Part 1: Unexpected

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Brooklyn, New York
Narrated by Anya Corazon

“Anya!” yells a voice out of nowhere.

This would be my pop’s voice and it’s so loud that it wakes me up from a dead sleep. The shock makes me jump out of bed and fall face first onto the floor. I pick my head up and rub it gently while I say, “Ouch…”

I guess I shouldn’t formally introduce myself since you probably know who I am. I get off the floor and sit on my bed beside my nightstand. I look at the clock.

“Ten o’clock!” I yell. “Oh, no I’m gonna be late.”

I get up and walk to my dresser to get me some clean clothes. On top of it is a picture of my mama. “Wish me luck,” I say to her.

I storm out of my room and head to the shower. Afterwards I get myself together and then run into the kitchen. There sits pop, “Anya, you over slept again…”

“I know, pop. I know,” I say. “It couldn’t be helped. I just couldn’t get to sleep last night.”

“Going to college is a big step in life,” replies pop. “I was nervous on my first day.”

“Yeah, but this isn’t my first day,” I say. “I’m just going on a tour…god I hate being on edge when it comes to these things.”

“Are you gonna be okay to go on your own?” asks pop. “I don’t want you driving all the way by yourself if you can’t handle the pressure.”

“No, no. I’m fine,” I say before giving him a hug. “I gotta go.”

“Drive safe,” he says as open the door. “Remember I’ll be away for a few days so you’ll have to find dinner on your own.”

“I’ll find something good. Later,” I say while waving.

On the Road

Pop is a reporter for the New York Herald and he is working on a big story so he’ll be out for awhile. Today I’m going to take a tour of my new school, Empire State University, which is in Manhattan. Then later I’m gonna join up with my friend from high school named Felicia Hardy. She’s like really rich and got this nice apartment off-campus and she wants me to move in with her.

We became good friends back in the early years of high school. Her boyfriend was mistreating her and well I put my two cents in. Ever since then we were friends.

Later—Empire State University

I parked then ran. Luckily I caught up with the tour just in time.

“Punctual as always, Anya,” laughs Felicia.

“I…made…it…didn’t…I,” I try to speak but I’m out of breath. “Did I miss anything?”

“A few places, something I can just show you later,” replies Felicia. “We’re going to see science wing of the school.”

“Oh, joy,” I say.

“Yeah, I know,” she says. “What could be worse then science?”

“I believe math for one,” I reply as we begin to walk again.

Our tour guide points things out as we move along, until we reach the science labs. The building seems quite big. Guess they have a lot of nerds here. We walk in. All the equipment took me by shock. I expected some little science fair and came across loads of freaky machines.

“I hear they dissect dead people in here,” says Felicia.

“Gross…,” I mutter. “You and your gossip. You’d believe in alligators living in the sewers if you were told so.”

“Hey, I like being cautious,” replies Felicia.

“Right,” I laugh.

“Now ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to our lead scientists here at ESU,” says the tour Guide. “The gentleman to my left is Dr. Otto Octavius and this here is our newest member to the staff Dr. Carolyn Trainer. Both of them have a Ph.D in nuclear physics, and they’re working together on a new source of energy output.”

“Nuclear fusion?” questions a young man from the crowd.

“Ahh, I see you have heard of what we are doing here young man,” says Otto Octavius as he walks before the crowd. “What might your name be?”

“Peter Parker, sir,” he says. “You’ve been an idol of mine for as long as I can remember.”

“Son, there is no need for formality,” replies Octavius. “You can call me Otto. It is a great pleasure to see you all here and I hope that you all will be bringing some major contributions to science.”

“…,” I sigh.

Is it clear enough? I really hate science. On top of that we’ve also found the biggest nerd in school, this Peter Parker.

“You don’t look too thrilled about being here young lady,” says Carolyn Trainer stepping next to me. “I’m gonna take a guess and say you don’t care for science?”

“Well you hit it on the head,” I reply.

“It’s understandable, everyone has their own calling,” says Trainer. “What is your course of study?”

“Writing,” I say. “I love writing!”

“Good to hear,” says Trainer. “The world can always use more writers. I’ll be looking forward to reading your work, Miss…”

“Anya Corazon,” I reply.

