September 10th
One year. That’s the amount of time Connor and I have been dating. It seems crazy that it’s been that long. It’s really felt like so much longer, but not in a bad way, but in, like, the most perfect way possible.
It was the perfect night. Connor and I had dinner at some extremely fancy restaurant in the city. We were all dressed up and groomed nicely. He wore a fancy black suit, with a white undershirt, and I wore a nice casual white dress and these great white heels. My light brown hair was a bit wavy, while his hair was short and freshly cut. His green eyes seemed to be brighter than ever. He looked so handsome, and I couldn’t take my eyes off him or stop smiling. He also couldn’t stop looking at me, it was really sweet.
We decided that we could give gifts at the end of the night, so that if we both gave really sucky gifts that it wouldn’t be a buzz kill on the whole night. I was very excited after we go to my house and walked onto my porch, taking a seat on my swinging bench that I forced my dad to buy this summer. After I sat down, I took a quick glance over to my front door. That’s where we kissed for the first time. I looked to Connor and noticed he was looking at the same exact spot. I smiled and then leaned in and kissed him gently to get his attention.
He smiled as he kissed me back than looked back over to the front door, “I was just remembering that first time we kissed, well you kissed me. You were so forward.” He sighed, “I miss that girl.”
I laughed and smacked him on the arm. He winced and rubbed his arm.
“Okay,” I said happily, “It’s present giving time.”
“Yes,” Connor nodded rubbing his hands together, “I’m hoping for some sex.”
“Ah,” I nodded slowly, “Keep hoping.”
He smiled, “Oh I will.”
I laughed again and than looked at the small, dark gray plastic bag on the ground. It held Connor’s present. His present was a bit too bulky to put into my tiny black pocket book, so I had to put it there and keep it in his car. He didn’t have a bag. I didn’t know if that was good or bad.
“Okay, so,” I brushed back my hair and looked back to him, “Who goes first?”
“Uh,” he bit his lip, “Rock, paper, scissors.”
“I guess chivalry is dead,” I sighed.
“Apparently,” he said with a smirk and then putting out a fist, “Ready.”
“Don’t cry if you lose,” I told him as I put out my fist.
Together we said, “Rock, paper, scissors, shoot.”
I put out paper and he put out scissors.
“Frack!” I yelled angrily.
“Ha! Victory!” He held up his fist triumphantly.
“You’re a loser,” I went to reach for the gray bag, my stomach feeling a bit tight.
“You know,” Connor said, “If I couldn’t get sex I was at least hoping for a car.”
“Well you had a better chance at getting the car,” I said smirking at him.
He laughed as I took in a big breath.
“Okay,” I began reaching into the plastic bag, my stomach even tighter. “I really didn’t know what to get you. I mean guys are so tricky, so don’t hate me if my present sucks. I asked Josh, and he had no clue. He was all, ‘Get him a video game’ and I’m all, ‘You suck.’ So then, for whatever reason, I asked Cory. He told me to get you porn, and I actually considered it.”
Connor’s eyes widen at this and he looked down to the bag.
“But then I realized I would have to go into a porn store and that would just make me cry and want to get all the porn stars numbers so I can call them and tell them to work out whatever beef they have with their dads. So then I asked my dad-”
“Lily,” Connor interrupted my rant with a smile. He looked so handsome and yes, hot.
“I’ll be happy with whatever you got me.”
“I know,” I nodded, “But let me finish.” He sighed and motioned for me to go on but I had already started, “So anyway, I asked my dad and he was all, ‘Get him a watch’ and I’m all, ‘He doesn’t wear watches’, but I did realize that watches do seem to be like the jewelry for men, I mean like the only good jewelry for men. Whenever men wear jewelry all I can think of is bling. So anyway, I was considering a watch and I looked at watches, but I just felt a watch wasn’t you. So then I considered getting you a picture frame, but that felt too forced and about me, because you would have to put a picture of me in it. So then I asked my brother and he told me to break up with you-”
“What!?” Connor looked at me shocked.
“Ignore him,” I waved him off, “Anyway, so I asked my brother’s best friend Ben, and he told me to just get you something that you’d like, doesn’t have to be expensive as long as you could use it. So I thought something with baseball at first, but then decided against that, and instead decided to get you this.”
