Epilogue 1: A phone-conversation on a secure line between Amsterdam and Berlin


“Hello Rick.”

“What do you want?”

“Nothing. I just thought I’d let you know that the X-girls are already on the Net”

“The world we live in”

“So true, so true. So all went well?”

“Reasonably. The object was to get them to expose themselves, and to see what they are capable of. We also found Starks little spy”


“Those hijackers. They were supposed to be second-stringers, yet they almost beat the girls.”

“Is that a problem?”

“Not really, but the enhancement of their powers…. I think maybe our real target was on the plane.”

“But you did get a good demonstration out of it”

“True, but also, Silver will want to be compensated for the loss of a man”

“That’s what money is for. So what now?”

“Now I proceed as planned. I just don’t like the fact that he knew what was going on”

“Your original donor?”

“He has the powers”

“And now he knows what you have, and he knows the spy. I see your point”

“I think it’s very likely that he is the one who got the X-Men involved in the first place”

“You may be right. He was always a bottom-feeder who let others fight for him”

“I’ll find him. I brought him back, but I can also kill him again”

“How about the X-Men? And the Avenger-spy?”

“As good as dead. The trail will lead back to an associate of ours. You know there’s nobody more skilled in the art of misdirection then me”

“Of that I have no doubt. Do you need help?”

“You have your own affairs to deal with. Let me deal with mine.”

“Okay, then. Goodnight”

“Goodnight, Alexi”


Epilogue 2: In a car in Amsterdam

The red-haired man had parked his car near the Van Oldenbarneveld Square, providing him withy an exact overview of exactly who came and went. When the second cab pulled up, he saw Abby get out and quickly head for a house at the square. She hurried to get in, and the red-haired man saw her close the curtains before she turned on the lights. Satisfied that his information on the addresses of all five of the women was correct, he started his car and drove of. A song that had played before he parked continued:

Hate was just a legend,

War was never known,

People worked together,

And they lifted many stones

“Not a bad song… for a flatscan hippie!” the red-haired man thought to himself.