Monday, September 14th
The plus side to a mutant attack on your town? School gets cancelled. There is always a silver lining to every cloud, or at the very least every other cloud.
It was a good thing too, I couldn’t even sleep last night. I was too busy thinking about the Hellions and how exactly we’d be dealing with them. None of it was exactly good. They had a large advantage over us. They knew exactly who we were, our names, how we use our cell phones to put up an image inducer for costumes. Each one had a power that seemed to be tailor made to fight us. I fought Mimic, who if it wasn’t obvious enough, seemed to be able to mimic other mutants powers. Cassie fought a girl named Psylocke, who was a powerful telepath and telekinetic who also seemed to be a pretty good fighter. Cory fought both a girl calling herself Elemental, who seemed to have powers similar to her name and a girl named Mercury, who was made up of….mercury. Lily had to fight the giant rockman, Rockslide and a kid who could multiply himself, Multiple Man. Luckily thanks to a slip up by Rockslide, we knew Multiple Man’s name. Jamie Madrox, a boy Cassie tutored.
Still, knowing one of their names isn’t exactly evening the field. They seem to know everything about us, including Cerebro as they were undetectable. It wasn’t good but still, I had to think of something to do.
The attack last night definitely was not going to make the heightened mutant-human tension lessen any time soon. This attack would be bad normally but when we have William Stryker, a former Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. acting as our Dean of Discipline, it makes everything even worse. There have always been rumors of things like DNA testing in schools, and I can’t help but feel like with Stryker being at our school, that is more likely to happen.
I finally fell asleep around six, after finally formulating what I thought would be some good plans. I was kind of surprised with myself. I am never really the formulating of plans type, but after everything that happened last year, with each of us almost dying at least once, I knew I had to change that. I needed to start acting like a leader.
I woke up at around one, then headed to the warehouse where I told the others to meet me at two. I gave Ororo all my ideas and she seemed to be pretty on board with it. Ororo knew what she was doing, so her putting her trust me made me feel like I wasn’t actually doing such a bad job.
I waited patiently in the main room of the warehouse, sitting in a folding chair which was facing a large couch that Ororo and Forge had moved in way back in the day. The others all walked in at the same time. My eyes immediately travelled to Lily. She didn’t look as depressed as I thought she would. She didn’t exactly look bubbly either. I decided not to call Megan. I didn’t really need her for this and I’d rather she not be involved with any of this. She’ll probably be mad at me later, but I’ll live.
All three took a seat on the couch and Cassie looked at me with a raised eyebrow, “Why are you sitting there?”
“I have plans,” I replied.
“Oh,” Cassie frowned, “Joy.”
“Hello, all,” Ororo said walking back into the room, “How are you all feeling?”
“Great!” Cory replied happily, “No school!”
“Yes,” Ororo grimaced, “I guess many people are scared right now.”
“Not really,” Cassie replied, “Most kids think of this mutant attack as a good thing now.”
“Yeah, I’m not even sure about the adults,” I added and turned my head to Ororo, “My mom was more concerned if I ever hung out with that kind of crowd.”
“So,” Cassie’s brown eyes started to scan and she crossed her arms and legs, “Your plan?”
“Oh right,” I said getting up from my seat. I rubbed my hands against the side of my legs nervously. These people were literally my harshest critics and I just wanted things to go easy, but I knew with someone as stubborn as Cassie and some as , well to be it nicely, as slow as Cory, easy isn’t something that often happens.
“Okay,” I rubbed the side of my neck nervously, “First I think it’s time that we get code names.”
The three gasped.
“Yeah, I know,” I shook my head, “It sucks but we don’t have a choice. It’s dangerous not having them-”
“These people knew who we were,” Cassie, of course, interrupted me, “Every bad guy seems to know who are.”
“Yeah,” I nodded, “That’s true but we still need them.”
“Well…” Cassie bit her lip and looked like she was trying to think of something, “We can’t right now though. I mean Lily is so emotional and something like codenames shouldn’t be thought of…in emotional times…”
I looked at her unconvinced then turned to Lily who was looking at Cassie confused. When she noticed my eyes on her, her eyes widened and she started to nod, “I’d cry.”
I rolled my eyes and sighed, putting a hand on my forehead and taking in a deep breath.
“Maybe,” Ororo put a hand on my shoulder, “Maybe we could give everyone time to think of the codename that best suits them. Last time it was a bit rushed, and well, that seemed to be a mistake.”
