Friday, December 4th
I felt different. I don’t know how to explain it but when I woke up I just felt different.
I stood in front of my closet with my hand to my hip and a frown on my face. Everything in my closest seemed so, I think the word to best describe it would be safe, sweet maybe.
I was bored of being sweet, safe and all around me. I don’t why I felt this way but I just woke up feeling it. There is something in my mind telling me to be different, telling me to be free. Let loose a little bit.
I wish I knew where it was going from but oh well. Maybe it was that dream I had the night before, at least I thought I had a dream the night before. I couldn’t remember.
I shrugged and shook my head, pushing aside some clothes. My eyes fell on a box in the corner. It held old clothes which I had either planned to give to charity or had yet to throw out. I smiled and reached down for the box.
As I got ready for school, I couldn’t help but think of how weird Josh was acting. What the hell was he talking about, asking if I visited him in his dream? Did that mean he was dreaming about me?
“Forget it…Forget the dreams” A voice said in my head. My voice. At least I think it was my voice. I didn’t pay too much attention to the details, something inside my head told me not too.
I felt different. I don’t what was different but I liked it. It was good sort of different. I felt comfortable, I felt free, like I could do anything I want too.
School was going to be fun today.
Chill. That’s how I felt. Completely chill. I just had this feeling that everything was just so chill. I felt better than I ever had. Confident, sexy, and oh so chill. Actually chillicious.
There was something inside my head that told me something happened last night, that there was something that I needed to know but another something told me to ignore it, that I had just had to have my fun today, be you know, chill.
I wasn’t going to go to school, I wasn’t going to go to freaking training. I was going to do what I wanted, who cared what Josh, my parents or anyone else thought. I know I didn’t, I just felt totally it was my day to be free, no burdens what so ever. And again just be chill.
I felt like crap, complete and utter crap. My head felt like it was going to split apart, my eyes felt heavy and my whole body ached. I didn’t have an ounce of good sleep last night because I did was have the most effed up dream in the world. I couldn’t help thinking about it, how vivid it was, how I could still feel every moment of it. I wanted to stay home from school but my mom wasn’t having any of it. I could never explain to her exactly what I was feeling and exactly how the dream affected me. All my thoughts and fears on my powers and being human, my mom wouldn’t understand that stuff. She had a hard enough time dealing with the fact that I was a mutant.
She drove me to school since I didn’t feel like driving. At first I thought of asking the others if they wanted to go walk to school, we hadn’t done it since school began but I don’t know. I just felt like I wanted to start school without increasing my headache.
The whole ride my mom complained that my driver’s test was going to be in less then four weeks and I would then have my license and I wasn’t prepared at all to drive on my own. Truth was I sort of believed her. I was a runner not a driver. And I was also a flyer. But driving was a right of passage for every teenager, it was normal and it was something I had to do, something I wanted to do.
When she dropped me off I got out of the car as quickly as possible because if I didn’t get out I so would have yelled or cursed or did something which would get me in trouble. I hurried up the stairs to my school, feeling slightly depressed that I was actually happy to be there.
It was all better than sleeping though. I couldn’t stop thinking about that dream. Apocalypse was in it offering to kill me like the mensch he is but I didn’t want to die or at least I didn’t want to die at sixteen years old. I just didn’t want to live forever, I didn’t want to watch my friends die. I saw there graves in my dream right after I fought and killed War and thinking about it still weighs heavy on me because I couldn’t shake the feeling that it might just one day happen, that I might be like Wolverine and age incredibly slowly.
I was at my locker before I knew it, putting books into my locker while also taking out the ones I would need in first, second and third period. My head was hurting me less but still something felt off. I don’t know what it was but I just couldn’t help feeling that I had lost something.
“Hey,” I felt someone slap me on my ass.
I turned around and was greeted immediately with a peck on the lips from Megan.
“You look crappy,” she looked at me with a frown.
“And sure know how to make a boy feel good,” I frowned.