Finally I took out Connor’s gift and handed to him. It was a digital camera. I mean, it wasn’t exactly top quality. Only about two hundred dollars, but I thought it would be cool.
“You mentioned that you wanted one,” I looked at him nervously.
He took the present for me, a large grin on his face. He looked down at and turned it over, reading the back.
“Lily,” he shook his head, “This is just great.” He leaned and kissed me on the lips, “I love it.”
“Good,” I smiled widely, my stomach feeling light again.
He took one last look at his gift then put it down behind on the bench, “Alright I guess I am next.”
“And the pressure is on.”
He laughed nervously and reached into his jacket pocket, “I mean, it isn’t as cool as your gift, I mean, its kind of the typical anniversary gift.” He took in a deep breath and took his hand out from his jacket. A long, black rectangular box was in his hand.
“You can’t go wrong with jewelry,” I reassured him.
“Well let me open it before you say anything,” he gave me a nervous smile and then opened the box.
It was beautiful. It was a white gold bracelet with rows of three tiny diamonds in the nicks separated by white gold tiny X’s.
“Oh my God,” I looked down at it fondly, “Connor it’s amazing. I love it so much.”
“Yeah,” he said happily, and I looked back to him. He looked even more thrilled and happy than when I gave him his present. “I was going to get you a necklace but you have your mom’s, so I didn’t want to like give you another.”
“No,” I said instinctively putting my hand around on mom’s silver pendant, which was something she had left me after her death and was always around my neck, “It’s perfect.”
He took it from the box and I put out my right hand. It felt almost weightless around my wrist. I looked down at my wrist, the bracelet looking so perfectly in place there. I looked back up at him and kissed him on the lips yet again. This was a longer kiss though, and it made my whole body feel incredible light that I felt I would just lift into the air. I really hope I didn’t though. That would be hard to explain.
We broke from our kiss and I looked right into his green eyes. My heart felt so full at that moment, that I seriously felt it was about to burst, and that even if it did, I’d be alright. Except for the being dead thing.
Connor took my hand and smiled at me, “You know, this last year that I’ve spent with you has really been the best in my entire life.”
I looked at him surprised. I wanted to reply the same, but I couldn’t. Last year wasn’t exactly full with moments I wanted to cherish forever, not after everything that happened with my father, and Apocalypse. But if it wasn’t for Connor and the others, it would have been so much worse.
“Yeah,” I said putting my free hand on his cheek and stroking it slightly. His skin felt so soft against my hand, and I could feel the heat coming off it.
“I love you Lily,” he said as he continued to look into my eyes, “I love everything about you. I love every moment I’ve ever spent with you. You’re the greatest person I’ve ever met. You’re kind, funny, smart and incredibly strong, both emotionally and surprisingly physically.”
We both smiled and I moved my hand down to take his free hand.
“I’ve never loved anyone more than I love you Lily. No one makes me happier, makes me feel more like myself than you do. I just want to thank you for being with me, no matter how corny that sounds, I just really want to tell you that, because I really love you.”
I felt tears gone down my cheeks as he smiled at me again, his hand gently rubbing mine.
I wanted to say so much to him, so much about how I feel the exact way about him. About how he makes my life so good and so right, even when everything is faling apart. I wanted to tell him how my heart beats faster when he is around, and that I can’t stop smiling when I look at him. I wanted to tell him the truth about myself, about who I am, and what I could do. I wanted to tell him everything, but I didn’t. All I said was:
“I love you too.”
It was all that needed to be said, because he smiled and kissed me again, with more warmth and passion than ever before.
We stayed on my porch for another twenty minutes before he walked me back to my door, and we once again kissed, right where we had one year before that, for the very first time.
“Ah,” I said stepping back and looking at the night sky, “Just think, a year ago from today, I was fighting zombies.” My eyes widened as I realized what I said.
Connor was just looking at me confused, “Fighting zombies?”
“Metaphorically speaking,” I replied quickly.
“That doesn’t make sense,” He looked at me confused.
“No,” I shook my head and bit my lip, “It doesn’t.”
“Hey a year ago, didn’t zombies attack your town?”
“Yes,” I nodded, “And I was fighting them in spirit, as was the whole town.”
“Oh,” he nodded slowly.
“Well I better go,” I pointed back towards my door.