“I don’t even remember my codename,” Cory chimed in.
“Fine,” I sighed again, “Fine. Think it over.”
“What about you?” Cassie smirked at me, “I mean, did you think of a codename?”
I frowned, “No. I was hoping you guys would help but now that I’m saying that out loud I realized how stupid that sounds.”
The three nodded in agreement.
“Alright next,” I turned to Cory, “Tomorrow you need to go to Stryker and tell him you’re ready to talk mutant hate with him,”
Cory looked at me at me confused. I was beginning to think he forgot that Stryker had given him a calling card, if he wanted to talk about mutants. He chose Cory because his brother had been killed over eight years ago after a mutant lost control over his powers. Stryker went to Lily too, because as far as Stryker knew Magneto killed Lily’s parents in a plane crash.. He thought Cory and Lily would be prime candidates from what would seem like a mutant haters club.
“I’m not sure if I could do that,” Cory frowned.
“Sure you can,” I looked at him confused, “It isn’t that hard. Just say that after last night’s attack, you are really angry or something.”
“No,” Cory shook his head, “I get that, but I’m saying I’m not sure I have the time. I have that gig coming up Saturday.”
“Yeah,” he nodded, “Remember, Lily’s boyfriend’s friend’s eighteenth birthday party.”
I looked to Lily and her face fell and looked down at the floor, her dark green eyes watering slightly.
“Cory,” I turned back to him, “That’s Saturday, today is Monday, you have the time.”
“No,” Cory repeated, “I need to concentrate on this, I can’t deal with going all Sydney Bristow on Stryker.”
“I think you could,” I said my voice raising a bit.
“No,” Cory repeated yet again, his own voice raising, “I can’t. What if he wants me to see me again? I have to practice every day after school for like, hours. I mean I’m going today in twenty minutes-”
“We have to practice,” I cut him off.
“You guys can,” He snapped at me, “All I’m asking is for one week off.”
“I’m not asking you to take on Sabretooth,” I said angrily, “All I’m asking is for you to go up to Stryker-”
“But I need to concentrate on Saturday,” Cory snapped.
“And we all know how hard concentrating is for him,” Cassie patted Cory on the back.
“I mean all those rich kids, this is a big deal for us,” Cory continued, ignoring Cassie, “I mean, this could get us more parties, which would get us more exposure and eventually one of these rich kids could have like, a music producer father-”
“This is sounding so realistic,” Cassie in faux upbeat tone.
“If any of you had some huge test, you’d be all okay with skipping,” Cory frowned, “Well this is my test, because we all know I’m hopeless in school.”
I sighed loudly and took in a deep breath, “Cory, it’s a simple task. If it leads to more, then we’ll think of something to avoid it, but you have to do this.” I paused and bit my lip, “It’s an order.”
Cory looked at me shocked and was about to open his mouth when Ororo stepped forward.
“Please, Cory,” she looked down at him with a kind smile, “You are free from training this week, I promise. We just need you to do this one thing for us. I know Saturday night is very important to you, but what about this? What about your friend’s safety? About figuring out what William Stryker wants? Isn’t that important too.”
Cory looked up at Ororo, his cheeks turning red, clearly embarrassed, “You’re right. I’m sorry. I’ll do it tomorrow.”
“Good,” Ororo smiled at Cory, “Thank you.”
She stepped back and gave me a nod to continue, but I wasn’t sure if I was up to anymore. I completely screwed up with Cory. I was way too bossy and too angry. I got into this whole argument with him while Ororo was able to handle it all like it was nothing.
I sighed and turned to Cassie, “You still tutor Jamie Madrox right?”
Cassie nodded, “I did. I mean, who knows after last night.”
“Well, try and call him.”
Cassie looked at me confused for a second then gave me an approving nod, “You want me to try undercover? Get close to him like he is getting close to me?”
“Right,” I nodded, “Don’t let him know you know who he is.”
“I’ll try,” she replied.
That went way better then I thought it would. She was probably just going easy on me after my argument with Cory, but then again as stubborn as she is, Cassie seems to have learned to be a team player and actually take advice from me. Cory on the other hand, whenever I give him an order or make a suggestion involving anything to do with our mutant life, he has a freak out. I don’t understand the kid sometimes.
“Alright,” I said moving on “Well I think we should all be on the look out. We don’t know who the other Hellions are and we know that at least three of them can go undercover and four if this Rockslide guy can turn back to normal.”