“A fine name for a future author,” says Trainer. “I’ll be in the student union tomorrow afternoon, if you’re around you should drop by with some of your work.”

“I’d be glad to!” I say.

God now who looks like a nerd…well you can’t get enough feedback on your writing. I’m sure most writers act like me when it comes to feedback.

“Hmm…what is with all these insects?” asks Felicia as she walks over to another section of the lab.

“Insects?” questions Octavius. “These, young lady, are arachnids. They are not insects.”

“Oh, well anything that’s tiny, slimy, and has eight legs is an insect to me,” replies Felicia. “What are you doing with them?”

“A study,” replies Trainer stepping in. “Spiders are fascinating creatures. They are well known for being able to adapt to different environments so we’ve been studying to see how much they can adapt to.”

“These right here are weird looking,” says Felicia. “The blue and red ones.”

“Those ones have been introduced to radioactive chemicals,” says Trainer. “As you can see they have even adapted to something as extreme as radioactivity.”

While the group looks at the many plastic cages filled with spiders, a lone spider slowly moves down from the ceiling by its webbing. It moves lower and lower until it reaches Peter’s eye level.

“Ahh!” yells Peter as he swats away the spider.

It is sent flying then after a short distance it lands on my arm. I’m caught off guard and when I go to strike it, it runs off toward me hand. As an act of defense it bites me right below the palm.

“Ow!” I yell. “That thing bit me! Whoa the room is starting to spin…”

My head hurts and the spinning is making me want to puke. I lose my balance.

“Whoa, chica,” calls a voice behind me. “I got ya.”

I fall backwards into some guy’s hands. Dr. Trainer comes over to check on me. She checks my pulse, “She’s alive, but she was bitten by one of our spiders. The venom could be running through her veins. Oh no she’s burning up. She’s already starting to develop a fever.”

Narrated by Felicia Hardy

“Lucas!” I yell to the guy holding Anya. “Find a good place to put her down!”

The guy who caught her just happens to be my new boyfriend, I haven’t brought it up with her yet. I pull out my cell phone and dial 911, “Yes, a friend of mine was just bitten by a venomous spider here at E.S.U. and she needs help right now! Umm, hmm, okay.”

Lucas places her down gently and I walk over. Lucas looks at her with tension in his eyes.

“It is gonna be okay, sweetie,” I say. “An ambulance will be here in no time.”


“Hey, get outta the way you lousy bum!” yells the paramedic driving the ambulance. “Damn it! We’re not gonna be able to get through.”

“Must be an accident further up,” says another. “I’ll go check it out.”

“Yeah, just hurry,” says the paramedic.


“Where are they?” I ask.

“This isn’t good, she getting worse,” says Dr. Trainer.

Lucas holds her hand. He looks at me and with our eyes we silently agree on getting her out of here. Hopefully he’ll be allowed to get her out of here.

“Look it’s been too long,” says Lucas. “It’s probably best if I get her there myself.”

“Are you crazy?” asks Dr. Trainer. “If the ambulance is being held back, what hopes do you have in getting her there?”

“I have my ways,” says Lucas as he picks my body off the floor.

He runs out of the building. Then he looks for a place to hide. I step out of the building and watch as he charges out of the shadows with great speed wearing an orange and black leather costume. He of course has superhuman powers which I know about.

“This will be our little secret,” says Lucas as he runs with her.

Bellevue Hospital Center

Lucas put her in the care of the doctors here at the country’s oldest hospital. They quickly took her in. No idea what they did to her exactly but it worked. After clearing her body of the venom they put her in a room to recover.

The next day Lucas, Dr. Trainer, and I came to visit. She was still asleep at the time. I shake my head in frustration, “I can’t get a hold of her father. Where can he be?”

“You said he was a reporter right?” asks Lucas. “Maybe he’s away on assignment. It would make sense.”

“So, how are you two affiliated with Anya?” asks Dr. Trainer.

“Well Dr. Trainer…,” I start.

“No, no! Call me Carolyn,” she says.

“Well Carolyn…me and her are best friends, been so for awhile,” I reply.

“She doesn’t actually remember me,” says Lucas. “But I used to live right next door to her.”

“I didn’t know that,” I say.

