Friday, November 13th
“The glorious weekend!”
I quickly walked down the steps off my school, relief pouring through my body. Derek and Milo followed closely behind.
“This week has been tough,” Derek shook his head, “I had like three test and passed zero.”
“Yeah I had like two essays due on the same day,” Milo sighed, “And didn’t do either until the night before.”
I looked to them and nodded, “Two test and one essay here.”
Add that too the whole fighting the forces of evil and my week was tough as hell. It seems that the Sentinel attack didn’t exactly scare away the mutants, in fact it seemed to just make them anger. A mutant with the power to control plant life caused some major havoc in Central Park about two weeks ago, another mutant who could breath fire went on arsonist spree in one of the richest Suburbs in New Jersey about a week ago, and two other mutants tried to rob a bank in Connecticut just two days ago. And that’s just sort of local. There have been attacks all over and the people over in California have found themselves a bit busy too. Plus I was just naming the guys who weren’t connected to Magneto who apparently is now sending out his Brotherhood members to create hell. Frenzy lead two other mutants on an attack on the New York Time building in New York City. It was a quick hit and run. By the time we heard about and got there, Frenzy and co had killed five people and were already on their way out viva Gateway. Same goes for an attack lead by some guy named Fabian Cortez who with four mutants attacked a government building in Massachusetts, killing four and injuring a bunch of others. By the time we got there, Fabian was gone and we just fought off some grunt mutant who we finished off pretty quick. A Senator from Florida was also found assassinated right in his office, a bullet right through the head. From the footage from the security camera, he appeared to have been shot by himself. No he did not kill himself he was shot by himself. Meaning that the man who shot him was an exact duplicate of him. Or as I like to call her, Mystique. She didn’t transform into herself but it was pretty obvious.
Magneto has taken claim from all these attacks. He says that if the Sentinel act isn’t abolished and until he could be sure his people are safe, he will continue to destroy any and anything he feels is danger towards mutants.
So yeah, things have been a hoot lately.
“So this weekend, I need to get drunk,” Derek said as if this was something new for him. “Make that tonight.”
I nodded, “I think I do too. I think I just need a break from all the crazy mu-” I stopped myself, “Work I have.”
Derek looked at me with his blue eyes, “Yeah but you always say that and than you ditch us. Will you flake?”
“No flake,” I said putting up my hands, “But tonight I do have to spend some time at Lily’s house. She and the girls are doing a girl’s out thing but she wants me to go there so I’m there first.”
“And than you’ll mysteriously disappear,” Derek shook his head and began to cross the street, “Same old, same old.”
I entered my room, absolutely exhausted from the last week. My head was pounding as it had been for the last couple of weeks. I throw my bag down and than collapsed onto my bed.
I hadn’t been getting any of sleep late. I keep having this weird dream, which to be fair isn’t new or anything. This time I’m dreaming about running around in total darkness. That’s all I do, run in pitch black, trying to make my way to the light that is ahead. I was trying my best to figure out what this meant but really, I was getting no where and the input from the others wasn’t helping either. I think Ororo thought it was some sort of post-traumatic stress from my kidnapping by Serenity but I don’t know. I think it’s a warning.
There was also that vision I had of Destiny about a month and half ago. There was something about that vision that seemed to bother me more and more as time went on. I’ve been meaning to go and talk to Destiny the past couple of weeks but I really haven’t found the time. I also sort of wanted to go at this alone. The whole four on one talking to an old lady didn’t turn out well the first time.
I sat up and grabbed my laptop from under my bed, putting it on my and opening it up.
“What exactly do you think decrepit and old will tell you,” Emma appeared at the end of my bed, wearing a white business suit. Her blonde hair was tied into a tight bun.
“I don’t know,” I said as I brought up the train schedule which would take me to Greenfield Massachusetts, where Irene Adler, AKA Destiny was residing.
“You know she will tell you nothing,” Emma continued, “Except I’m sure she will say something cryptic and foreboding. From someone who can predict the future, she is very predictable. Oh irony!”
“Well I have to do something,” I said looking up at Emma, “I ignore my visions and  bad things happen.”
Emma nodded, “Something is wrong. You know that, I know that. Something is coming.”
“Well looks who’s foreboding now,” I said dully.