“Great,” Cory muttered, “More betrayal. Party.”
“Yeah,” I sighed, “Well that’s it I guess. I guess the girls and I will train-”
“What about me?” Lily interrupted me.
I turned to her surprised. She had been so silent this whole time, so un-Lily like, I had almost forgotten about her. But really, I didn’t have something for her to do. I could have had her go to Stryker but for whatever reason, I was trusting Cory with this. Lily had too much personal stake in her talk. Magneto, her father, was such a sore subject for her.
“I have nothing for you as of now,” I smiled, “So you get to relax.”
“Oh,” she frowned, “Okay.”
“Hey,” Cory looked over to Lily, “Are you going to the party Saturday?”
“Cory,” Cassie sighed under breath. “Shut up.”
“What?” Cory shrugged, “I’m just wondering. I mean, I was really nervous so I was hoping at least one of you would be there. She is the only one with an invite so-”
“If you want me to go,” she said giving a small smile, “I’ll….” she seemed to be struggling to get the words out, “I’ll go.”
Cory smiled, “I mean come on, you can avoid Connor if you have too. Just stay back with me and the other groupies.”
“Oh, yay,” she muttered.
“God I’m so sad I was invited to the rich white girl’s party,” Cassie said in a overly melodramatic tone, “Life is so harsh.”
“Don’t be jealous,” Cory said getting up, “There are going to be some pretty important people at this party.”
Cassie looked at amused, “Like who?”
“Well, okay me,” he said giving a wide smile, “And uh…Senator Kelly’s daughter.”
“Senator Kelly’s daughter?” I looked at him surprised.
“Yeah,” Lily answered, “She is Rebecca’s, the girl whose party it is, best friend from sleep away camp.”
“So Magneto’s daughter and Senator Kelly’s daughter’s are going to be at the same party?” A smile crossed my face, “For some reason that amuses me.”
“It might mean something,” Cassie folded her arms, “I mean, it just seems like asking for evil party crashers.”
Tuesday, September 15th
Back to school. It was a nice three day weekend. Sure, Sunday wasn’t exactly the most peaceful day, but if every weekend was going to be judged on whether a mutant attacked us or not, we’d hardly ever have a good weekend.
I might have even stayed home from school if I didn’t have talk to Stryker but I had responsibilities and all that crap. The almighty Josh said I could go to Stryker’s office whenever I thought was best but it was really up to me what time I went. He was really beginning to annoy me.
No one in school was really talking about the carnival that much. Just little mentions here and there. No one seemed that concerned about it. Cassie says people are way too self absorbed and in their own little worlds to care about real problems. I’m not sure if that’s true, but I wasn’t spending much time thinking about it. All my thoughts were on Saturday. It was a big night for my band. The party was at this really nice club and we’re pretty much supposed to play for the majority of the night. It was going to be a lot of work, but it was going to be worth it. Plus, because they are all rich, the club hardly even cares that they are going to be drinking. We’ll be surrounded by drunk girls who just love musicians. Cory gonna get some!
I decided to go to Stryker’s around third period because that way I could get out of Algebra.
I walked into the administrative office and made my way to the door that had Stryker’s name on it. I wasn’t too nervous. This guy really couldn’t do anything bad to me, not in school. I knocked on his door.
“Come in,” his rough, but proper southern voice replied.
I opened my door and stuck my head in. Stryker was standing behind his desk, his suitcase opened.
“Hi, Mr. Stryker,” I walked in and then closed the door behind me.
“Mr. Ricci,” he smiled at me, “Here for tardiness I presume?”
“Oh no,” I shook my head, “I’m here about uh…Sunday.”
Stryker looked at me surprised. His gray eyes started to scan me and I shifted uncomfortably.
“Yeah,” I continued, trying not to stare him directly in the eyes, “Sunday brought up feelings. Angry feelings, you know.”
“Of course,” Stryker said closing his brief case, “I would ask you to take a seat but I’m in a rush.”
“Oh,” I looked at surprised.
“I know how you feel though, Cory,” he walked over to me and put a hand on my shoulder. My skin crawled, “You lost your brother because of them. And that horrible cowardly attack on Sunday was just a reminder of what they did to you.”
“Yeah,” I nodded getting comfortable. I was now able to actually look Stryker in the face but not the eyes, “Thosebastards.”