“Hmm…well I’m glad to see the both of you care for her so much,” says Carolyn. “You both must be starving. How about I buy you lunch?”

“You don’t have to do that,” I state.

“It will be my pleasure, come,” she says.

“Okay,” I say turning to Lucas. “Baby stay here with her please. I’ll get you something nice to eat.”

“Yeah, I’ll stay with her but there’s something we need to talk about first,” he says making sure Dr. Trainer is gone. “Look I don’t know how you’ll take this. I don’t know how to explain this. Seeing Anya was quite unexpected. But there’s something you should know about me and her.”

“What?” I ask.

“We were more then just neighbors…,” he starts. “You know a lot more…”

“A lot more…?” I question. “No… You’re kidding? You’re not kidding. My best friend is your ex?”

“Yeah,” he replies. “And I don’t want that to change anything between us or between you two. It won’t will it?”

“Well, this is unbelievable,” I say. “But I’m an adult. So are you two. We can get pass this. I guess I should be happy you were honest with me. Thank you for telling me.”

I smile at him before grabbing the door handle.

“Be back in a few,” I say.

Narrated by Lucas Garcia

She leaves and I kick back in the chair near Anya’s bed. I pull an MP3 player out of my pocket and put the earpieces in my ears then press play. I rock my head to the song. Meanwhile Anya starts to finally wake up. Her head is turned facing the other side of the room so I’m not aware of the fact. Her eyes open and they immediately close from the brightness of the sunlight coming through the curtains.

“Ran across a picture you took of me and it got me thinking about how we used to be. I still hear you sayin’ you love me when I close my eyes. If I didn’t go away for school, then where would we be? Probably still together and somewhere happy. If I’m supposed to be moved on to new relationships then darlin’ why are you still hauntin’ me?” I sing while I rock my head. “They say if you love somethin’ let it go and if it comes back then that’s how you know. I got to the stoplight then I made four rights. Now I’m back where I started and you’re back in my life. The further I go the closer I get back to you. I say I moved on till I’m reminded of you. Can somebody help me? Help me get out of this circle? Get out of this circle?”

She turns her head to face me. My eyes are closed and I’m rocking to the beat. She smiles before she says, “You have nice voice.”

“You’re awake!” I say joyfully.

“Whose song is that?” she asks.

“Marques Houston, it’s called ‘Circle’,” I state. “It actually means something to me, since I’m stuck in a circle.”

“What?” she asks.

“A circle could represent a relationship that keeps continuing,” I explain. “I may not see the girl for years and then I’ll turn and there she is. It’s happened many times for me only this time around the girl has forgotten me.”

“Ow…tough,” she says. “You know this has been an interesting conversation, but may I ask who you are and where I’m at?”

“Yeah, Anya…I’m Lucas…Lucas Garcia,” I reply as she finally realizes with a shocked look on her face. “You were bitten by a spider. A venomous one. You almost died, but I brought you here.”

“You look so different…,” she says putting her left hand to my cheek. “You don’t look like a kid anymore and you got yourself in shape.”

“Yeah my mom doesn’t even recognize me anymore,” I say as I grab her hand from my face and then hold on to it.

“So what does this mean?” she asks.

“It means nothing,” I reply. “I’m with Felicia. Just concerned about you that’s all.”

“I’m fine,” she says looking away from me.

Narrated by Anya Corazon

“Anya!” yells Felicia as she walks in. “I’m so glad to see you awake!”

“Felicia…Dr. Trainer…,” I say trying to hide my discomfort.

Jeez, how could I forget about Lucas? I’ve gone out with a few guys in my time but he was the only one I had a meaningful relationship with. It was actually around the time my mama was murdered that our relationship went downhill. It wasn’t his fault at all. He tried to be very supportive. He tried very hard. After I ignored him for awhile it just ended.

“Earth to Anya!” exclaims Felicia.

“Huh? Say what?” I ask.

“I asked you if you were hungry,” she replies. “We brought a lot of good stuff.”

“Yeah definitely,” I reply.

The Next Day

Felicia sat at my bed in my hospital room while I was in the bathroom getting ready to take a shower. I’ve been in bed for awhile so I’m in need of a scrubbing.