“Aw I’m sorry, you’re so pretty today. Did you loss weight?” Megan gave me a playfully then smile but then put a hand on my forehead, a worried expression now on her face, “You feeling alright?”
“I had the weirdest dream last night,” I said as I started to hear muttering from down the hall, “Not weird but…well the worst dream ever.”
“What was it about?” Megan said as the muttering from the kids in the hall got louder.
I frowned not really wanting to answer her. I turned my head to the muttering students. All of them had their heads turned to someone who was coming down the hall. I couldn’t see who because three boys were standing in front of me. I noticed two girls whisper something to each other. As one girl whispered the other girl shook her head and gave a look girls usually give each other when they’re being catty.
“What’s going on?” Megan said trying to get on tippy-toes.
I shrugged not really caring too much and looked back to my locker grabbing two books from it.
“Oh my God!” Megan gasped and I quickly turned around.
The three boys had moved to the left their eyes still following what they were before.
This time I saw it, or well her. At first all I could see where her breasts because the white tank top just made them look huge and revealed a fair amount of cleavage, my eyes then fell on her flat and well toned stomach which was just about half covered. My eyes than fell to her black mini skirt which barely covered her long legs. And from there my eyes slowly worked its way up back to the face. A face knew very well. Her long light brown hair was going down in waves over her shoulder and her bright green eyes seemed dimmer then usual but it was her.
My mouth dropped just about the same time as my books.
Everyone was looking at me. It was really strange but sort of awesome. I normally wasn’t someone who strived for attention from people at school, I just want my friends to care about me but if they won’t might as well have others do it. And I know the boys were staring at me because I was dressed a bit more provocatively than usual and I was okay with that too. Usually I hated when boys thought of me sexually but it’s time for a change. It was time to make them see me in a light.
As I made my way down the hall three boys quickly moved to their left and each gave me nod hello. All three were cute but not really my type. It was so weird, everyone was really looking at me.
When Josh’s eyes feel on me his mouth fell and he dropped his books. I looked to Megan who was staring at me, her mouth hanging open, her eyes wide.
“What?” I asked walking up to them, “What?” I bent to grab Josh’s books for him.
“Don’t do that!” Josh grabbed me by my shoulders, “What are you wearing?” Josh asked in a loud whisper as he moved me so that my back was now to his locker. He stayed close to me almost covering me from anyone else’s eyes, “Did you forget to look in a mirror?”
“No,” I pushed him off me, “I just wanted to try something different.”
“This is really different,” Megan shook her head.
I looked down at my clothes. Yeah maybe there was a bit too much cleavage and maybe it was all a little short but I thought it looked nice. It was comfortable and yes really different. I did something no one expected of me and it felt really good.
“Mystique!” Josh pointed at me.
Megan gasped, “Yes!”
“No!” I screamed shaking my head, “I’m not Mystique, ask me like a random life question.”
“Two weeks ago you were at my house,” Megan looked me dead in the eyes, “What did you cry over?”
“The commercial for old people for diapers,” I replied, “It makes me sad.”
Megan nodded at me, “It’s her.”
Josh shook his head looking at me like I was incredibly weird, “Okay so you’re not Mystique but then what the hell is wrong with you, besides the obvious.”
“Lily!” Allie walked up to us, her eyes wide in shock, “I thought they were all joking but oh my God…”
“What!?” I screamed, “It’s not like I’m naked or anything.”
“It’s just not…” Josh looked at me for a second trying to find the words.
“You,” Megan finished it for him. Josh nodded at her and looked back at me.
“Maybe it’s the new me,” I shrugged.
“You’re supposed to be my prudy friend who balanced out Crystal,” Allie frowned, “Now where is the balance gonna be?”
“Where is Cassie?” Josh began to look around.
“Oh God,” Allie covered her mouth, “Lily is dressing like I slut and I actually want Cassie to come and scold her. I feel so bad for me.”