“I’ll be away for about a week,” Stryker picked up his briefcase, “I only had to come in today to take care of some business but when I come, I hope to speak to a few other students and then I’ll let you know when our support group will meet.”
“Right,” I nodded. I was kind of surprised at how easy this was. I hardly had to do any work and he wasn’t even going to talk to me today. I could concentrate completely on my band. But why did I feel like I needed to do more?
“Well,” Stryker looked at me, “I have to catch my plane.”
I tried to think of something to stop him but he had put a hand on my shoulder and was basically leading me out of his office.
“Uh-” I tried to think of something to say.
“I’ll see you next week Mr. Ricci,” he smiled at me, “Now get to class, Miss. Dawn will write you a hall pass.”
With that he walked away from me, waving at the secretaries, one of whom was Miss Dawn.
Frowning I went up for my hall pass. I didn’t learn much, so I wasn’t sure if it was a success. But really, it wasn’t a failure. I’m pretty I’m in his evil little support group. So…yay…
I never realized how long the days were. As emo as that sounds, it’s true. The days seemed to suddenly have gotten longer for me. I don’t think it’s because I’m depressed or anything, because I sort of am, but I deal, worse has happened to me than my boyfriend maybe breaking up with me. I haven’t talked to him since Sunday so I’m not sure if its official or anything. And sure, it really hasn’t even been that long but it feels like it has. Waiting for him to call, to talk to me, that’s what’s making the days feel longer. I want to know what’s going to happen. I want to know if he still wants to be with me. The not knowing is like torture.
At the end of what felt like a twenty-four school day, I met Cassie at her locker. We were going to walk home together and finally talk about Connor. Sunday was obviously not a good night and Monday we all slept in until late then trained and then she had to take a college course, and by night she was too tired to come to my house. Cory was too busy with his band to come talk to me, and well he wouldn’t be the person I talk to anyway, and I don’t even want to get started on Josh. He’s too busy with school, Megan, or Derek and his other friends, or coming up with new ideas to deal with the bad guys and our mutant problems. I’m not going to bother him.
Cassie knelt down, putting books in her bag when I leaned back against the locker next to hers.
“Ready to go?”
She closed her bag, looked up at me and nodded, “Yup.” She put her arm under the bag strap and stood up, “You know who is a big bitch?”
“Betsy Braddock,” I replied automatically. Cassie hated Betsy Braddock because she was like, totally taking away her best student in school award, and I actually heard she was a pretty big bitch. Maybe even bigger than Cassie, which of course Cassie was having one hell of a time dealing with.
“She flirts with my Physics teacher, that’s the only reason she got a better grade then me,” she muttered slamming her locker shut.
“Hey,” Josh’s familiar voice called out to us, thankfully stopping Cassie from going on another Betsy Braddock rant.
Josh walked up to Cassie, his backpack on his pack, his eyes were red like he had not been sleeping. He gave me a small wave then looked to Cassie.
“Any luck with Madrox yet?”
Cassie frowned and shook her head, “No, I called him last night, left a voicemail on his phone to call me and he didn’t. So I sent him a text early today got nothing, and then called him during fifth period because I know he has lunch then and again he didn’t answer. He hasn’t been on AIM..or well he’s blocked me.”
“Great,” Josh muttered, his face falling.
“Well I’m not going to contact him again, not for at least another week,” Cassie went on, “He’ll suspected something if I do. If I can’t make contact with him in two weeks I think going to his house as a concerned friend would work.”
“Or he’d think you’re a stalker,” I muttered under my breath so no one could hear.
I took the fact that Josh didn’t give me anything to do was that he wasn’t exactly trusting me with anything right now. Maybe he thinks I’m too fragile or maybe after what happened with my father he just thinks that I can’t handle it or I’d screw up. I’m not going to argue with him. I just don’t have the energy to get into it and have someone else mad at me.
“Well I’m going to go get some pizza,” Josh said sighing a bit, “You guys want to come?”
“You’re going with Derek and company right?” Cassie said feigning interested.
Josh looked at her hesitantly , “…Yes.”
“Okay sure, just let me call Paris and Nicole and tell them I’ll be late. I’m going to meet them at the Metropolitan Museum of Art at four,” she smiled and tilted her slightly, then turned from him and grabbed me by the arm, “Bye, Josh.”
Cassie started to walk away still holding on to my arm, dragging me along with her. I gave Josh a wave goodbye.
