“Okay, Scarecrow… You’re next!” Clarice said as she went for the maniacal villain.

“No, I’m not!!” the Scarecrow shouted in a shrill voice, as a giant hand of Sand came down on her. The Sandman had reformed from the Sand of his arm that had held Martijn van Steen.

“Scarecrow! Go to the front!” Sandman shouted as he towered over the dazed Blink. She barely got out of the way of another giant sand-fist by blinking away.

“If at first you don’t succeed…” Clarice mumbled, as she opened another teleportation warp right behind the Sandman, causing him to get sucked away again. Getting up, she saw Sandman reform again from a small pile of sand in the aisle.

“Okay, that sucks…” Clarice mumbled.


Cloud 9 was about done avoiding Blacklash’ whips. She willed her small cloud to fly into Blacklash’ face, and then followed it up with a masterful kick in the jaw. Blacklash was knocked out.

“Glass-jaw. Love ’em!” Cloud 9 said, but got pummelled from behind as the Scarecrow burst into the business-class. He inhaled deeply, savouring the panic of the passengers, until he saw Rachel walking towards him.

“This stops now!” Rachel said, as she went into Scarecrows mind to shut him down. To her surprise, his mindscape was exactly the same as the one she had left Kitty in. Kitty was inside the bullet, and she and Scarecrow were standing on top of it as it flew through space.

“I don’t think so!” Scarecrow shouted, “You see, I’ve always been able to feed of fear, but now I can actually sent it back! All of these people on the plane feel the fear your little friend is feeling!!!! How long do you think it’ll take before one of them has a heart attack? Or a stroke? Hi-ha… You can’t do anything about it; I know your fears!!! Hunt down any innocents lately?”

For a moment Rachel imagined herself back in her own timeline, as a hound hunting down other mutants.

“I faced my fears!” Rachel said, as the illusion in her mind faded, “I can’t stop you, but I can save these people!”

With that, Rachel started pulling images of comfort and peace from the minds of all the passengers. Their fear lessened, and all of them started to calm down. It took all of Rachel’s concentration to block Scarecrows access to their minds, and Kitty was on her own.


By now, Clarice had warped Sandman out of the plane several times, but he kept reforming out of small piles of sand. He returned faster each time, and Clarice was starting to wear out. Something drastic needed to be done.

“You!!! Daddy-man!!!” Clarice shouted at Martijn, “Close the doors between the front and back sections!”

Martijn only hesitated for a second, and then did as Clarice asked.

After warping Sandman out yet again, she called “Fasten your f**king seatbelts!!!” at all of the frightened passengers. When they had done so, Sandman started to reform once more, and Clarice opened a big warp at the very back of the plane. Everything that was not nailed down was sucked through the warp as the plane lost pressure. Clarice barely held on to a chair as the warp closed. All the and on the plane had flown through the teleportation warp. The Sandman would not be returning.


Alani came to as the plane started to fly out of control because of the pressure loss in the back of the plane. She saw the pilots were still in a state of fright, so she ran into the cockpit. Yanking one of the pilots from his seat, Alani at down at the controls, and turned on the intercom.

“Hi. This Alani Ryan. I’m keeping this plane in the air and stuff, so you can all chill. I have never done this before, and it looks more complicated that flight-sim-games. Does anybody know how to actually, you know, fly?” Alani said.

Cloud 9 also got up, and saw Rachel still facing Scarecrow, the latter still swaying back and forth in ecstasy.

“He’s got Kitty! He’s projecting her fear onto the passengers!” Rachel said through clenched teeth.

“What’s wrong with her?” Cloud 9 asked.

“She’s afraid to fly and to be alone!” Rachel managed to get out, as her full attention was required once more to keep the passengers under control.

Cloud 9 ran at Kitty, the only one still screaming in fear, and tried to shake her out of it. When she touched Kitty, Cloud 9 actually saw Kitty’s mindscape. Cloud 9 let go of Kitty, and jumped back. At that moment, an exhausted Blink stumbled into the front section.

“You! Clarice! You can teleport, right?” Cloud 9 shouted at Clarice.

“Uh… Yeah… Who are you anyway?” Clarice said as she hurried over.

“Nevermind. You need to teleport me and your friend here out of the plane now!” Cloud 9 shouted.

“Are you insane? Why…” Clarice asked.

“Please, now! She’s feeding that fear-monster there, and she has to snap out of it! Please!!” Cloud 9 begged.

With a gesture, Clarice blinked Cloud 9 and the screaming Kitty out of the plane. For a moment they were in a freefall, until Cloud 9 gathered up some clouds beneath her feet, and then they were flying, racing through the sky.

“You see, Kitty?!” Cloud 9 shouted, “This is flying! This is glorious! This is freedom! Not that shit in a bullet in space, but this! Open your eyes!”

Kitty weakly opened her eyes, and then saw herself as she raced across the sky with Abby. For a moment she wanted to scream again, but then she felt the cool, cold air on her, saw the clouds roll by beneath them, and felt Abby holding her tight. Her fear subsided, as she flew circles around the plane, in the arms of a stranger.

“And you’re not alone! You’re never alone!” Abby shouted.

“I… I know….” Kitty whispered.


The Scarecrow felt his power slip away as Kitty conquered her fears. Rachel could feel the grip he had on the passengers and crew lessening. Their eyes met, and Rachel knew Scarecrow was no longer in control. For a split second, Rachel saw fear in the Scarecrow’s eyes. Then she unloaded on him with a telekinetic blast that blew him all the way down the aisle to the back of the plane. When he came to a stop, the Scarecrow had broken several bones, but was still conscious. He tried to get up, and saw Martijn van Steen standing over him. His foot coming down on his face was the last thing he saw that day