“This isn’t about you Allie,” I said, “It’s about me and I want to dress like this. If you all have a problem with it, well I don’t care.” I turned to Josh, “But nice to finally see some concern. I mean God, who cares about all the other things going on in my life, I dress different I’m ready for my consult with Oprah,” I rolled my eyes and pushing Josh aside and walking away as a smile formed on my face. It was nice to see my clothes were having their desired effect.
I went right from my locker into first period not bothering to go and talk to anybody. I really had no desire to listen to Lily whine, Josh worry or Cory just be an idiot. I just wanted to get through another long boring, run of the mill school day.
The kids in my school are such children. They are the epitome of teenagers and all their angst. No one has an original thought; all anyone cares is about being popular and cool. They all want to know what’s in and what’s not. Everyone wanted to fit in, everyone wanted to be somebody but really no one was. They were all faceless members of the crowd with only a few sticking out and even then if you think about those so called special few, there was nothing really special about them.
I was special, I knew this and there was no real point in denying it anymore. I wasn’t like any in this school, I was better in every way. My life didn’t resolve around such trivial problems as boyfriends, catty girls or if I was the perfect weighed. I cared more about getting into the best school possible so I could then go to med school become a surgeon and than eventually become the youngest Chief of Staff ever at Columbia Presbyterian. I cared more about the events in the world, whether it involved mutants or not. If I would have asked one kid in the hall who was John Kerry’s running mate in 2004 not one would be able to answer. Not that John Kerry was anything special but these were things kids should know. They should know that mutants are one stepped away from being registered, that big giant robots are bad and not just cool to look at. They should know that William Stryker coming into our school is just an influence of our overreaching, cowardly government who would stop at nothing to prevent this next step of evolution from taking over, because really isn’t that what we are all really into?
If these kids ever thought about anything besides themselves and what was happening on the Hills they’d realize that they have mutants at their school, X-Men even. If they thought about how there was a reason I was attacked, that Josh’s sister was kidnapped and that Josh seemed to gain muscles over night. They should realize so many things about the world they live in but they choose to live in ignorance because ignorance is bliss and for that reason alone I find these people pathetic, beneath me. I always felt this but I really, deep down tried to give people the benefit of the doubt but why should I? What have they done to show me they deserved such a thing?
As kids filled into my classroom I was able to pick out things I hated about each one. The boy who walked with too much swagger overcompensating for something, the girl who walks in and clearly is trying to go unnoticed. Then come the boy who’s really a closet case, the girl who thinks wearing spiked arm bracelets make her unique and a rebel. They all fit the archetype of some high school cliché or at least if you look at them on the outside they do but that’s what most people try to make you see. They try to pretend to be. Everyone wants to be an archetype, a cliché because at least then they are something.
The fact that I noticed these things meant to me that I was better then them, that I was able to get my head out of my own ass enough to realize that there was a world outside of myself, out of school. If these kids knew the world, the real world, the one I see, they’d be scared shitless.
And then there was the girl who in actually I should get along with. We’re both rich, smart, and incredibly mean. Her name was Betsy Braddock and I hated her.
She walked into the room and always took the seat next to me. I could tell that Betsy wasn’t like the other kids in this school, that she was much more like me. I guess maybe part of me hated that. I wanted to be the best and Betsy Braddock truly gave me a run for my money. I guess that was pride and it was the only way I was like these people. That I get defensive when someone came onto my turf, just like humans do with mutants.
Betsy looked at me and raised an eyebrow, “What are you looking at?”
I shrugged and turned from her knowing that was much more upsetting to her than getting into some sort of verbal smack down. I knew how Betsy Braddock worked. I knew how all of them worked.
A thought crept into my mind. I could skim minds. I obviously knew this but I really never thought of the fun I could have if I just skim means, not read them. Sometimes I felt skimming was wrong but others time not so much. When you skim a mind you are basically touching the most vocal thought in the person’s head, the thought they have screaming inside. These are the ones I usually tone out because if I don’t I hear too many voices at once but if I just skimmed one by one, tried to catch something about them and maybe if they ever piss me off use it against them. Was it wrong? But the good things usually are.