“I got a hold of your dad,” she said. “He said he’ll be home tomorrow, and he expects you to be there.”

“Okay,” I say through the bathroom door.

“Don’t forget to wash behind your ears!” laughs Felicia.

“Oh, very funny,” I say.

I look in the mirror and stare at my messed up hair and sigh, “God my beautiful hair…”

I remove my hospital gown and then my jaw drops. I didn’t even notice. My body has changed. My arms have bigger muscles. My flat stomach has change into six-pack abs. And my…well you know…got bigger too…

Got myself together and went out to join Felicia, she laughs, “All fresh and clean now?”

“What’s gotten into you today?” I ask. “You seem way too happy.”

“I have a big date tonight,” replies Felicia.

“Oh, is it with Mr. Garcia?” I question.

“Now you’re trying to be funny, but it doesn’t seem to be working,” says Felicia. “Tonight is gonna be special cause we may for the first time…”

“Ah, so you’re that point in the relationship,” I say. “Good for you sweetie. Just make sure you know what you’re getting into.”

“Yes,” replies Felicia. “Let’s not get into one of those talks. Come on I want to show you our crib.”

“Crib?” I laugh. “Now that’s a joke right there.”

NYC Skyline
Narrated by Lucas Garcia

Nothing like a good patrol of the city to wake you up! Yeah so I’m back into my costume. Generally I look like a ninja. Felicia knows all about this. She discovered my secret life after I saved her one night from a group of street thugs. We were already going out by then so this discovery kind of solidified our relationship. While in costume I no longer respond to the name Lucas. I call myself Llamarado.

I’ve been running from rooftop to rooftop for about an hour and everything seems well. Wish I could kick some loser’s ass right about now. There’s never a bank robbery happening when you need one.

Didn’t think I’d see Anya again. We got together just before in our freshman year in high school and it lasted a good amount of time. Our senior year her mother was murdered. Not sure by who. But I had just gotten my powers of fire creation and I even gained super speed. I was unable to do anything about it and I’ve felt bad ever since.

Anya and I were out on a date. When we came home the police were everywhere with their sirens buzzing. We weren’t sure what happened at first but when we entered her house we found her mother on the floor surrounded by paramedics. I did my best to consol Anya as the carried her mother from the house. Must have not been good at doing it, because I tried to again and again and I just got shot down.

Cue the sirens! That’s enough of looking on the past. Time for some crime fighting. I look to the street below and see the police chasing after a car with someone hanging out of the passenger’s seat aiming a loaded gun at them. This should be fun.

On the street the two being pursued do all they can to get to freedom, the one in the passenger’s seat fires away with a shotgun.

“Aim better! Aim better!” yells the driver.

“Hey, if you didn’t drive like some old piece of shit…,” starts the passenger before being thrown back into the car. “What the hell was that?”

“We had to make a little detour,” claims the driver.

“Well it didn’t work ‘cause they’re still behind us!” yells the passenger.

As they freak over what to do, they hear a loud bang on the roof of the car. “Huh? What was that?” asks the passenger.

I pop down over the windshield to say, “Excuse me, you wouldn’t happen to be heading to Brooklyn? Cause I could seriously use a lift!”

“Holy shit!” both the criminals yell.

“How can shit be holy?” I ask jokingly.

The passenger pulls out his shotgun and tries to fire upon me. I flip forward off the rooftop dodging the bullet. I land some distance away and turn to face the car. I can see the fear in their eyes as the car moves closer to me. People stand in shock along the street, thinking I’m about to be hit.

The result however is the total opposite. Instead I hit them. I thrust a flaming fist into the hood and smash it down into the engine. The car finally comes to a halt.

“I’d say enjoy paying the bill on this, but I think you’ll be busy for the next few years,” I say as the police catch up to us.

“No I won’t go back!” yells the passenger running from the car.

“Just what I was hoping for,” I laugh.

The driver appears to be out so I have no worries when it comes to chasing this loser down. He runs down an alleyway. The greatest place for a superhero to scare the hell out of a crook.

“Gotta get away!” yells the fleeing criminal.

He continues to run until he reaches a dead end. He presses his back against the wall waiting what comes. I stand at the other end of the alley focusing on my powers to give him a little scare. Nearby him a trash can’s lid is blasted off as a pillar of fire rises from within it.

