Rating System

In truth, there is no rating systems on UnCanon.com UNLESS you’re writing a MATURE title. MATURE titles include frequent drug use, excessive cursing, and sexual content.

In general, a series on UnCanon should have the same content as your average comic. Violence, sex, drugs and cursing might happen but it shouldn’t be excessive and in case of sex or drug use, it shouldn’t be graphic. But we like our writer’s have creative freedom. The last thing we want to do is inhibit someone. So if you’re looking to write a gritty title, just let us know and you’ll be rated accordingly.

What can I write here?

Anything and everything that originated in comics! We allow stories based on characters from Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Vertigo, Image or any of the other comic publishers.

Of course a lot of other characters such as Star Wars, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Twilight, have found their way to comics, but didn’t originate from comics. Given the right pitch we’d happily accept it, however there are plenty of sites dedicated to those characters which your work would most likely be more fitting.

Also, Slash Fiction is strictly forbidden here.

Are characters from Shueisha comic books acceptable?

For clarification purposes “American” comics maybe more appropriate  though this entirely depends on how the community of the site grows.

We are certainly not averse to seeing your creative outputs featuring non-american comic book properties or even original work, we just figure there are other sites more closely aligned with those characters/properties and you might find a better audience for it there.

That said, if you find a hook that could introduce people to those characters such as Sailor Moon Knight, The Further Adventures of Green Arrow and Tin-tin, Star Wars IV: a New Hope (summers), Bakuman & Robin, Desperate Dan goes to Sin City or Indiana Jones and the Temple of Dr Doom then go for it!

ohh I feel a challenge coming on…

Help I’m stuck and can’t think of any ideas!? Dealing with a serious case of the writer’s block? I have no clue what to do next!?

Well come on over to the forums and we’ll help you out. UnCanon.com is a community before anything else. The members of UnCanon love helping each other, bouncing ideas off each other or pushing them past the writer’s block. So whether you have a great idea and just want some help working out the kinks or you just need help finding your muse, we’re here for you!

I want to ask a question that’s not here, what can I do?

If its not on this list, then use the form below to ask and we will send you a reply via email. If it’s something that we think others may find useful we’ll include it on this page as  well.