I looked over to Betsy Braddock.
“Again with the looking,” Betsy sighed probably feeling my eyes on her. She turned to me, “Listen I’m not going to play Portia to your Ellen, so go away.”
I began to try and skim her mind but I got nothing. No thoughts at all. How could she not be thinking? I tried to dig a little deeper just for curiosity’s sake, I would not dig that far, at least I don’t think I will.
“Stop looking at me,” Betsy grabbed my arm and suddenly my eyes were filled with bright purple light.
The next thing I knew I was on a top of a hill with healthy and strong looking green grass. The sky above me was a bright blue with large white clouds. I moved a step forward on the hill shielding my eyes from the bright sun light. In the distance I could see a very large, stone castle.
Suddenly the sky shone a bright purple and I was blinded again.
I was back in my class room, not exactly sure what just happened. Betsy still had her hand on my arm. She looked at me for a second then quickly removed it and I could feel panic surge through her body.
“Looks like the insecurity bunny is paying a visit,” I smirked at her trying to act nonchalant even though I was anything but. “It’s okay Betsy, maybe you can dye your hair a hot pink and then I’m sure daddy will finally give you the time of day. But still that will never fill the void of your real parents abandoning you.”
Betsy looked at me, her face twisted in anger.
“You’re just such a bitter little-”
At that moment the teacher walked into the room and Betsy looked at me. I could feel the anger surge through her. I turned from her smiling but still not able to get that vision out of my head. Was that Betsy’s deep fantasy? Some large medieval castle? It was strange and I knew there was something about Betsy Braddock I just wasn’t seeing.  I know now wasn’t the time to take another dig into her mind but I couldn’t help but feel that maybe it was needed. There was something fishy about Betsy and I had to figure out what and unfortunately with any means necessary.
I didn’t bother going to school, at least I didn’t plan to go until like sixth period. What was the point? Not like my parents even cared, I walked out without even a word to them.
I didn’t know what I wanted to do today. Not much a kid my age has available for him. But I was a young hip mutant with a bunch of powers at my disposable I could find something to do.
First I went the park and froze the water fountain. I never had been able to freeze before but somehow I just knew how to do it. It was pretty cool and little kid saw me. He thought I was the most awesome person ever, which to be fair, I sort of am. After that, I went back to the school which was probably in the middle or at the end of 1st period. I decided not to go inside, I wanted to have fun with my powers. I also wanted to do something which I knew would annoy Josh, so I light a single tree on fire in the front of the school. It wouldn’t spread or anything but enough so that it caused enough smoke for the fire alarms in the school to off and all the kids had to go out. I planned to tell Josh about it later. I wanted him to yell at me so I could tell him to go screw himself or something. I’m tired of him bossing me around about how to use my powers. As long as I’m not hurting anyone I’m fine with it.
After that I called Mercury but she didn’t pick up which sucked. I was getting bored already. Then I decided to do something which could be considered sort of depressing. I flew over to where my brother died.
The place hadn’t changed at all. Everything had been rebuilt, there was no memorial, no sign that anyone had died. It sort of pissed me off. I walked over to the ice cream shop. I don’t even remember how I know about this place but all of sudden I do, or at least parts of it.
I remember coming here with Donnie, I remember him being all cool and talking to me. I remember him talking about our parents and how they sucked even back then and I remember the explosion.
I looked forward where the explosion had happened, where Donnie was basically evaporated by some stupid mutant who couldn’t control his powers.
I looked down at my hand and it immediately caught on fire. I didn’t care that I was standing in the middle of the street, I didn’t care who saw me, I was two towns over and as of right now no one was even on the street. I was angry, it wasn’t fair. I don’t get anything. My brother is dead, everyone thinks I’m an idiot, the only girl I can actually hook with I don’t like, Gaia is gone, everything turns to shit eventually. And what do I do? I just freaking let Josh boss me around, let Cassie make fun of me, let Lily pity me, let my parents ignore me.