I ripped my arm from Cassie’s grasp as we made our way outside. The weather outside was pretty nice, a slight breeze, the last remaining bits of summer was still in the air, the sky was still blue and the clouds all white. I liked it. Most miserable people hate shiny bright days and can’t take the time to enjoy it, I’m not like that. I can’t be completely miserable, it isn’t in me.
Cassie and I descended the steps of the school, not really talking. I wasn’t sure how to start it off, or even if Cassie was the right person to talk to this about. Maybe I should have talked to Ororo, she’s older than I am, but she at least might have had experiences with relationships. Cassie had never had, or wanted, a boyfriend. I can’t exactly imagine her with a boyfriend. I feel bad for whoever he is though. Poor guy…
“So,” Cassie said as we crossed the street, “Are we going to talk?”
I sighed, “Yeah…I mean..I guess.”
Cassie frowned at me, “You’ve been really silent lately. I thought I’d appreciate it but lo and behold, I’m worried.”
“I know,” I frowned as we started down the block, “I just…haven’t really been in a great mood.”
“That’s obvious,” she gave me a small smile.
“I just…I should have told him,” I said, a lump in my throat forming, “It was so stupid of me not too.”
“No, it wasn’t,” Cassie shook her head, “I think he’s being unreasonable. It’s not like he can relate. Our secrets are dangerous and there are really just so many people we could trust.”
“I trust him,” I said immediately, “I really do.”
“No,” she replied matter-of-factly, “You don’t. If you did, you would have told him.”
“I was just afraid to-” I began.
“So, you didn’t trust him.”
“No, I didn’t say that-”
“Yes,” she cut me off again, “You did. You were afraid to tell him. And why were you afraid to tell him?”
I looked down at the ground, my eyes watering slightly, “Because I thought he’d reject me.”
“And what does that say?” she said slowly.
I didn’t answer her, instead I continued to look down at the ground.
“What I am trying to say,” Cassie’s voice soften, “Is that you did nothing wrong. You didn’t trust him but you had every right not to trust him. We’re super heroes, people want to kill us, we seem to get betrayed at least once a month, so he should expect you not to trust him. Plus with you, you’re father killed your mom and betrayed you, if you never trust a guy again it would be completely understandable.”
“Yeah,” I sighed, “That’s exactly what I want.” I shook my head, “I trust people…I do. I mean, that’s my problem isn’t it? That’s why my dad took advantage of me, because I trust too much.”
“Well yeah,” Cassie frowned, “There’s that.”
“So, why couldn’t I trust Connor?” I looked at Cassie. “I had seven months to tell him and I didn’t but I freaking trust my father!”
“Yeah…” Cassie sounded uncertain and looked at me like I was some sort of puzzle, “I don’t get you.”
I let out a small whimper, “I’m hopeless. I mean, it’s like I wanted this to happen.”
“Well…” Cassie said, looking ahead like she deep in thought, “Your father and Connor are two complete different people.”
“I would hope.”
“And,” she began, “Your father represents a life you want, and Connor represents a life you already have. When you looked at your father, all you saw was something you wanted, something that was practically unattainable. You wanted his acceptance, you wanted him to be a good guy, to be one of us. You wanted him to be your dad. So you threw caution to the wind to get what you want, you knew you shouldn’t trust him but you did, just so you could finally have some sort of pseudo-normal family.”
I looked at her surprised, she was sort of making sense.
“For Connor,” she continued, sounding more and more confident by the second, “You had everything. He loved you, you loved him. You were part of his life and he was a part of yours. He has that perfect family you so want, he’s totally your type, cute, smart, funny, good family priorities and patient with the mentally ill. He accepted you for you…or who he thought was you. He didn’t know you were a mutant, and you didn’t want to tell him. Which was the one thing which stood in your way, the one thing which prevented you from being totally happy. So it kept nagging at you, but you ignored it because you were afraid, you were cautious because you had everything you wanted, so why risk it?”
“Uh huh,” I nodded slowly, feeling a bit lost. “So…I trusted him?”
“Not really,” Cassie answered, “You were too afraid to. But you weren’t afraid to trust your dad because you want to ignore the truth about him to try and obtain your fake happy family, your judgment was too clouded by your need to have everything be happy and perfect. Same with Connor, if you would have really thought about it, instead being afraid that he’d leave you would have realized he could be trust worthy and that he’d have loved you either way. Just like if you would have really thought it through with your father, you would have realized he was a crazy murderer and not exactly father of the year material. ”
“Okay,” I nodded again, “So…my problem is?”