“I am only saying what you already know,” Emma shrugged, “Like you know those jeans make you look like you are about to enter a woman’s lumber jack competition.”
I looked at my jeans and realize they were a bit large and butch on me, “Its laundry day.” I frowned and then looked back to the train schedule.
“Maybe it will be best to at least take one of them with you,” Emma said sounding concerned.
“No, I need to talk to Destiny by myself. And tonight’s the night. Lily’s going to some party with the whore brigade, Josh and Cory are getting drunk with Derek and-”
“Aren’t you a little worried about your stupid little friend?” Emma cut me off.
“You’ll have to elaborate because I have three who fit that description.”
Emma smirked, “Cory. He is playing doctor with Mercury. I think it’s safe to say that’s a bit dangerous.”
“It’s stupid,” Josh said as he and played some Madden in his basement, “She’s a bad guy.”
“No,” I corrected him, “She’s just misguided. Plus it isn’t like we share secrets or anything. We hook up, that’s it. I don’t even like her that much.”
“Oh that’s sweet,” Megan said over from the large blue couch. I looked over to her. Megan was finally looking healthier. She was casteless now, her blonde hair was now past her shoulders again and she was wearing more revealing clothing now that the cuts on her body were a lot less visible. I like that last part.
Josh looked at me and shook his head, “I don’t get it. First Gaia and than Mercury-”
“I didn’t know about Gaia,” I snapped, “Plus it isn’t the same.”
“Yeah because you’re just hooking up with her,” Josh rolled his eyes and put down his X-Box remote, “Lily wants to play house with Magneto, Cassie is all hot for Jamie Madrox and you’re fondling Mercury. What is wrong with you people?”
“Lily wants to be with her father,” Megan said, “I mean I understand it at least. And as long as Cassie doesn’t do anything with Jamie-”
“I know,” Josh looked to her and then to me, “The whole not doing anything is key.”
“Dude it’s nothing,” I patted Josh on the back, “Mercury hasn’t even told her people about me. Just that Elemental chick.”
“So why are you doing it?” Josh asked frowning.
“Because I can,” I told him bluntly.
And that was the whole truth. Mercury and I hooked up with each other because we could. Mercury’s powers meant she couldn’t touch a single person without turning them into mercury and killing them and I couldn’t touch a girl without getting excited and shocking them, and not in the fun way. But Mercury could touch me. Sure I would turn into mercury but I wouldn’t die and Mercury would help me not droop apart or whatever. And when I was in mercury form I couldn’t shock anyone. Sure hooking up in mercury form was weird at first but now it’s become sort of normal. It’s nice.
And I don’t like Mercury and she doesn’t like me. She’s too serious and big downer for my taste and I know she thinks I’m all immature. But hey she’s hot for a girl made of Mercury and well she’s all I got and I’m all she’s got. We never really talked when we made out either, just a few words. We just had nothing in common but are inability to make out with others. Hopefully one day I will be able to fix that problem because I can’t keep depriving the ladies of me.
I know the others are pissed at me but I don’t care. Josh has Megan, Cassie chooses to not be with people and Lily, well Lily had Connor and it wasn’t like she was in it for the fun stuff.
And I know she wasn’t going to harm me. She was lonely, scared. She just wanted to touch someone. She wasn’t going to lose that by selling me out to her friends and the Elemental chick didn’t want her to hook up with me but she wasn’t going to tell on her just like the others wouldn’t tell Ororo on me.
“And hey,” I said lifting my hand. It slowly began to turn a silver and liquidy, “I can do this now all by myself. So pluses all around homie!”
“Men,” I heard Megan mutter loudly as she got up from the couch.
I looked down at my watch, still trying to figure out why I was doing this. It is the same question I had been asking myself for the last two weeks.
The Wiggles played on the TV screen in front of me, dancing around and singing and just being completely and utterly creepy. And they say my father is evil, the Wiggles were worse.
I leaned back on the couch and looked to the five year old beside me. Rory, the boy I babysat and also my ex-boyfriend’s brother, sat beside me his eyes transfixed on creepy men on the screen, a large smile on his face.
