This couldn’t be happening.
Connor was looking at me, his face seemed to be frozen with…fear maybe? Disappointment? Shock? I don’t know. His hands were still on his ears from when I used my sonic scream to blast off the new evil that was Rockslide and Multiple Man, AKA, Jamie Madrox. Not that they are that evil. I mean Jamie asked his duplicates to be careful with me while Rockslide seems to a bit an oaf, accidently saying Jamie’s last name, which was how I was able to piece together that it was Jamie. Yes call me Veronica Mars. They seem to be sort of…I don’t know, my mind isn’t working. Everything feels so surreal right now. I’m looking at my boyfriend of over a year, a boy I’ve lied to about who I was for so long. I couldn’t lie anymore, he knew I was a mutant now.
“What are we waiting for!” I heard a Jamie scream, “Let’s get them!”
Without another thought I ran forward, grabbing the shocked Connor by the arm and dragging him along.
“Lil-Li,” he kept trying to get his words out but he couldn’t.
I ran as fast as I could, I could hear footsteps behind me. A lot of them, and the ground was shaking beneath me. Rockslide was running too. I didn’t know where to run, and when I saw a still standing booth, I threw myself and Connor behind it.
“Stay,” I told him crouching down as the footsteps inched closer.
“I-I,” he looked at me, his eyes were still wide and his mouth just kept opening and closing.
I felt another tear roll down my cheek as I got back up and ran out from behind the booth, just as the large group of Jamies and Rockslide arrived.
I punched a Jamie as hard as I could. The Jamie fell to the ground as another Jamie formed. One Jamie punched me on the side of the head and another Jamie followed.
“Gentle!” I heard a Jamie scream.
I stumbled slightly, my head hurt as I felt someone punch me in the stomach.
“I think that’s enough!” I heard a Jamie scream as another Jamie punched me in the face. There were so many, I could hardly gain my composure.
I felt some of the Jamie’s scatter away from me, but eight still stood around me. Another fist came my way, but I caught it this time, throwing the Jamie by the arm into two other Jamies as hard as possible. All three stayed on the ground as another three Jamies formed.
Another Jamie tried to hit me from behind, but I heard him coming and flipped over him, kicking him in the head as I did so. He collapsed, but yet another Jamie formed. Three Jamies came at me at the same time. One punched at me, but I ducked and elbowed him hard in the stomach, then grabbed him by the back of the neck and threw him to the ground. I did a back flip as another Jamie came for me, kicking him right under the chin and sending him to the ground as yet another Jamie appeared. As another Jamie ran at me, I sent a foot right into his stomach, I heard the crack of his ribs as another dupe appeared by his side. The Jamie with the cracked ribbed fell hard on the ground with a crash and yet another dupe formed.
“Enough!” I heard one Jamie bellow, the one who was off by the side screen. I looked. He was holding out his hands towards the Jamie’s, a desperate expression on his face but nothing was happening.
Two more dupes came at me, and I spun in the air, kicking both right in the head. They fell to the ground as two more dupes appeared as I landed on my feet. I got right back into the fighting position as more Jamies came at me. I did a roundhouse kick at one, punched another hard in the face, flipped one Jamie over, and threw him into another. It was useless. No matter how many Jamies I hit, more would appear, and they seemed to be getting more aggressive.
Two grabbed me by the arms and one punched me in the face then the stomach. I brought my arms together and the two Jamies collided, head first. Two more Jamies formed as another Jamie punched me very hard in the face. Another Jamie formed next to him and he also punched me right in the face. I stumbled and fell to the ground, as five Jamies stood over me. One kicked me hard in the face. My head was splitting me and my nose was bleeding.
“Enough of this!” I heard Rockslide’s deep voice say.
He hit the five Jamies away from me with his large rock hand and they went flying.
“HEY!” I heard the Jamie on the side screen.
The other Jamie’s all looked at Rockslide with anger but he ignored them, smacking them out of the way, sending them flying into the air.
“Rockslide!” I heard Jamie scream as I got back up.
“They’re just dupes!” Rockslide screamed at Jamie than looked back to me.
No more dupes were around me. They all seemed to be backing away from Rockslide.
I got into a fighting stance as Rockslide smiled.
“Game on!” He screamed running towards me.
You know, it all started so normally. I was just having fun with my girlfriend, we were on a ferris wheel, just you know, having a good old time, like teens in the fifties used to, until the ride suddenly stopped, all the lights went out and people down below tried to run as fast they could, to get out of the carnival. I was trying to figure out what the hell was going on when this guy in a blue suit flew up to Megan and I.
He tried to attack us. Megan was about to teleport us away before he crashed into us, but he seemed to have super speed and flight, and I think he was even able to control metal, as he made the guard rail come down on us. After I was grounded with Megan, I decided it would be a good idea to fly up at super speed to the guy and he decided to fly right at me. Well it wasn’t a good idea. We crashed and it hurt.
