My name is Josh Kerr, and I’m sort of special. No I am not tooting my own horn or anything. I don’t mean I’m special in a way that I’m incredibly awesome or anything, cause really I’m not. I mean I’m special in a way that I’m not all that human. I am a mutant, a person born with one gene that makes them a freak and an outcast. I have powers like super strength and speed. I can fly, a feat I just learned five months ago, and I can shot kinetic energy out of my hands. Yes, some people call me a freak, but I’d like to just think special.


It would be sort of nice if it was the only reason I was special, but it isn’t. I’m also an X-Men. We protect a world, which hates and fears us because really, we just like punishing ourselves.


Another thing, which makes me special, is that I’m sort of a special mutant. I supposedly have a lot of power, and am able to do things other mutants can’t. I have the ability to actually change the molecular structure of people and objects, which means if I wanted, I could turn someone into a mutant. Though I don’t actually have this ability, it’s in me, but I can’t access it and I don’t ever want too. It’s a little too much for me.


And the last, and seemingly most important thing which makes me special, is that I’m part of a prophecy. Every bad guy in the world seems to believe in it. It’s one of those vague little ditties saying how I could either destroy or save the world. I mean not I, it’s more of a they. I am not alone in this. I’m not the only special person


My three best friends are also involved, special just like me, powerful mutant X-Men who are part of some stupid prophecy.  Mind, Body, Soul and Heart. The prophecy states that too. Each one of us represents one of those things.


I am no exactly sure who represents what, I mean obviously Cassie represents mind. She is smart as hell and is a telepath, and telekinetic. I mean I got super strength so I could be body, but Cory can turn his body into fire, water, ice, and steel, so, maybe he is body. He most definitely is not mind. He’s kind of a dumbass. And that’s me being nice. And then there is Lily, I would say she is heart and maybe soul. Cheery and probably the sweetest girl anyone could ever meet. But she is also kind of kick ass, having peak human strength, and speed and incredible reflexes and agility. So maybe she’s body, I don’t know. I don’t like to thing about it, makes my head hurt.


What I do know is that my friends and I have been through a lot. Freshmen year we learned of the prophecy and that we were mutants. We also fought giant robots; the New York Xavier Institute was blown up (by the horsemen, which I’ll get too later). Tons of students were killed, and Charles Xavier was left in a coma, and would then later die due to his injuries. And last, and most certainly not least there was Magneto. Fun experience that turned out to be! Not only did the guy kidnap my oldest sister (who also turned out to be a mutant) but Lily found out that Magneto was in fact her father, which would really turn out great for her.


Of course that doesn’t even come close to the party that was sophomore year. You see this guy, or thing, called Apocalypse wanted to test us, so throughout the year my friends and I were put in, what else, grave danger. We fought the horsemen of Apocalypse, the people responsible for blowing up the Xavier Institute, countless times, usually getting our asses kicked. Cassie almost died, I almost died, Lily almost died, and Cory almost died, all on numerous occasions. Death turned out to be someone Cory was close too, while Lily was betrayed by her dad. My betrayal came in the form the psychiatrist I was seeing for the last three years of my life. His name was Nathaniel Essex but he was really Sinister, Apocalypse’s right hand man. It sucked big time, I had told this guy things, you know. What was even worse was that fact that I wasn’t his only patient that I know he was talking to other young mutants, including some kid named Jamie Madrox.


It all ended in a big fight, or well test, between the horsemen and us. I fought and actually beat War, a guy who had kicked my ass on two separate occasions, and after that had to take on Apocalypse. I would have lost if my friends hadn’t shown up I don’t doubt it. But together, we were actually able to told Apocalypse back. Again, we all would have died if Apocalypse decided to continue the fight, but instead he left, and what haven’t heard a single word or violent massacre from him since.


That was five months ago.


August 22nd, 2004


This was now.