“Is that you want things to be a certain way, everything to be perfect, which clouds your judgement,” Cassie answered me, a large smile on her face. She was clearly very proud of herself, “You want the perfect happy life, with the boyfriend and the two dads and the best friends forever-ness.”
“What’s wrong with that?” I asked her angrily.
“That’s not the real world,” Cassie’s words sounded crueler then she probably meant them to.
I looked away from her. Everything she said was right, but I still didn’t see what was wrong with it. Sure, it wasn’t the real world, but aren’t we supposed to strive for things like that?
“Wow,” Cassie sounded breathless, “That was pretty impressive of me. I know my parents would probably kill me, but maybe I should try psychology. I mean if I can begin to figure your crazy out, who knows what else I can do!” She looked to me, her face glowing with excitement, “Let’s try to figure out why you’re such a prude!”
So we walked and she talked, trying her best to figure me out. We didn’t really talk about Connor at all, except in terms of why I wouldn’t let him touch me. By the time we had gotten to my house Cassie was annoyed with me for not being more forthcoming.
“How are we ever supposed to figure out what the hell is wrong with you if you don’t share with me your deepest sexual fantasies?” she whined as we arrived at my door.
“I don’t have any,” I responded, scrunching my nose and looking at her like she was crazy. “Do you?”
She looked at me for a second and I quickly shook my head.
“Don’t answer, I have enough nightmares.”
She rolled her eyes, “Yeah, yeah.”
“Well,” I said putting my key in my lock, “I’m kind of tired. So I’ll see you at five, right? Training?”
“Yeah,” she sighed, “Whoopie.”
I gave her a small smile and opened my door.
“Lily,” Cassie said, putting a hand on my arm, “You didn’t do anything wrong, I just want you to realize that. It’s better not to trust people, I mean, obviously look what happened with Jamie, and Gaia, and Tricia..and the list goes on and it will only get bigger.”
“I know,” I sighed, “It sucks.”
She moved forward embracing me in a hug, “If he loves you, he’ll forgive you.”
“I know,” I said, placing my head on her shoulder.
Cassie released and stepped back, “If not, his loss.”
“Yeah,” I smiled brushing my hair back a bit.
She smiled then began to turn, “I’ll see you later.”
She turned around fully and headed down the stairs. I frowned, stepping inside my house and closing the door, feeling exhausted and not much better then I had before. At least I sort of knew why I would trust my father over Connor. But still, I couldn’t help feeling like it wasn’t wrong to try and make the world perfect…
I leaned back on my door, closing my eyes and taking in a deep breath. Suddenly my cell phone rang, playing Keane’s Somewhere Only We Know. Yeah it’s mushy but it’s Connor’s ring tone, so I felt it fit.
My eyes shot open, the realization of who was calling me set in. I looked down at my slick, black phone, my heart pounding. Closing my eyes again and taking in another deep breath, wishing for something good to happen, I answered my phone.
“Hey,” I said lower then I intended too.
“Uh, hey,” he replied, his voice sounding a bit shaky but still welcome.
I opened my eyes, pressing the phone harder against my ear, “How are you?”
“I’m..uh..fine,” He answered. There was a long pause of uncomfortable silence as I moved over to my couch and took a seat. “So…”
“So…” I brushed a stand of long brown hair behind my free ear.
“So, Saturday,” he started speaking quickly, “Are you, uh going?”
“Umm,” I said a bit confused. Was he trying to see if I was going because he wanted me to go? Or was he asking so he could then suggest I shouldn’t go?
“Because Rebecca really wants you to go, she told me to tell you,” he continued quickly and I felt suddenly very light headed. So he wanted me to go, or, well, Rebecca did. “But you don’t have to…I mean…if you don’t want to.”
“Cory wants me too,” I replied, “I guess he wants me to be his groupie.”
“Oh,” he said sounding surprised.
“The sex-free kind of course,” I added cringing.
“I didn’t think you’d be any other kind.” He laughed a bit and my heart beat faster.
“So…” I began slowly, “Yeah so I’m going…”
“Okay,” he replied, “That’s cool. How are you getting there?”
“Well I was going to go with Cory,” I began intending to put in a but.
“Oh,” Connor said before I could finish up, “So you’re going to go to the party with Cory.”
“Um, well,” I began, “I-”
“So,” He cleared his throat then quickly continued, “I’ll see you there then.”
