The Bastards of Evil continue their assault on the Young Allies, tasked with their capture by the alternate reality white supremacist movement known as the World Party. As heroes become the hunted, Araña’s own personal allies search for the missing spider, intent on bringing her back to them. It’s a race against time as John Barnes’ plan becomes clearer! Continue reading

A tale from the people affected by superhero and villain showdowns, Victor Alvarez is the sole survivor of the Young Bastards attack on Spanish Harlem and he’s faced with a life changing decision when he discovers it’s because of his abilities: where does he go from here? Witness the birth of a new hero but is he the type of hero Spanish Harlem needs . . . or even wants? Continue reading

Downtime is well earned but now easy to come by and Jessica is learning that the hard way as her heart leads her into a very difficult situation that her head desperately wants to avoid! Meanwhile, Anya and Lucas spend their time together but it’s not all fun and games! Could Rome’s secrets lead everything into a war they never even knew was occurring as the Jackal and Crime-Master make an attack! Continue reading