I loved Rory, I really did but it was hard being in this house again. For the past two weeks I’ve been doing my best too avoid seeing Connor but it was sort of impossible this being his house and all. He would walk in and things would get incredibly uncomfortable Usually he’d just go right upstairs without even saying a word to me, which sort of hurt but whatever, but sometimes he would stick around for a drink or a bite to eat and the tension would be deadly.
It get even worse when his girlfriend April would come around. She liked to fawn him over me. She would purposely try and stay in the kitchen or the living room and be all over him. Connor always looked uncomfortable when she did it but it didn’t stop her.
But I came back because of Rory, because there was no reason for him to get caught up in all the drama. I just had to suck it up.
I looked down at my watch once again. I would be leaving here at five to go and home and get ready for a party. I wasn’t a real party type of gal but according to Allie and Crystal, I needed too have some fun. I wasn’t thrilled with going but I was able to use the excuse of having a pre-game at my house to get Josh and Cory over and Cassie, who had to go see her grandmother, was coming over for a bit too. It would be the first time the four us were going to be together like this in a while, so I was excited for that. Not so much for the party. I didn’t even know who this boy was, Samuel something. He lived in a town not actually far from Connor’s town but Allie knew him or maybe Crystal hooked up with him, I’m not sure.
“I’m going to get a drink,” I said getting up from the couch and looking up at him. Rory nodded in a reply not really paying too much attention to me. I smiled and than headed towards the kitchen.
I went to the kitchen and check my watch again. I wasn’t counting down the moments because I wanted to be away from Rory it was just 4:00 and Connor still hadn’t come home, which I preferred. All I had to do was get through another hour and I wouldn’t have to worry about seeing him. Just one more hour.
And like it was on que, on that thought I heard the door opened and heard two familiar voices.
“Hey Rory,” I heard April say.
“I’m just going to get a drink,” I heard Connor say as I began to pour myself some Pepsi.
I cursed under my breath and grabbed the Pepsi bottle and the cup and tried to hurry to the fridge but my hand lost grip of the glass.
“Shoot,” I said as the glass fell. I quickly reached down and grabbed the glass and luckily, with my peak reflexives and speed, I was able to catch it without much spillage.
“Wow,” Connor walked into the kitchen looking at me impressed, “Nice catch.”
“Thanks,” I said still holding the Pepsi bottle and glass.
He pointed to the Pepsi bottle, “Can I have that?”
“Sure,” I said handing him the Pepsi bottle.
He took it from and moved over to the counter. The uncomfortable silence came back and I started to walk out of the kitchen.
“How’s it going,” he called out to me.
I stopped just in front of the doorway to the kitchen and turned around, “Fine. Things are a little eh in the world of-” I paused, “You know. But other than that…”
“Oh,” Connor nodded as he took a glass from the cabinet.
“How are you doing?”
Connor shrugged, “Fine. Basketball starts soon.”
“Right,” I nodded. There was another pause filled with uncomfortable silence, “You guys going to be good this year?”
Connor shrugged again, “Probably not.”
I laughed, “Well you still have baseball.”
“I do,” he nodded and smile at me as he began to pour his drink.
“You might want to watch- ” I began but was too late as Connor missed the cup and poured the Pepsi on the edge of the cup and the counter.
He cursed out loud and put the Pepsi bottle down clumsily.
I shook my head and walked across the kitchen grabbing some paper towels and walking over and handing them to Connor.
“Thanks,” he said taking the paper towels from my hands. He smiled at me.
“Yeah,” I smiled back and brushed back my hair slightly.
Suddenly a voice came from the door, “Connor what’s taking-” I turned to the voice to see April standing in the doorway looking slightly surprised. “Oh hey.”
“Hey,” I gave her a small wave and a fake smile.
She returned my fake smile. I really didn’t like anything about the girl. She had fake blonde hair, a really narrow nose and probably fake blue eyes. Yeah fake, contacts I’m sure of it. But I could just be extremely catty, which I really don’t like. I would hope I was better than that.
“How are you?” she asked even though I knew she didn’t really care.
“I’m good, you,” I said as the tension filled the room.
“Great,” she said with a large smile.
“Well I better go back to Rory,” I turned to Connor who was patting down the counter not really looking at April and I, “Got some Wiggles watching to do.”
“Sounds exciting,” April said sarcastically.
I forced another smile and nodded and than walked out of the room as April entered. She gave me a bitter smile as I passed.