“Connor-” I began but it was too late.
“I’ll see you Saturday,” he cut me off.
“I love you,” I told him out of habit and not completely intentionally.
“Yeah,” he muttered, “I’ll talk to you later.”
My heart dropped as I heard him hang up on me. I looked down at my cell phone, trying to hold back tears. He just hung up on me. I don’t get it. Why did he get so weird when I mentioned Cory? Was he just being a boy or was he just trying to rush me off the phone? Boys are confusing.
I lay down on my couch, looking at my phone. There was one moment when the whole conversation wasn’t real or awkward. Where things sort of felt the same but everything else felt different. I felt like there was some giant wall between us, that we were miles apart. Okay, yeah, we literally were miles apart, but usually when we talk on the phone it doesn’t feel it. He has a way of making me feel right with him, we just talk about everything. I missed him. I know it had only been a little over a day and half but I missed and I would most likely not even get to see him until Saturday.
Saturday…ergh I still had to buy a dress.
Saturday, September 19th
It’s party time!
I shouldn’t say that. Lily got really annoyed with me since I’ve said that like ten times so far. We were driving to the club. She’s all nervous and uptight because of what’s going on with Connor but please, I’ve got real problems to worry about. I’m not really sure my band is ready for this test.
I looked to my bandmate, Parker in the driver’s seat and to my other bandmate, Henry in the seat beside him, both looked pretty pale. Jason, our lead singer and bass guitarist seemed the most calm. He always was. He was a cocky son of a bitch. Black hair, blue eyes, he should be in a boy band not ours. But damn, he was a good singer.
Lily was sitting between him and myself in the middle seat. She was wearing a casual white dress which went to about her knees. She was sitting with her long slender legs crossed, shifting impatiently. She looked pretty tonight. Her long, light brown hair was completely straightened and was right now all resting on one side of her shoulder, her dark green eyes seemed to be shining, maybe something to do with her make up or maybe because she was so excited.
Me, I was dressed in what Lily picked out for me. A khaki colored button down shirt which I didn’t have tucked in and a pair of blue jeans. Lily made me wear it! I didn’t want to! My brown hair was a bit of a mess. It was sticking up at all ends. It was getting long, especially on top, where it was curling slightly. I looked to Lily, winking at her so she could only see one of my green eyes. She smiled at me slightly then folded her arms and looked ahead. I could see the tension on her face. Man she needed to get drunk.
 We got to the club and my stomach started to go into knots. I had to take deep and steady breaths. I didn’t want to turn into…whatever I turn into when I get nervous. Having Lily there was nice, and she seemed to like it. She said we don’t hang out enough lately, I don’t see it. I think we hang out plenty. Still, having one of my best friends here made me feel a lot better and if it’s Lily, the most supportive one, its even better.
We were the first ones there, not even Rebecca, the birthday girl had arrived yet. When we walked into what I guess was the little lobby area, the guy in front brought us through this really long hall to what he said was one of the club’s nicer rooms. He told us this was one of the biggest clubs in the US and bragged and bragged.
But he had a lot to brag about. The room was pretty huge, it was sort of like the Bronze from Buffy, but a lot less warehouse looking and a lot more polished, night club look. There was even an indoor balcony which was sort of a second floor. Black couches and love seats were scattered about with white, circular coffee tables around them. There were high white tables and chairs too. In the middle was a very large dance floor and at the very front of that was the stage. Seriously…damn. This place is huge.
We took to setting up the stage immediately, Lily watching us bored, always taking a glance at the door. She had a telepathic conversation with Cassie at around 7:30, and after whispered to me that all was quiet in mutantsville. Cassie was going to spend the night with Cerebro, while Josh patrolled the street or skies, whatever. They were going to make sure these Hellions or anyone else, didn’t cause any havoc. As Josh said, things were bad enough.
At around eight, Rebecca finally arrived with about seven girlfriends, all very hot. Still none looked like Rebecca. Wavy red hair, bright green eyes, a pretty face and a hot as hell body with great boobs and a nice ass. When I voiced this to Lily she said I disgusted her but she clearly doesn’t realize what’s important in a good woman. When I voiced that to her she smacked me on the back of my head.
We made our meet and greets with all the girls. The only names I remembered were Tiffany, the hot blonde with the huge boobs and Amber the hot brunette with big boobs.
