Traumfanger, still sitting in the back of the SHIELD car outside the warehouse heard the shots, and cast around to see whether there was anyone coming for him. Meanwhile he had also noticed that Omega Red had been stirring for the last few minutes. What should he do about that? He didn’t have that zap-gun the girls used on him, and he was very sure that Arkady would not recognize him. Traumfanger almost forgot his surroundings, when he heard something click close by, and he ducked out of sight as the bullets flew here as well. He used Omega Red’s super dense form as a shield, but couldn’t think of anything to counter. When the barrage of bullets let up a bit, Traumfanger concentrated to the best of his ability, and discovered that there were 5 commando’s surrounding his position. “It is good that I have walked into an ambush. Anything else would have been an utter disappointment…”


Sabra arrived at the warehouse where all the shooting and fighting was taking place just in time to see a man crawl behind the wheel of a car, with Omega Red lying in the backseat. Bullets were flying everywhere, and he seemed to be driving the vehicle into a wall that had already been badly damaged. She tried to hit Omega Red with her wrist laser, and flew towards the car. She saw the commando units run after the car as it pulled up, and Sabra decided to follow the commando’s who were still shooting at the car.The car crashed through the wall and the Commando’s ran in after it. Sabra then flew in, and couldn’t believe the scene she had just entered. She saw Vanguard smashing into a wall, crushing a SHIELD agent in the process. She saw a young woman she recognized as Danielle Moonstar getting shot at by several commando’s, she saw a number of these soldiers lying on the floor with leg wounds and the chaos was complete when an old man crashed into the scene through a wall in a vehicle that had Omega Red in it.

Dani ran for cover behind the car, that Traumfanger had put in between her and the shooters. Traumfanger crawled out, and the two huddled together as the newly arrived gunmen took up position.

“You knew something like this would happen, you fossilized piece of %$#&!” Dani shouted at Traumfanger.

“No, I did not…. Well, I suspected… but I did not know! There is a difference!” the old man answered.

“Bull%^&#! Now, how do we get out of here?” Dani called back.

“Well, if you would be so kind as to keep shooting in the general direction of our assailants every so often, I’ll try to save us!” Traumfanger answered, handed her his gun and crawled back into the vehicle.

“&$#^ you, you bastard!” Dani yelled, but fired a few rounds anyway.

On the other end of the hall, Vanguard was smashing Skids everywhere, not even using his powers that much anymore, but just pummeling her. Skids was barely able to keep her force field up, otherwise Vanguard would have beaten her to death by now. She knew she had to think of something fast, before she lost the strength to protect herself, and kept focusing how to hit him back, while she barely managed to get out of the way of another blow of Vanguard’s Hammer. Then she knew it. She got up, and dropped her force field. Vanguard got ready to deliver a finishing blow, and then Skids threw her force field around his head. Vanguard was startled for a moment, and when he opened his mouth, Skids drew the force field tighter around his teeth, around his tongue and into his throat.Even though he could still draw breath, Vanguard was choking, dropping his weapons and flailing around. Skids kept full concentration, and then carefully walked up to her opponent to pick up his hammer. Vanguard hit her square in the jaw once more, and as she had no protection, almost knocked Skids out. She got back up, withdrew her force field and then hit Vanguard in the face with the hammer. The Russian dropped, out cold, and Skids almost fell over, shouting: “Yeah!!! Eat your heart out, Sue Storm!”

Sabra had only a split second to react and make a decision, and came up with screw the balance, this is wrong! She flew at the vehicle and knocked the weapon out of Dani’s hands.

“Oh, #&%$! Traumfanger! Sally!” Dani called when faced with the Israeli superhero.

Skids looked up, but was to beat to react. Sabra landed in front of Dani and the guns went silent. She grabbed Dani and said: “You shut up, while I think of a way to save you!”

From the corner of her eye Dani saw one of the commando’s clutching his ear, as if listening to a transmission.

“Sabra, look…” Dani tried, but she could only duck herself, while Sabra was shot multiple times. Dani caught Sabra’s broken body as it fell. She was still breathing, but only barely.

“Traumfanger!!!” Dani called, the bullet’s once again flying over her head. Then she heard Traumfanger scream his lungs out: “Arkadyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!” and the next moment Omega Red burst forth and went at the commando’s.

Omega Red had never been very refined, but the way he tore into the commando’s was brutal. The bullets didn’t faze him, and he ripped them apart, snarling like an insane beast. In a flurry a coils, claws, teeth and brute strength Omega Red killed all of the commando’s that were there, even the ones Dani had already disabled. He literally tore some of them to pieces and ripped them limb from limb.

Skids crawled over to the car, and saw Dani holding Sabra, telling her to hold on. She then looked into the car, and saw Traumfanger lying unconscious, his skin a pale as chalk Before she had time to check the old man’s condition, she realized it didn’t matter anymore: Omega Red was already coming at her. As fast as she could she grabbed Dani and took the gun that could subdue Red from her. The mutant monster was already upon her, and Skids fired at him, to no effect. Omega Red turned around, and Skids positioned herself between Dani and Red. A huge blow of one of Red’s coils threw Skids clear across the hall, where she finally collapsed. Dani looked up at the monster standing over her, and for a moment she figured this was it. Omega Red picked up both Dani & Sabra by the neck with his coils, and held them aloft. Dani struggled to get loose, and then she felt Sabra’s hand weakly touching hers. A glow washed over Dani’s body, and she felt a power rising in her. Omega Red seemed startled to, and dropped Sabra. At that exact moment, a psychic arrow of crackling energy burst forth from Dani’s hand, and hit Omega Red right between the eyes. The violent monster immediately crumbled to the ground, dropping Dani. Clutching her bruised neck, she stared at the hand that had produced the arrow. There was blood, bodies and bullet holes everywhere around her, she was hurting from fighting most of the night, but Dani had not felt this good in a long time: she had powers once more!