I can’t believe I brought up the zombies. It was true. Last year the others and I fought off zombies controlled by Sinister. We weren’t exactly celebrating that anniversary though. Connor was looking at me amused. I’m guessing he probably just thinks I’m being a bit weird. He probably doesn’t suspect I’m a mutant, and definitely doesn’t suspect that I’m an X-Man. My look doesn’t exactly scream super hero. I wonder if it screams Magneto’s daughter? I mean, I do have some of his features, sadly. But I look most like my mother and I’m proud of it.
We kissed one last time, and I put my key in and opened my door, stopping in the door way, looking back to Connor as he headed back to his car, walking backwards as he did so.
“Goodbye, Lily Benson,” he put a hand on his heart, “I count down the moments until I see you again.”
I shook my head and laughed at him as he continued to walk backwards, his hand still on his heart.
“I love you, Lily Benson!” he called out to me loudly. I felt my face grow red as I looked to the stairs, wondering if my dad had heard him. He probably did, heck the neighbors probably did. I turned back to him, hesitating for a moment.
“I love you too, Connor Phillips!” I yelled back loudly though not at my loudest. That would be dangerous…literally. My face was burning slightly because it was so red. My dad and my neighbors were so hearing this.
I gave Connor one last wave, and he waved back as I began to close my door. He still didn’t turn out around, looking at me with complete and utter love as he slowly walked backwards.
The door closed and Connor disappeared from view. My heart was pounding so fast, I felt so light. I pressed my body against the door and put my hands to my face. It was really hot, but it wasn’t just from the embarrassment. My cheeks were hurting from smiling. I don’t think I had ever been happier, well at least not happy like this. This was a different kind of happy. I was completely and totally in love. And everything in my world felt right.
September 13th
“Well I’m pooped!” I said with a yawn as we walked out of the danger room and into the main room of the warehouse which doubled for our head quarters. “That was one crazy training session.”
“It was only crazy,” Cassie said through gritted teeth. “Because you just almost set us all on fire…again.”
“Hey,” I shrugged. “I got frustrated when the robot wouldn’t go down. Sometimes I can’t control my fire power when I get angry or frustrated.”
“You need to learn to keep your cool Cory,” Josh added, “I mean, your temper seems to be getting worse and worse.”
“My cool is kept,” I assured him.
“Everyone take a seat,” Ororo walked into the room, her long white hair tied in a ponytail. “Very good training session, though Cory, we’ve talked about this-”
“I know, I know,” I waved her off.
Everyone keeps bugging me about my powers and how out of control they’ve been lately, but I’ve really been trying, it’s just when I get too angry or excited they just go a bit out of control.
We all took our seats around a small white table. Lily and Cassie sat on both sides of me and Josh sat next to Lily. Ororo stood in front and looked at us with her blue eyes.
“So, how was your first full week of school?” Ororo asked us looking around.
“Busy,” Josh sighed, “I mean last week wasn’t so bad. You know, they make us start Wednesday, and most teachers basically just let us coast until Monday. Well, we are eased and they have us working like crazy. I have an essay due Tuesday, and my mom is actually on me about getting a job! She says it looks good on college applications and I keep telling her, that if I have a mental breakdown, I won’t be able to go to college.”
“Oh yeah that’s going to stop you,” Cassie added, “Not that 2.8 GPA.”
“Shut up,” Josh muttered.
“I’m just glad we’re spending our Sunday morning training,” I sighed and folded my arms.
Really, this was the last thing I wanted to do today. I mean, the last week of school has not been easy. Apparently, they are making even those of us who take easier classes work hard this year. What bull. Plus I’ve had band practice a lot this week. We have a gig coming up this Saturday, a big one. Lily’s boyfriend’s friend was having this huge eighteenth birthday party at some club, and she listened to my band play and is hiring us to play there. It’s big. A bunch of rich kids could get you places.
“Has Stryker approached you again?” Ororo looked to Lily and I.
“Nope,” Lily shook her head, “Other then giving me this card and saying how horrible it was that,” she began to air quote “my parents were killed by Magneto.”
“Yeah,” I took out that card he gave me again and looked at this number, “I got the same though not about Magneto just about the mutant who killed my brother. But he hasn’t said a word to me since.”