A large blast of green energy hit me right in the face. I was thrown in the air, flipping slightly as I did so. I was thrown right into the windshield of a parked car, and hit it headfirst. My forehead seared in pain and I could felt the burning sensation of a large cut, mostly on the left. I put my hand on my head, feeling the wet hot blood coming for a large rip in my black mask. I closed my eyes, and I felt a light cooling sensation on my forehead as I heard another blast and heard Cory swear, angrily and loudly. I opened my eyes just in time to see Cory hitting the ground hard, turning from fire to steel as he did so.


I looked behind myself really quick to see a bunch of scared civilians huddled in a nearby store. This crazy mutant tried to rob a bank and then all stores in the area. From what I could tell he had no connection to Magneto, just a regular old crazy. Cerebro alerted us, but it wouldn’t have needed too. This is happening right in our very own town of North Salem. This is really just going to bring our property values down.


“I got him!” Lily screamed. She like the rest of us was in the standard black uniform, with the black mask that covered most of her face. Lily ran toward the muscular mutant whose eyes and hands were glowing green. He fired a blast at her, but she flipped sideways, landing on her feet with ease and continuing to run forward.


Hold him!” I screamed into Cassie’s head through our telepathic connection as I got back up.


Cassie put a hand and a yellow aura surrounded the muscular mutant and he seemed to suddenly be struggling to move.


Lily jumped kicked the mutant and the yellow aura around him disappeared just as Lily’s foot hit the man hard in the stomach. He fell back and Lily landed on her feet just as ice incased the man, from the top of his chin to his toes.


“My bad,” Cory said walking forward, his body glimmering in ice. “I over did it!”


“Yikes,” Lily shook her head at Cory then turned to the man incased in ice. The ice was starting to glow a strange green. The man, who was shivering, was about to use his powers. Lily sighed and kicked him on the side of his head. The green disappeared and the man seemed dazed. Lily looked back to Cory, “You aren’t supposed to give the guy pneumonia.”


“Sorry,” Cory shrugged.


I walked forward, Cassie joining me at my side, and then walking over to the bad guy, who still seemed to be recovering from the hit to the side of his head.


“Wait,” the bad guy said looking at Lily who was just above to kick him again, “I didn’t even get to use my codename.”


Lily frowned at him, and then looked to me. I shrugged. She looked to Cassie, who sighed.


“Fine,” Cassie shook her head, “But I’m going to know if you’re going to try anything funny. So be warned, she’ll kick you harder.”


The bad guy nodded earnestly then looked to the four of us, his eyes narrowing, “You all,” his voice took a deep tone, “will rue the day you messed with Green Eyes!”


“Aw pretty name,” Lily giggled.


“Seriously?” I looked to the guy, “Rue? I mean you guys have to stop using that word.”


Cassie sighed as the ice glowed green again. She looked to Lily, who grinned widely and kicked the guy on the side of the head again, knocking him out.


“Mission accomplished,” Cory threw his iced up arm around Lily’s shoulder and she shivered then pushed him away.


Per the usual sirens sounded, meaning the cops knew it was safe for them to do their job.


“Alright,” I said, “Let’s head out, from some reason the cops just don’t love us.”


“Which is weird because we are just so lovable,” Lily shrugged, “And Cassie.”




We arrived at the warehouse that doubled for our headquarters in good spirits. I took off my mask the second we entered the warehouse, and moved a finger to my forehead, feeling a thin cut on the left side of my head and of course tons of sweat due to the summer heat. The healing factor I had wasn’t exactly amazing, but it did the trick.


I ran my hair through my wet and messy light brown, almost blonde thanks to the summer sun, hair. My bright blues eyes moved across the room, as I looked to the others.


Lily was fixing her own long, light brown hair. She put her hair in a ponytail, which went to about her shoulder blades, and smiled at me, her dark green eyes as bright as usual. She was incredibly pretty even all sweaty. She had that All American, Girl Next Door Look. Though she wasn’t sexy, never call her sexy. Lily purposely tried not to be sexy. Lily tried to avoid anything with the word sex in it. She’s kind of a prude, though she doesn’t admit, she calls herself a romantic. Though I do admit, if Lily tried, she could be very sexy. She has the body, and everything else for it. Not that I would ever be interested in seeing Lily sexy. She is basically my sister, if not more. We, along with Cory and Cassie, are all incredibly close, almost dangerously so.