“Ahh!” yells the criminal.

Fire begins spiraling out of every direction. He then huddles over in the fetal position begging for mercy.

“Ay, vato, you’re no fun,” I laugh while walking in. “I expected a fight.”

I drop my head in boredom. I look upon the quivering criminal and notice something. Around his neck, it appears to be a blue pendant in the shape of a spider. It’s hangs from his neck on a thick piece of black string.

“Where did you get this?” I ask while ripping it from his neck.

“I…I don’t know…just found it I swear,” he claims.

“That’s a load of crap,” I say examining the pendant. “This belongs to someone I know. And you took it from her.”

I give the guy a swift kick to the stomach.

“Please, don’t hurt me,” he says. “Just leave me be and I promise to never steal again.”

“Well, you’re just dishing out more crap aren’t ya?” I question. “You’re going to jail. And just for stealing this I’ll make sure you get a good cell. You might even get a new name. Like Tiffany or Laura…or something… How’s that sound!?”

I pick him off the ground and shove him into the wall. Then pull various daggers from my belt and begin to throw them at him. They don’t harm him, just pin him against the wall.

“Now if you’ll excuse me I have to take this somewhere,” I say before flying off.

The police finally make their merry way down the alleyway. Wonder what took them so long…they see the guy pinned against the wall scared out of his mind.

“Looks like someone left us a present,” says one of the officers. “Let’s get him down from there. Damn I think he peed on himself…”

Apartment of Anya & Felicia
Narrated by Anya Corazon

Oh this bed is so comfortable!!! Where has this been all my life? I rub my head into the pillow to make it more comfortable. Then I pull on the covers, but when I try to let go I can’t remove my hands.

“This is weird…,” I mutter.

I struggle a bit to try and remove the covers. After a brief battle I finally pull them off. “Did I cover my hands in superglue or something?” I ask while looking at my fingertips.

I can’t really make it out, but there’s something on my fingers. I scratch my head in confusion and decide to get out of bed. Felicia is in the kitchen cooking something. I walk in to investigate.

“Please tell me you’re making something good!” I say.

Felicia points over to the microwave and the container of food within it.

“Leftovers,” says Felicia. “Had Chinese last night with Lucas.”

“Oh…? So how’s that going?” I ask.

“Great! I love him so much,” replies Felicia. “And I know he loves me.”

“That’s wonderful. I’m happy for you,” I say trying to hide the fact that I’m not happy with this…

The front door which just happens to be right next to the kitchen opens up. In walks Lucas, while putting a set of keys in his pocket.

“You have keys to this place?” I ask.

“Yeah, nice to see you too,” replies Lucas.

“Hey, baby, I didn’t expect you here so early,” says Felicia. “Our date isn’t for a few more hours.”

“I wanted to make sure Anya was doing all right, and see how the roommate-thing is working out for you two,” says Lucas.

“Everything’s good here,” I say. “I love this place.”

“I want to talk to Felicia alone for a moment if you’re cool with that?” asks Lucas. “But before that I found something that belongs to you.”

He pulls out a necklace from his pocket.

“Wait that looks like my mama’s…,” I start.

“It is hers,” replies Lucas.

“Where did you get it?” I ask.

“There was a police chase earlier today in the city. I just happened to be in the spot where some of their loot fell out of their car…,” he says. “Just luck I guess.”

I grab the necklace and put it around my neck.

“Now Felicia, come here,” says Lucas pulling her along with him.

I just watch them head over to the next room and begin talking. I see their lips move but don’t hear anything. I make a strange gesture with my right hand in anger at the situation.


“…,” I remain speechless as I stare at a long strand of what appears to be a spider web extending from my wrist to the microwave door. I pull the webbing causing the door to open.


More webbing comes out and attaches to the container of Chinese food. I pull on it and it comes to me. “Hmm…that could be useful,” I say.


I try this webbing out again to get myself a fork. It works and I pull it over to me.

“Looks like Chinese it is,” I say sticking the fork into the food.

Next: Anya discovers more changes after her recovery from the spider bite. Can she figure out what’s happening to her before it’s too late? What will she do when a homicidal maniac comes after her? Only next issue will tell.

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