Previously: The Children of the Atom have not had a good couple of months. First after months of their friendship deteriorating due to a plethora of problems their friendship reached a breaking point after finding out that almost a decade ago Cory’s brother was killed in the crossfire of an attack orchestrated by Magneto(aka Lily’s father) meant for Josh. It that wasn’t enough a month later the kids mysteriously and quite randomly lost their powers. With their powers gone and their friendship all but a thing of the past the kids’ friendship was all but gone.

Cassie continued to hold out hope powers would somehow return(even offering to subject herself to deadly radiation to kick start her X-gene), feeling that a return in her powers would mean in a return in her friends. Josh, meanwhile, had tried his best to move on with his life, despite how much he missed his friends, in his new attempt to be a ‘positive, happy person’. In the meantime Lily tried her best to change herself in hopes that she’d fix the things which caused her to lose her friends in the first place and then there was Cory, who was suffering an identity crisis of his own, unable to understand his anger and resentment over all which has happened to him. As result of this, he continues to grow closer to Reverend William Stryker. Stryker has been working as the kids’ Dean of Discipline at their school while furthering his ulterior motives, like spreading mutant hate. Recently Stryker has started a camp to train his army, the Purifiers, and has invited Cory to take part. It is here Cory learned that the government including the President himself, is helping fund Stryker’s campaign under the condition that Stryker finds evidence; on what or who, Cory doesn’t know.

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