Cassie had brought down the top of her uniform to her waist, revealing a loose black tank top she was wearing. Sweat was pouring down her body, and she was waving a  hand in front of her face. Cassie’s shoulder length, extremely straight black hair was tied into a bun. Cassie, like Lily, was extremely pretty. I’m not sure if I just hang out with girls way prettier then myself, or I’m biased. But Cassie does have really beautiful brown eyes, flawless dark skin, and long, thin, legs.


“What?” Cassie looked at me with a frown.


“I’m admiring you,” I half joked.


She rolled her eyes, but smiled nonetheless.


I looked to Cory, frowning slightly. He had just taken off the mask of his uniform, but he looked down right comfortable. Well the rest of us were sweating our asses off, Cory looked perfectly fine. His brown hair, which was always messy, was growing longer then usual; taking that Abercrombie, surfer guy style that everyone seemed to be taking lately. Cory though, would refer to it as rock and roll meets sexy. He had his hands in front of his face, his green eyes staring intently at his fingers. Suddenly flames shot up from each fingertip, each going about ten feet in the air. I could tell from Cory’s surprised then upset expression this was clearly not intended. I don’t find Cory to be very pretty, but that’s just my opinion. He is in no way an ugly kid; some girls in school think he’s cute. Lily calls him handsome, but that’s because she’s Lily. Cory is pretty tall, coming in a bit six feet, two inches.


As for me, well I’m average looking. Light brown hair and blue eyes, which many called my best feature. I’m of average height for my age of almost seventeen; I just have an average look to me. I’m not ugly, and I’m not exactly a stunning fella. My hair is always cut short, and not in any sort of a stylish way. I am pretty fit, but that’s only because of my powers, because if I didn’t have powers…well I really would be really average and maybe a tad overweight.


“Nice work,” Scott Summers wheeled himself into the room the others and I were currently in. Scott had lost the use of his legs in the big boom at the New York mansion caused by the horsemen. He was now basically the big cheese of Xavier’s and in turn, the X-Men. Ororo Munroe, who I can, without a doubt say is beautiful, hot and sexy, followed him. Ororo is pretty much our mentor. She trains us, gives us missions and keeps us in line.


“I was proud of all of you,” Ororo looked to each of us with a smile. I looked at Lily who was practically beaming and Cory who seemed to be very proud of himself.


“You showed great team work,” Scott looked to each of us. He and Ororo had obviously watched us through the hologram system on Cerebro, which is able to capture images of any stoplight camera, or security camera in the vicinity. “As you know, once school starts back over at the California Institute-”


“You’ll have to deal with my sisters instead of me,” I smiled, “From where I come from that’s called a downgrade.”


Kaylee and Elizabeth were both students at the Xavier Institute in California, as was Lily’s brother Will. Kaylee had only come home for a week during the summer, and Elizabeth was here for a month. Two of those weeks, her best friend Jubilee stayed at our house. I still have migraines.


“Once school starts again,” Scott gave me one of those, no more talking looks, “I will not be able to come visit you as often, and I really feel I want to reiterate something.”


We all sighed as we took seats we took a seat on a couch in the middle of the room.


“Now,” Scott looked to us, “Who remembers the biggest mistake you all made last year?”


Cassie raised her hand high and I rolled my eyes.


“We kept secrets from each other,” Cassie said in a matter of fact tone, like that was definitely the answer.


“Close,” Scott gave Cassie a sympathetic look, but the look he got in return from her was not the same.


“Are you saying I’m wrong,” Cassie’s voice was cold and her eyes deadly.


“I am,” Scott said unfazed.


Cassie opened her mouth to speak, but I shook my head at her. She glared at me for a second, than folded her arms. The girl hated being wrong. Nothing would ever change that.


“The biggest mistake you all made last year was that each of you acted with your emotions and not with your head,” he continued on.


“Well, couldn’t you say that by keeping secrets, we were acting with our emotions?” Cassie interrupted. “I was keeping my secret of, you know, having a vision of my death because I wanted to protect the others.”


“Ha!” Lily shouted.