“What time are we suppose to go to Sam’s?” I heard April ask Connor as I fully stepped out of the kitchen.
I stopped for a second as one thought crept into my mind. No fracking way.
“So you knew all his friends were going to be there,” Lily asked her extremely slutty friend Crystal.
“Yes I did,” Crystal said with her back to Lily as she went through Lily’s closest.
I sighed loudly, still not getting why I had decided to come. I was taking the 7:45 train to Greenfield tonight and it was already 5:45. It would take two hours to get there and I was just hoping that Destiny wasn’t sleeping by then. But if she was a good little prophet she would know I was coming so I assumed she was going to keep herself entertained by listening to some swing music on that futuristic device she calls a radio.
Lily looked at with a frown, “Okay I know. I shouldn’t care. Much more important things going on in this world than drama with my ex-boyfriend.”
“Much more important things,” I nodded.
“But it’s going to be so awkward,” she whined, “I rather spend a night having tea with Sin-” she paused and looked to Allie, who was on Lily’s computer and than Crystal who was still going through her closest, “With a sinner.”
“Later baby,” Crystal looked back at Lily and winked. I rolled my eyes.
“What exactly are you looking for?” Lily asked Crystal getting up from her bed.
“Some clothes for you to wear,” Crystal said still not turning around.
“I was going to wear my white collared shirt and my khaki skirt.”
“You’re ex-boyfriend’s going to be there,” Crystal turned to Lily, “You have to dress-”
“Like a whore?” I cut in.
“Yes,” Crystal pointed to me and than turned to Lily. “Make him regret breaking up with you. You also have to hook up with some random guy, preferably a real hottie.”
“Not a random guy,” Megan chimmed in from next to me, “Someone Connor doesn’t like.” I gave Megan a disapproving glance and she shrugged, “What? That’s how you have to do it.”
“I’m really upset I can’t come tonight,” I said dryly, “But I’ll probably just be able to see what happens anyway on the next episode of One Tree Hill.”
“Ew,” Lily frowned at me as she walked back over to the bed, “I hate that show.”
“The best way to get over a guy is to make sure he knows that you are living your life just fine without him,” Megan began, “You also have to make him jealous and that where hooking up with another guy helps.”
Or,” I began, “You can be a mature adult and not do that.”
“I think I’ll go with Cassie’s idea,” Lily frowned, “I just don’t make out with random guys.”
“News to me,” Crystal said as she went back to looking through the closet, “Do you have anything slutty?”
“Ew no,” Lily shook her head.
“What’s in the box?” Crystal asked.
“Old clothes,” Lily replied.
Crystal sighed loudly and than went “Oh” and took out a short black dress, “What about this.”
“That’s like four years old and doesn’t fit me. It should be in the box,” Lily frowned, “I really need to do some spring cleaning…in November.”
“It’s perfect,” Crystal said handing Lily the dress.
Lily rolled her eyes and dropped it to the ground. She turned to Megan, “Did Josh say when he’s coming.”
“Soon,” Megan said, “And I have to leave for my aunt’s soon. Sucks that I can’t go to the party with you guys.”
“You’re going to hang out with the boys later?” Allie asked from the computer.
“Yeah, after my aunts. I don’t know where they’ll be though.”
I sighed loudly again.
“Sorry Cassie,” Lily looked to me, “What do you want us to talk about?”
“Nothing that these two geniuses would ever comprehend,” I said nodding over to Crystal and Allie.
“Hey I’m hot,” Crystal shrugged, “Who needs brains when you get my ass, boobs and face.”
“God I hope I’m there in your forties,” I smirked at Crystal and got up and began to walk towards the door, “I should go.”
“No come on,” Crystal walked towards me but I stepped back, “You have to party just a little bit.”
“And the boys are here,” Lily said looking at her cell phone. “They just texted me.”
I rolled my eyes as all the girls left Lily’s room. I was not and never have been interested in high school girl drama even before I became a mutant. None of that mattered too me and in the grand scheme of things didn’t matter in real life. Allie and Crystal will just end marrying some man, pop out some babies and get fat. Nothing that happens in high school will change that for them. It’s destiny. As for my destiny, well I was hoping to find out a little more about that tonight.

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