“That’s fine,” Ororo nodded.
“So are you agreeing with our undercover idea?” Josh asked. He was referring to the plan that Lily and I would go undercover as kids who were bummed over the lost of our loved ones by those damn mutants. Apparently Stryker was forming a bit of a support group.
“Yes, I think it’s a wonderful idea,” Ororo smiled at Josh, “Though both of you will have to be careful.”
“It shouldn’t be too hard,” Lily said, “I think I could fake being angry at my dad. I mean, I won’t exactly be able to tell them Magneto is my father or that he betrayed me, but I will say that he killed my parents by causing their plane to crash,” Lily air quoted these words “and tell about how much of a selfish, power hungry, jackass he is.”
“Take out of the selfish part,” Josh frowned.
“Oh yeah because that’s a dead give away she’s Magneto’s demon spawn,” Cassie said dully.
“I guess it will be easy for me,” I nodded, “I mean, I really don’t have to fake any feelings about that mutant who accidently killed my brother.”
“Just be careful what you say,” Cassie looked to Lily, “No excessive ranting.”
“I won’t rant,” Lily folded her arms and frowned at Cassie.
“When should they go?” Josh asked turning towards Ororo.
“I say give it a week or two.”
Lily nodded at Ororo, “And it wouldn’t seem suspicious if we call around the same time. I mean, I’m sure he knows we are close right? He’s probably talked to teachers about us. So I can just say, ‘Oh Cory told me about you’ or something.”
“But do you really think he’s forming a support group?” I turned to Josh.
“Well,” Cassie responded before he could say anything, “I know he’s talked to at least five other kids who’s lives have been affected by mutants. Peter Yorrick’s sister is a mutant and she ran away, so he talked to him. He talked to all three students who’s relatives were shot by War-”
“Really?” Josh interrupted. He looked a bit guilty, though he didn’t have much to be guilty about. Last year during Josh and War’s first battle, Josh tried to get War away from a block full of houses, but unfortunately, some people got shot in the process. Still, if he hadn’t gotten War away, it would have been worse.
“He hasn’t talked to any mutant haters,” Cassie frowned, “So he’s really just trying to make it come off like he’s just trying to help. Though of course, he could be doing it in secret.”
“You know he hasn’t given me a calling card,” Josh sighed, “I mean my sister was kidnapped by Magneto and still I get nothing.”
“And you’re upset by this?” Cassie asked.
Josh shrugged, “I just think it’s kind of rude.”
“Well I think its better that way,” Ororo looked to Josh, “Its better he doesn’t know you exist.”
“I guess,” Josh nodded slowly, but he didn’t sound so sure.
“So, we’ll discuss the plans in detail the next time you guys are here,” Ororo smiled at us, “For now, enjoy your Sunday. Forge should be here to drive you home shortly, he was at the store. So if you all want to wait outside, feel free to do so.”
“You going to the carnival, Ororo?” Lily asked as we all got up from our seats.
“I’m afraid not,” Ororo smiled, “I have business to take of in the city.”
“Oh?” Lily looked at her curiously.
“Nothing interesting,” Ororo laughed slightly, “Just meeting an old friend.”
“Ah,” Lily nodded, “Well, we’ll see you.”
We all waved goodbye to Ororo as we walked out of the warehouse.
“So,” Lily said as we stepped outside, “I’ll see you guys at the carnival right?”
“Yes,” Josh rolled his eyes, “As I’ve told you like fifteen times before.”
“I know what you’ve told me,” Lily frowned, “I just want to hang out with you guys, if that’s okay. I mean, we spent like what, one day together this week outside of school, training, and kicking bad guy butt.”
“You aren’t going to spend time with your boyfriend?” Josh asked turning to her.
“I’ll spend some time with him,” She replied, “And I’m spending all day with him, or well his brother since I’m baby sitting today. But he knows and understands how much I just want to spend time with you guys, as I’m sure Megan understands.”
“Yeah right,” Josh looked away from Lily and at the ground.
“I can’t believe you’ve been dating Connor for a year and haven’t even had anything remotely close to sex,” I shook my head at Lily, “I so would have dumped your ass by now.”
Lily looked at me, in disgust, “That’s cause you’re a pig.”
“No Lily,” I corrected her, “I’m a man.”

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