My whole body was encased in fire now and I could hear screams but I didn’t care. I was just tired of it all, and I was angry that the only person who actually appreciated me was a freaking mutant hater. If he knew who I was he wouldn’t think I had potential, he wouldn’t think I was anything but a monster and I hated that because I really just wanted someone to think of me like Stryker did, to think I’m not hopeless.
I could sirens in the background and my anger rose. I wasn’t hurting anymore, why were these people scared? Yes big fire is scary but I’m good. I looked up and saw people gathered on the side of the street. They were pointing at me, afraid. Afraid because they don’t even freaking understand, they are like my parents, like Stryker. They just think mutants are evil, that mutants should be feared but we shouldn’t. It just frustrates me. If they want to be scared of me, so be it.
I looked at a nearby car which had no other cars parked in front or in back of it. It exploded from its bottom, flying about three feet off the ground before landing on its back. People screamed and I immediately took off into the air, going as high as possible.
Maybe that wasn’t a smart idea, maybe that was too rash. My head was feeling funny. I took in a deep breath and flew forward for a couple of miles before going back down and into a back alley where I deflamed and began to walk to the park where I decided I’d just chill to fifth period before going to school. There was nothing else to do, might as well go.
What I did was…I don’t know. My head was spinning a bit.  I think maybe what I did was right. They looked at me like I was some sort of monster before I even did something. Maybe I was a little worried someone saw me pre-flaming up but how would they describe me; a tall incredibly handsome stud? Not like they could make out that much up me before I turned. And part of me didn’t care, part of me wanted them to found out so we could stop this stupid hiding, so everyone could know what I was really capable of.
I didn’t see Lily again until after fifth period. I tried to talk to her during the fire drill but she had two guys talking to her, or well flirting with her. I sort of wanted to punch them in the face.
She was walking down the hall people again still looking at her. Most people were astonished they Lily Benson, the school’s biggest prude, the most innocent perfect girl would suddenly dress like this. All the guys loved it while the girls trashed talked Lily to no end. I almost got into a fight with a guy who was talking about some very nasty things he wanted to do to Lily but then I remembered I would kill him if I fought him so I had to use restraint and just “accidently” push him into his locker.
I quickly moved down the hall, side stepping students as I did so. As I reached Lily I reached out to grab her arm but she turned around before I could even do so.
“Can you just talk to me?” I asked as nicely as possible, “I mean that’s what this is about right?”
She looked at me like she had no clue what I was talking about, “What do you mean by that?”
“Well this is an obvious cry for help,” I motioned towards her outfit, “You are dressing like this because we’ve-I’ve been ignoring you a lot this year.”
Lily rolled her eyes, “This isn’t about you. I don’t care anymore. You have your own problems, I have mine. We don’t always need to be there for each other, obviously. Whatever, we are moving on. Its part of life I guess.”
“I’m not moving on,” I put a hand on Lily’s arm, “You’re my best friend and I love you and honestly I know I should have tried to spend more time you but-” I paused. I had my reasons from distancing myself from the others but I just don’t think they’d understand. Hell I knew Lily wouldn’t.
“It doesn’t matter,” Lily shook her head, “This isn’t about that. This is just about me wanting to do something different.”
“Why?” I shook my head.
“Because things aren’t exactly working out for me as I am now,” Lily shrugged, “And whatever, that’s life. No use wallowing.” She smiled and tilted her head slightly, “Might as well just live it up.”
With that she turned from me and began to walk away.
I wanted to chase after her, I wanted to go and see what the hell she meant by living it up but as I stepped forward Cassie’s voice suddenly came into my head.
“Meet me in the girl’s bathroom in the basement, all of you.”