“You were totally keeping it quiet because you just didn’t want to ask for help,” I began supporting Lily’s ‘Ha’, “Because you thought you were so good and could handle it all by yourself.”


“I ditto his words,” Cory nodded.


Cassie rolled her eyes, then sighed and nodded, “Yeah, they’re right.”


“Still, I would say it was you being emotional,” Lily smiled sympathetically at Cassie, “You were arrogant, stubborn, and a stuck up beyotch-ional”


“Can I continue?” Scott asked angrily. He shook his head, sighing loudly. We can be sort of frustrating at times. “Each of you,” He began again, “acted on emotion. Whether it was going off to die on your own (Cassie shifted uncomfortably at this), going to confront your psychiatrist on your own (here I shifted uncomfortably), or having conversations with your father, and then going to Genosha with a plan you didn’t discuss with anyone else.”


“You just made mine seem like the worst!” Lily gasped and pointed at Scott, “Going off to die is a lot worst then talking to your evil, bastard of a father. And before any of you say anything, fine going off to Genosha by myself was bad, but it worked out didn’t it? We’re still alive.”


“You notice who he didn’t mention,” Cory said smugly, puffing out his chest.


“I’m sure that’s because you’re as important to him as you are to me,” Cassie said with a nasty smile.


“That’s mean,” he pointed to her, “But its okay. I know you love me lots. ”


“Eh,” Cassie shrugged but then smiled at Cory.


“See,” Cory smiled, “I’m loved and the only actual X-Men who uses my noggin’”


“You tried to burn down our school,” I reminded him.


“I set a trash can on fire!” Cory screamed, “A trash can! And it was just to get out of class! I thought it was a pretty smart idea.”


“Other then that one mishap,” Scott spoke before I could, “I would say Cory here has used his head the most.”


“From one Apocalypse to the next,” I said with a smirk. Cassie laughed, while Lily smiled and gave Cory a sympathetic pat on the back. Cory brushed my comment off. This was a shining moment for him.


“You all need to start thinking more,” Scott spoke in a stern serious, “No more going off on your own, you work as a team. No more secrets, and no more lies. You can no just throw yourself into danger time after time, because you feel you know what you doing is right. Sometimes you need to put your feelings aside, and use your heads.”


“Like me,” Cory nodded.


Scott continued to talk for about another two hours, though it would have been shorter if we didn’t keep interrupting him. He told us while he felt we were more prepared then ever that we still had tons of room for improvement, especially over the use of our powers. One of the things he said about our powers was that, “We aren’t using them to our potential.” Well, I’m actually okay with that. My powers are…scary. There are things I might have the potential to do that I really don’t want to ever be able to access. Maybe I’m being a coward, but I think I’m just being safe. Power does corrupt and I don’t want to see who I might become if I become some uber-mutant.


It was around eight when Scott gave us permission to leave, which was good since my friend was having a party and I needed to meet Megan, my girlfriend and sometimes member of our little team, there. Ororo was going to drive us home. I wanted to fly, but they wouldn’t let me. I thought it was a bit unfair. I mean I did have the power and I wasn’t harming anyone. See what I mean about how power corrupts…


“Josh,” Scott called back to me as I followed Lily, Cassie and Cory out the door.


I looked back to him, as Ororo passed me, putting a hand on my shoulder as she walked out.


“What’s up?” I asked looking at him curiously.


“I just wanted to see how you are doing,” He looked at me, “You took quite a hit to the face there today.”


“Yeah, and I got a cut to prove it,” I pointed to my forehead, “Think the ladies will think I’m badass?”


Scott laughed, “Maybe.”


“Probably not,” I frowned, “They all just to busy thinking how  lucky I am for actually having Megan as a girlfriend.”


“Been there,” Scott replied with a smile, “Still there.”


“I’m not sure whether to agree with you or not,” I said feeling a bit uncomfortable, “I’m not sure if you are allowed to talk about a guy’s wife. His mom, yes, his wife…I’ve never really been put in that situation yet.”


Scott laughed again, “Its okay. Listen, I wanted to talk to you about your role here.”


“My role?” I asked him raising an eyebrow.


