recent times have been as trying for the team as any. Cyclops escaped incarceration and was encountered by Rogue in the company of Emma Frost and Magneto. The intervention of the Stepford Cuckoos led to Cyclops escaping with the Master of Magnetism and a newly manifested time manipulating mutant named Eva Bell, while Emma returned to the Jean Grey School with Rogue. After dealing with a situation involving the continued mutation of Beast, Rogue was tasked with assembling a new team of X-Men, including Iceman, Psylocke, Quicksilver and Darkstar, to aid the alien Kree against the X-Men’s old enemies the Brood.

Rogue’s team held their own, managing to to put an end to a Brood Queen after encountering a mysterious group of super powered Brood. They realised however, that they had been manipulated by the Kree, and left to return to Earth after assaulting Kree leader Ronan the Accuser.