Both the blue suited guy and I fell to the ground at incredible speed, crashing with a loud thud. I rolled on to the ground.
I took a deep breath; I needed to pull myself together.
I got up, and looked to where the other guy fell. He wasn’t there.
A fist suddenly punched me on the side of the face. It was like being hit with a ton of bricks. I stumbled backwards, and within a split second another fist hit me, followed by another, and another, all at incredible speed. Another fist came my way in a flash, but I quickly put my hand up, blocking it and throwing the arm back.
My face was aching in pain. I could taste blood in my mouth. I looked to the blue costumed guy, he was smirking at me. I glared at him and wiped blood from my lip.
“Name’s Mimic,” he smirked at me.
“Ah, codenames,” I nodded with a frown, “I don’t know mine.”
“Wow, you sure are impressive,” Mimic replied dully. “Well, where were we?”
“You were just about to fly off into the sunset,” I gave a hopeful smile.
He looked at me for a second, a smile creeping over his face, “Nah.”
With that he ran at me with super speed, I took off too. We both collided again, but this time neither of us fell. Still at super speed, we threw punches at each other, never quite making contact. We kept blocking and dodging each other. I could go faster, I was probably only going about half of my top speed, not completely by choice. It was just hard for me to do it all at once. I was still learning, sadly. Pushing myself harder, one of my fists hit him right in the face, but I must have left myself open, and he kicked me hard in the stomach.
 We stumbled backwards, and I took this opportunity to fire a blast of kinetic energy at Mimic. It was no good, he zoomed out of the way of the blast and collided into me, shoulder first, right in the stomach. I heard my ribs crack as I fell to the floor.
He looked down at me with a smirk. He stomped his foot right into my stomach. I winced in pain and coughed up blood.
“Get off him.”
Megan appeared in a cloud of white smoke over Mimic’s head. She kicked him right on the side of the head, and he stumbled backwards. Megan teleported by my side and was going to teleport me away but I quickly darted up.
“Get away,” I looked at her, “Go make sure the civilians are safe, I’ll deal with this guy.”
“Oh, chivalry,” Mimic sighed, “Blah.”
“Are you-” Megan began angrily but I shook my head. I was about to move towards the guy when out of the corner of my eye I saw him run at super speed. Before I could stop him he kicked Megan hard in the stomach. Megan flew backwards, crashing hard on the ground. I looked at her shocked, as she didn’t get up.
Mimic smiled at me and shrugged, “Women.”
Anger surged through my body and my hand glowed blue with kinetic energy. With as much strength and speed as I could muster, I ran towards him and punched him hard in the stomach. Mimic flew backwards, crashing onto the ground with a thud.
My heart dropped.
Two identical Mimics appeared on the ground and both got up. The Mimic on the left, who staggered slightly as he got up, looked to the Mimic on the right.
“About time.”
The blonde girl in the purple looked down at me with a smirk. I tried to get up but I couldn’t. I felt like a giant invisible hand was holding me down. Her fist was glowing with purple energy as it came down towards me.
It collided right into a yellow telekinetic shield and the girl was thrown back. The yellow and purple seemed to wrap around each other and collapsed towards me. The energy seemed to imploded and it burnt my face slightly.
I quickly got up just as the girl did. She looked at me through her purple butterfly mask with a smile.
I reached for my cell phone, to put on the image inducer as my costume, but it didn’t work.
“Yeah, we took care of that,” the girl spoke with a British accent, “No costume for you. Which is good, because really, I don’t think it flatters your shape.”
“Oh, and the purple works so well on you,” I looked over her. “I could only imagine your name.”
“Psylocke,” the girl smirked.
“Oh, yikes,” I replied with a frown. My face still burned, but I wouldn’t let the pain show, “Well Psylocke, you are very brave. Staying in costume while you disable mine. Bravo!”
“Oh, Cassie Eaton,” Psylocke laughed and chills went done my spin. She knew my name….“We just want to show you we know how you are, and we know how you do the things you do. You, on the other hand, no nothing about us.”
“I know you’ve obviously raided Cher’s wardrobe,” I replied trying not to show how horrified I was, “And that means your in trouble.”
“Oh, Cassie,” Psylocke shook her head slowly, “Snark all you want, I’ m still going to kick your ass.”
She threw out her hand and I threw out mine. Yellow and purple energy collided with each other in mid-air. The yellow and purple energies flattened against each other and disappeared in a wave. I threw out both hands this time and a large wall of yellow energy shot towards the purple costumed girl. The girl put up her hands and a purple wall shot towards me. The walls collided and began to expand against each other. I began to push back the wall with my mind and Psylocke seemed to be doing the same. I began to feel like someone was weighing me down and it was getting harder and harder to stand. With a huge push, I threw out my hands and yellow began to push the purple wall back. Psylocked pushed hard too. They hit with and formed and exploded, forming a large circular wave of purple and yellow energy which spread outwards and hit both Psylocke and I. We both flew back, landing on the ground at opposite ends.
