Previously: It began when the Shadow King visited the dream of Josh, Cory, Cassie and Lily playing on their insecurities, fears and hopes. For Cory, The Shadow King unlocked a hidden memory of the last day of Cory’s brothers lived filled with many gaps and a woman’s voice saying ‘I’m Sorry’.

After that horrible night he along with Cassie and Lily were possessed by the Shadow King. As Lily lived life on the wild side and Cory played around with his powers, Cassie tried to enter Jamie Madrox’s mind but was stopped by Psylocke. In the ensuing fight Cassie found out that Psylocke was in fact her highe school rival Betsy Braddock.

Lily, deciding to continue to not hold herself back and try and be perfect went to Cory with an idea of confronting their fathers. While Lily’s father, Magneto, never showed Cory got a chance to confront his parents in a literally fiery confrontation. By the end of the kids were free and Cory’s house was burnt down and his parents disowned him.

That night Cory confronted Jean about his dream realizing she was the woman in his dreams. She revealed to him a shocking truth that Cory’s brother’s death was not a completely random accident. Magneto was trying to kill Josh and his brother was unfortunately caught in the crossfire. Jean then had manipulated both Cory and Josh’s minds to erase their memories of the day.

Cory was both shocked and hurt from this. His mind clouded with anger he confronted his friends blaming Josh for the death and being angry at Lily for her association with her father. Filled with rage Cory went to find Mercury to ask her to gather the other members of the Mutant Liberation Front to gather and fight Magneto. Mercury laughed in his face but took the opportunity along with Calvin Rankin, to try and recruit Cory. Cory refused, as he fights to help people despite what he feels about his friends.

Meanwhile Lily had a confrontation with the man Cory was seeking Magneto. After she finally broke her ties with him Josh interrupted, angry that Lily would go off and see Magneto by herself. After much discussion and arguing Lily decided that it just wasn’t worth it staying friends when they are clearly just drifting apart. Josh agreed while Cassie, who was there too, could do nothing but watch as the friendship which was once so strong, completely dissolved.

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