I saw Lily stop walking and look back at me confused. She shrugged and started to walk back towards me. I was about to say something to her but she passed me and walked towards the stairs. Frowning I followed her down two flights of stairs until we reached the basement of the school where about seven class rooms for the slower students were. I knew Cory had a few classes here. Lily and I walked down the hall, Lily ahead strides ahead of. As she got to the bathroom she went inside immediately. I hesitated a bit, looking both ways before I walked quickly into the bathroom.
Cassie was standing in the middle of the room looking at her nails bored and Cory leaning against the wall. I hadn’t seen either all day. As their eyes fell on Lily Cory’s mouth drop and Cassie’s eyebrows raised.
“Oh no,” Cassie began in a very monotone voice, “Did I forget about Pretty Woman appreciation day again? I keep doing that.”
“I like it,” Cory gave Lily a thumbs up.
“Shut up Cory,” I walked to the middle of the room and leaned against a sink.
“Why are you upset? It just looks like she raided your girlfriend’s closest,” Cassie looked to me with a smirk.
I rolled my eyes, “Where have you two been?”
“I just got to school,” Cory put up his hand.
“I just know how to avoid you,” Cassie gave me a fake smile.
“Aw,” I smiled back at her and looked to Cory, “What you sleep all day?”
A wide smile crossed Cory’s face, “Not exactly.”
“Well I don’t need to hear how you played with yourself today,” I looked away from him and to Cassie, “Don’t you have anything else to say about Lily?”
“Oh God,” I heard Lily mutter.
“What’s there to say,” Cassie shrugged, “She’s obviously trying to express herself in a different way so she can garner attention and maybe try to change who she is because she’s unhappy with her life, which to be fair, she has her reasons being, you know, her.”
“Hey,” Lily snapped, “I’m not unhappy. I just…I wanted a change.”
“Well you mighty morphed into one mighty whore Pink Ranger,” Cassie replied back nastily.
“Good forbid I don’t fit into your ridge standards,” Lily rolled her eyes, “No one can be quite as good as you.”
“Finally we are catching on,” Cassie winking at Lily.
Lily’s eyes narrowed at Cassie, “Just because you’re a bitter bitch with a stick up her ass doesn’t mean we all have to be.”
“Oh look who is using big girl words,” Cassie’s eyes locked onto Lily, “What would your dead mother say? I mean this is who you constantly try to impress isn’t it?”
“Okay,” I grabbed Lily as she was moved towards Cassie. Her fist was clenched. I looked at her shocked. Lily usually saves all her pent up aggression and violence for villains. The fact that she called Cassie a bitch and was ready to punch her was totally out of character for her.  As for Cassie, that was a low blow that she would usually never take. “Are you two on your per-”
“Guess what,” Cory cut me off.
I put a hand on my head really not wanting to know, “What?”
His smile was still wide and I can see excitement in his eyes “I caused the fire today, you know the one that caused the fire drill.”
I looked at Cory, my mouth hanging open, “What?”
“And I blew up a car.” He nodded with a wide grin.
“And so he moves yet another step closer to serial killer,” Cassie said drily.
I was numb. I had no idea how to handle what was going at this moment. “W-w-w,” I tried to form the words, “I-I-I.”
“Don’t you want to know why I asked you all to come in the girl’s bathroom?” Cassie asked as I continued to search for words.
“I was hoping you wanted to show us something private,” Cory winked.
Cassie looked at Cory and folded her arms, “Only time you’d see anything private on a women is when you’re connected to the internet or after you’ve kidnapped them.”
Cory glared at Cassie and put up his middle finger while I just shook my head, still in shock.
Just then the bathroom door opened.
“We’re in here,” Lily put up her arm and it pointed at the door handle. It slammed shut, a second later I heard a click sound as the door locked.
“Did you just do that?” I turned to her snapping out of my shock.
Lily looked at her hand surprised, “Yeah. I just used my father’s powers?” she looked at her hand surprised for a second then shrugged, “Whatever.”
My head was starting to hurt. I was feeling lost and confused.
“I’m going to read Betsy Braddock’s mind,” Cassie said in a very happy tone.

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