“As a leader,” Scott replied.


“Oh,” I nodded my head slowly, “We’ve talked about that tons, and I will seriously take your suggestions.” Well not all of them. Someone is all work and no play.


“Good to hear,” Scott said, “But I just want to know if you’re ready.”


“It’s been two years Scott,” I reminded him, “I’m not exactly just taking on the leadership mantle.”


“I know, I know,” Scott replied, “But it seems that things are getting a bit more hectic on the mutant scene. More and more mutants seem to be attacking humans, and not just the ones trying to get Magneto to let them into the Brotherhood.”

He was right. I mean sure we still got the attacks where people would do their little evil auditions for the Brotherhood, thanks to Magneto being a little bastard. You know, cause mutant havoc, hurt a few humans, and Magneto would consider you for the Brotherhood, though he only seemed to pick the best.  I mean, I guess I wasn’t expecting him to stop. He’s been doing this since a couple of days after Thanksgiving after all, and it seemed to be a success for him. A major one at that, because these they seem to have inspired people who don’t even want to join him to cause hell on Earth.

Mutant attacks on humans are increasing all over, and there is only so much we can do about it. Last week, in Texas, a mutant blew up a bus full of kids. Kids! I hated that there was nothing I could have done, nothing at all. It all just happened in minutes. He blew up the bus, and then killed himself. He wanted to prove a point of mutant supremacy, but what was he trying to prove? Hey, we are powerful, we kill children! No, that just supports the ideas that we are monsters. Even Magneto sent out a message condemning the man’s actions. Yet mutants are slowly starting to get more and more extreme, and the humans are scared. Who could blame them?


Recently re-elected Senator Kelly is once again fighting for Mutant Registration and is making it no secret how Sentinels in, as he called it, a less lethal form could be of great asset in the fight against Mutant Terror. He is actually garnering support from a lot of people. And just like the mutant attacks on humans increasing, human attacks on mutants are also increasing. Two teenage boys beat two mutants in Missouri to death five days ago. Apparently they didn’t have the proper evidence to charge the boys, so the kids got off. It’s bullshit. This is all only increasing the extremist mutant activities. So mutants are scared too. Again, who could blame them?


“Josh? Are you okay?”


Scott was looking at me concerned, but I shook my head.


“I’m good,” I shook my head and gave him a weak smile, “And yeah I know things aren’t exactly peaceful right now, but it’s been like this before right? Back in the 90’s when you guys were dealing with it? I mean it was probably more grunge then, and there was that East Side, West Side thing going on, but it’s still basically the same. So, we just have to hope things cool down again.”


“I wouldn’t exactly say they were the same,” Scott frowned, “When we were dealing with it, the mutant population wasn’t anywhere near close to as it is now. We had just reached maybe four million at most, and now we supposedly have ten million. People were scared then, but now, with the extremist attacks seeming to get worse and Magneto having Genosha-”


“It’s been decided we aren’t giving the government their location right?” I asked Scott, “I mean Genosha should stay hidden, innocent people would be-”


“Yes, we all agree that Genosha’s location will stay safely with us,” Scott smiled.


“Good,” I nodded, “Listen Scott, I know I’m not exactly the most mature person you’ve ever met but I do take this seriously. We are trying to help people, save lives and avoid a war. And don’t forget this team consists of my best friends. I would never let anything happen to them. My heart and my head, is in this one hundred percent.”


“I know,” Scott replied, “But you have to remember, that sometimes as a leader, you have to put friendship aside.”


“Yeah, I know,” I nodded. I wasn’t sure I could actually do that, but I wasn’t going to tell Scott that. I wanted him to at least feel that I had a handle of things.


“Alright,” Scott put out a hand for me to shake and I took it, “Be safe.”


“You too,” I smiled.


“And I don’t want you to worry too much,” Scott smiled, “We have some plans at the Institute that should help you and your friends out a bit. Give our students some more hands on experience.”


I smiled, “Hey, the more the merrier.”




I arrived at my friend Milo’s house a little after 9:30. I did have to go home and change. The others didn’t want to come with me, Lily and Cassie had work the next morning, and Cory had band practice.