I began to try and get up, but again I felt the invisible hand. I looked up to see Psylocke walking towards me, her hand out. I threw up a shield, but I felt it crash around me immediately. Psylocke was looking down at me again, her hand once again glowing purple and once again moved her fist down to punch. And this time her punch landed.
I stared up at both girls, a bit shocked. The blonde girl in the yellow costume was twirling her finger in the air, a small ball of fire circling around it. The red haired girl in the black outfit with red strips had the weirdest skin. It was a silver liquid and seemed to shimmer slightly, and her eyes seemed to be pure white and pupil-less. I looked around the booth, seeing burn marks on the roof. It was on fire moments ago, but then it just disappeared. I know I didn’t do it.
“So, uh are you going to do something or just stare?” the blonde girl looked down at me with a bored expression.
I stuck up a hand and fireball shot out of my hand. The blonde girl yawned and the fireball flattened, disappearing completely. I looked at her surprised.
“Look at the dopey little face, Mercury,” the girl looked down at me with a smirk, “I kind of just wanna pinch his cheeks.”
Fire came over my body as I threw a fireball at the girl. She laughed as the fireball extinguished in mid-air.
“He’s not a quick learner, is he,” Mercury frowned.
I got up and threw another fireball and then another but the blonde girl looked at me with a smirk and the balls just disappeared. I was starting to get angry and I felt the flames on my body grow larger. I put out a hand and a large stream of fire flew out from my hand and began to circle around the blonde girl. The girl rose her hands and the flames started to spin even faster around her. She put her hands together and the flames disappeared yet again. She next pointed to me and the flames went out around me like someone had blown out the candles of a birthday cake.
“Hey,” I looked at my now normal hand and then back up to girls, “How-”
“You and I have something in common,” the blonde girl smiled, fire formed her hands, “And we both think we rock.”
I heard the cracking of wood beneath and suddenly the land I was standing on rose up. I was thrown off my feet as a large piece of earth floated above me.
“I know, I know,” the blonde girl said, “Zing!”
The earth broke apart and dirt hit my face. I heard a thud as the earth fell to the ground as small pieces of rock floated in the air.
I tried getting up but three small rocks smacked me on the side of my head.
“Ouch” I screamed loudly as I turned to steel.
“Your turn, Mercury,” the blonde girl nodded to her friend with her head.
“I got it, Exquisite Elemental,” Mercury said and her arm expanded. As her gloved arm smacked me in the face I heard the blonde girl say.
“Let’s just use Elemental,” the blonde girl sighed.
I stumbled slightly but regained my footing as Mercury expanded her whole body towards me. I threw out a punch but her body twisted out of the way and she smacked me hard on the side of the face, and then followed it with another smack.
“That’s it!” I said as my body turned into electricity. I fired a burst at Mercury, but again she twisted out of the way, I throw another burst and she twisted again and smacked me on the side of my face hard. It hurt like hell, so my body turned to steel again.
“Damn,” I cursed, I hated my lack of control over my powers. Fire came overr my body again.
“Ergh!” Elemental looked at me annoyed, “When will you learn!”
My body turned to flesh. Elemental pointed at me and I was suddenly lifted into the air by a large gust of wind. I was twirling around like I was in a tornado. I was feeling sick. I felt a sudden large pull and I was thrown out of the vortex, and right through the wooden wall of the booth. I landed hard on the dirty ground, my head spinning slightly. I was in my flesh form and I couldn’t exactly figure out what to turn into next. Nothing seemed to be working.
Mercury ran next to me, her liquid, silver skin shimmering. I slowly got just as she threw an arm at me. I quickly dodged out of the way and then punched her right in the face . A strange feeling started to come over me.
“Oh no!” the girl grabbed her face and looked at me horrified, “You shouldn’t have touched me!”
I looked my hands. My fingers were slowly turning into the same liquid silver color of Mercury’s skin. It all seemed be to slowly spreading over my whole hand. I felt like something was crawling up my other hand. I quickly looked to it, it too was turning into-
“Mercury,” the girl named Mercury looked at me sadly, “You don’t have long…”
“Huh?” I said as it spread faster and faster. I felt it crawl over my body. It was like some weird lotion being rubbed on my skin. It slowly started to creep up to my neck, up my chin and finally over my whole face.
Mercury looked at me, her mouth opened.
I looked down at my hands and arms, all of it Mercury. I opened and closed my fingers, they seemed to be lighter than air. I pulled my own finger and it started to stretch.

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