Elizabeth Braddock, Crystal Amaquelin, and Calvin Rankin. Three very different children with three very different lives. What made them become they were? Who are the Inhumans? Who are the Braddocks and what is Avalon? And what is Calvin Rankin’s deepest regret? Find out in the first part of the origins stories of the Mutant Liberation Front! Continue reading

Just because the Children of the Atom are powerless, doesn’t mean their lives are less dangerous. So who better to protect the band of young former mutants than another band of young mutants! The cast of Generation X guest stars as Josh does some more moping, Lily has an identity crisis, Cory makes a new connection and Cassie goes on a date! Yes a date! Continue reading

Friends no more! How are the CHildren handling being on their own in the big bad world? What exactly does Cassie have to say to Jamie Madrox? Is Lily going on a date? Is Josh an asshole? And just how hot is Cory? And more importantly, does any of this even matter because at the end of this episode the lives of the COTA kids will be turned upside down! Continue reading