So I dressed my best, nice red polo shirt a pair of jeans without any holes, the good stuff. My mom dropped me off, yelling at me for leaving my television on after I practically ran out the house today. I had a good reason! I was trying to stop evil!


I walked right into Milo’s backyard, where at least fifteen people had gathered.


“About time!” one of my oldest friend’s Derek Stevens shouted out to me, “I told you to be here at seven. We BBQ’ed”


“Sorry I missed it,” I said sarcastically as I stepped forward.


“Hey,” Megan walked up to me and gave me a quick kiss on the lips.


She smiled up at me with her beautiful blue eyes. She looked really pretty tonight, kind of laid back. Her blonde hair was tied back into a ponytail. Megan and I had begun dating about five months ago, much to just about everyone at school’s surprise, hell much to my surprise. She is, in my opinion, a knock out. She also usually dated older guys until now, so some people, mostly Cassie, think she’s a slut. I mean, I know she isn’t. We haven’t had sex yet. She says because she feels I’m special, and that we should wait until the right moment. I’ve been trying to make it the right moment for five months now.


“You okay?” she ran her hand over my forehead. Her soft skin felt so good.


“Yeah I’m good,” I smiled at her.


“I would have come,” she whispered softly, “But Allie didn’t want to be here without me.”


“No worries,” I assured her, “It’s been dealt with.”


She smiled at me and kissed me softly on the lips. Her lips were so warm, that they made my body feel even hotter then it already was, but I didn’t mind it at all.


“Hey! PDA!” Derek screamed loudly, “No wants to see that.”


Megan rolled her eyes at Derek, and then the two of us took seats right by Derek and his girlfriend Allie Peters.


“Here,” he said throwing me a can of Coors Light.


“Thanks,” I reached for it but it hit my hand and fell to the ground.


“Nice catch,” Derek laughed.


I picked up the beer from the floor and opened the can of beer, just as Milo walked over taking a seat across from me.


“Wow, thanks for showing up,” he said sarcastically.


“Sorry, something came up,” I lied right to his face. I am kind of good at doing that now.


I felt Megan put a hand on mine. I looked to her and noticed she looked a bit uneasy. Megan was really uncomfortable with being a mutant. She is afraid of people knowing about her. She’s afraid they’ll think she’s a freak or something, and that she’ll lose her popularity. God forbid. Though she has at least been training her powers. She had the power to teleport and had really improved the past few months. She could now teleport up to five miles.


“Ugh,” Milo through his head back, “I can’t believe we have to go back to school soon. I am not ready.”


“Yeah,” I shook my head. I too dreaded going come back. With the increased mutant activity happening, it would be harder then ever to balance my work, school, and family. Junior is also supposed to be the toughest and most important. Plus the SATs are coming up. My mom doesn’t think I’m prepared, and neither do I. Sure Scott said he’d be having students over at the Institute help with the whole mutant thing, but I mean, I have a feeling we’ll still be kept pretty busy.


“So have you guys heard about the new Dean of Discipline?” Allie asked.


“We have a Dean of Discipline?” I frowned.


“We do now,” Allie replied, “My mom heard that the guy they are bringing in is some ex S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.”


“Nick Fury?” I asked. “Did he quit?”


“No,” Allie looked at me like I was crazy, “Some other guy. I forgot his name. I do know that he was part of the division that dealt with mutants.”


“What?” I asked sitting up in my chair.


“That’s why they are apparently bringing him,” Allie continued, “Because of all the mutant stuff that happened in our town.”


“What mutant stuff?” I asked stupidly. “What mutant stuff,” I muttered extremely low to myself. Like I didn’t know. Not one of my brightest moments.


“Well,” Allie put out her hand and started to count on her fingers, “There was that time that mutants attacked our school.”


“Oh that,” I bit my lip. That was when Magneto sent the Brotherhood after me before my powers even emerged. But really they never attacked the school; they were on the roof the whole time. I actually had to contain a smile. That was the day my powers emerged.


“There was that other time those mutants attacked the school,” Allie put up another finger.