After that was done, the girls went to go get their drinks, dragging Lily along with them. She looked back to me, looking like she wanted to be saved but I thought it was best she let them get her drunk, or at least a little tipsy; apparently being rich had nothing to do with them being able to drink. One of their brothers owned a club. Still the only reason the brother owned the club was because his parents were rich. I would love to be rich and not so freaking poor. Though I could imagine my parents sending me to some boarding school in like, Switzerland, and that would suck.
“So, you guys almost set up?” Rebecca said, coming back with the girls, all with glasses in their hand, some with two. Rebecca handed me the extra glass in her hand. I took a sip of it. Vodka and coke. Lily walked over to me. She had what looked like coke, probably with some sort of rum or vodka in it. I doubt she’d even drink it.
“We’re basically done,” I said before Jason could say anything. He always tries to hook up with the hottest girls! Not this time!
“Good,” Rebecca smiled at me. She was wearing a short black dress which showed lots of cleavage, “Everyone should be here in like, thirty minutes.” She looked to Lily, “Where’s your boyfriend?”
Lily looked at her taken aback at first, “Uh…he’ll be here.”
“Good,” she smiled and rose up her drink, “Drink up, Benson!”
Lily gave a weak smile and gave me a sideways glance as she drank. I took another sip too, keeping my eye on Lily who looked like she wanted to be gone.
“BECCA!” A very loud, female voiced called out.
Rebecca shot around, a large smile on her face. I turned my head and saw the screamer. She was a girl with shoulder length dyed blonde hair and blue eyes. She wore a red dress and had this one necklace on which seemed to have a large diamond in the middle. Behind her was an older man of about fifty. He wore glasses, had graying brown hair and had a very clean shaven face. He wore a blue suit with a red striped tie. His blue eyes were scanning the room. It took me a while to recognize him though Lily elbowing me in the stomach constantly should have given it away.
“Georgia!” Rebecca screamed as she ran up to the girl named Georgia.
I looked to Lily who was staring at the man, her eyes wide.
“Hey, Mr. Kelly,” Rebecca looked to the man now and put the drink behind her back.
“No reason to hide it, Rebecca,” he said giving her a small smile, “I saw nothing. This is an impressive place. The Vanderbilt’s son’s own it, yes?”
“Yup,” Rebecca nodded as Georgia went by her side.
“Well I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday,” He said smiling down at Rebecca and reaching into his pocket, taking out a large pink envelope. “Spend it wisely.”
“Thank you,” Rebecca smiled brightly.
Senator Kelly smiled back and his eyes traveled over to the stage then back to the dance floor and slowly over to the group of kids, all looking at him. His eyes went over to Lily and I. His eyes seemed to stop on Lily on for a split second longer then the others but his facial expression didn’t change. He looked away from Lily and back to his daughter. He probably just stopped on her because she was the prettiest girl in here, though I guess I could be a bit biased.
“Well,” Senator Kelly looked to Rebecca and his daughter, “Be safe. I’ll see you tomorrow, George.”
“Georgia, dad,” his daughter corrected him, “I hate when you call me George.”
Senator Kelly smiled at his daughter, “Sorry.” He gave them a nod then walked off, heading to the doorway to the hallway to the lobby.
Georgia let out a loud sigh and turned around, “Sorry about that! He just had to come with me, such a pain in the ass.”
After that, we started to do some sound checking, the girls watching us. Jason already had his shirt off, as he usually does when we play. He likes to show off his six pac. I have a four pac, you don’t see me showing off. The girls were all watching our sound test, and I noticed Rebecca was eyeing me. Very nice…
There was about five minutes left until everyone else got here. I saw Lily take occasionally small sips of her drink. I was on my second, though I took a shot with a few of the girls. I couldn’t drink anymore though. I had to concentrate on the task at hand. Everything on stage was finished so were just hanging out with the girls now.
The girls went to go get another drink, though Lily stayed behind.
“You okay?” I asked looking at her concerned.
“Nervous,” she replied frowning.
“Hey, Lily,” Jason called out, “Is Crystal coming?”
“No,” Lily shook her head, “Crystal hooked up with Rebecca’s ex-boyfriend, so she’s a no-no.”
“Oh damn,” Jason sighed, “She’s such a nice piece of-”
“Spare me,” Lily interrupted rolling her eyes.
Suddenly a large commotion was coming from the stairs. Rebecca quickly ran over to us, motioning for us to get on stage.
It’s party time.

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