That time was because Magneto wanted to make our life harder I guess. I think he was trying to just make a point either to the humans or us. Who knows? He’s just a fun guy.


“Then there was that time your sister got kidnapped by Magneto,” Allie shook her head at me.


“You see I didn’t see that as a bad thing,” I joked.


“And then there was that time that mutant shot those people,” Allie put up yet another finger.


I grimaced at this one. That was the horseman War. It was our first fight together, and sadly, during the time I was trying to get him away from a street full of houses, he shot some people. He also kicked my ass. I felt phantom pains in my stomach where War had once craved an A into my stomach. I felt Megan’s hand hold me tighter.


“And then there were those creepy zombies that attacked two days after that,” Allie put up a fifth finger and held out her hand to me.


“Sinister,” I said out loud. I heard Megan gasp slightly. I shook my head, “Sinister.” I wooed in a ghostly tone and waved my fingers in the air.


“And lets not count today’s little attack,” Allie put down her hand, “I mean, we seem to be freak central.”


Freak central?” I raised an eyebrow. Megan shifted next to me uncomfortably.


“I didn’t mean it like that,” Allie shook her head, “I have nothing against mutants, I just mean…all the bad ones seem to come here.”


“Yeah,” I frowned, “So uh, is this guy just a rumor or is he for a real.”


“Oh he’s real,” Allie nodded quickly, “And my mom said he’s going to be a big hard ass. And don’t tell anyone I told you guys this, but supposedly, he’s also at the school searching for mutants.”


Megan gripped my hand harder.


“They think there is some sort of mutant gang here,” Allie continued some more. “And are school isn’t the only doing this. My mom said six other schools were getting this too. In counties all over New York.”


“Wow,” I muttered.


“Hey Megan, come with me to the bathroom,” Allie got up and grabbed Megan’s arm.


“A-alright,” Megan sounded a bit shaken and looked a bit pale. She looked back to me, “I’ll be back I guess.”


When Allie and Megan walked off, Derek moved closer to me and whispered into my ear.


“I’m breaking up with Allie tonight, I’m ready for a change man-”


He continued talking but I zoned him out. An ex-member of S.H.I.E.L.D, who was part of the division that dealt with mutants? This couldn’t be good. I mean, were some schools getting that desperate to find and I’m guessing expel mutants. And the thing that is worrying me most, did they suspect us?


“Oh great,” Derek said loudly as Allie walked back in. “Look who’s here.”


I looked up to where Derek turned and saw a well-built blonde boy with blue eyes walk into Milo’s side. By his side was a stunning Asian girl with long, purple hair, and piercing brown eyes.


Calvin Rankin and Betsy Braddock. Calvin Rankin had just moved to the town next to us, which housed our rival school, four months ago. He was a big shot where he was from, some town in Seattle. A huge football star, and now he was here and playing against our school, much to Derek’s dismay. He worked in the same place Milo worked, and the two became friends, so he would sometimes come to Milo’s when he had something at his house.


Betsy Braddock, who is like supermodel beautiful, is a girl who moved to our town this summer. Her family comes from England, and she’s also adopted, which is a very big deal for Lily. Lily is all about making friends with her and forming an Adopted Children Club. I heard she met Calvin at one of the parties and the two began dating. Apparently that’s what extremely pretty people do with each other.


I hadn’t really spoken to either much this summer, neither of them or myself going out of our way to make friends. Betsy has said hi once or twice, and Calvin has given me a head nod, but that’s really it. I just have this strange feeling that both of them really don’t like me.


“Man,” Derek said, “I hate those two. They think they are so special.”


I looked to Derek, and frowned, then back to Calvin and Betsy. There was definitely something strange about them. Megan was sitting back next to me, a worried look on her face.


I leaned in next to her and kissed her on her cheek, then moved my lips close to her ears.


“There is nothing to worry about,” I whispered so low that I was sure no one else could hear, “Trust me.”


I leaned back and Megan smiled at me.


Truth be told, I wasn’t sure how things were going to be, or if we really had nothing to worry about. It wasn’t just school, or this new guy coming it. It was everything that was going on in the world. Right now, it’s really dangerous to be special.

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