Gilberto Corazon sat alone at a restaurant table. He was here to meet someone. He felt weird. Typically, he would stay home in the morning and sit down to have breakfast with his daughter. He couldn’t help but think how soon he wouldn’t be able to do that with Anya moving off to college. He felt he needed to treasure every moment before she headed out on her own, but it couldn’t be helped.

Ever since his wife Sofia passed away his life has been exactly the same, raise Anya and go to work. He never took the time to explore a love life, something he felt wrong about doing with the woman he loved no longer with him. For the first time in years Gil has actually met someone. He didn’t know what Anya would think. He really didn’t know what to think himself, but for some reason he felt himself be guided to meet this new woman that entered his life. Gilberto was then joined by a woman with long jet-black hair. She sat at the table and smiled.

“So you finally broke away from that hectic life of yours?” she asked. “How did your daughter take it? Ahh, you didn’t tell her.”

“I’m sorry Elaine I…” he started.

“Don’t worry about it,” she replied. “This is a big adjustment for you and I’m sure it will be for her as well. So let’s just take this one step at a time. Let’s order something.”

“Hmm, yeah.”

As the two looked at the menu something strange began to happen outside the restaurant. People on the street began running away from something. They then looked outside to see what was happening.

“What’s up with those people?” asked Elaine.

She got her answer as they would see creatures they’ve never seen before chasing the people. These creatures were humanoid wasps flying after the citizens of New York.

Gilberto stood up, “No it can’t be!”

Part III: God Complex
Written by:


Araña and friends were among the rooftops in a place they wouldn’t be seen by any passersby. Armory was applying bandages to Estrella’s forehead. Just before they reached this location Estrella was caught up in a fight with a young hero named Nomad whose judgment has been clouded by her feelings toward anyone associated with the Insect Kingdom.

“Jess, what was that all about?” asked Araña. “How did you get in a fight with that girl?”

“I…I…don’t understand why she came at me,” Estrella stated.

“Don’t move!” commanded Armory. “It’s probably best if you don’t talk. You were badly beaten up. Let me tend to you.”

Armory continued to work on Estrella. Araña looked toward Avispa who walked to the edge of the building. A lot had happened in the last few hours. The wasps returned along with his father and then the leader of this group called the Young Allies targeted Estrella. Too much was happening at once. She could only imagine what her boyfriend was thinking.

“Lucas, she’ll be all right,” she tried to reassure him. “We have to keep our minds clear. There are too many threats opposing us right now to let your anger get the best of you.”

“My anger is in check,” he answered coldly.

“I find that hard to believe,” she walked over to him. “Your deadbeat father appears out of the blue and your sister is nearly killed. If it were me I would be beyond angry.”

She approached him and placed a hand on his shoulder. She noticed that his goggles were up on his forehead and couldn’t sense an ounce of emotion from him.

“You know letting your anger control you is bad but,” she started. “Holding your emotions in is just as bad. It could make you sick. I’m here for you. Share your feelings with me.”

It was then she noticed drops of tears hit the concrete below them. She turned him to face her and hugged him tightly.

“This all my doing.”

“No it’s not.”

“If it weren’t for my powers Jess wouldn’t have done what she did,” he began to rant. “My father wouldn’t be here to hurt the people of this city. I should just disappear.”

“No!” Araña squeezed Avispa tighter. “None of this is your fault! It’s your father’s! He bonded this power to you. It was his enemies that attacked Jess. And he’s the one bringing trouble to this city. But we will put an end to it. Together.”

“Lucas…” Estrella slowly and painfully pulled herself off the ground. “Leaving out on my own was my decision. I love you and will do anything for you. Don’t blame yourself for my sake.”

“Jess, stay down,” Armory pleaded with her.

Estrella dragged herself to her brother, nearly there she lost her balance and was caught by him, “And don’t you dare think that any of this is your responsibility. Anya is right it’s all our father’s fault. We have to deal with him once and for all.”

“You might get the chance,” Armory interrupted.

“What’s going on?” asked Araña.

“The wasps are attacking the city,” replied Armory. “They’re attacking everything. Every single borough. Guys there are a lot of people down on Wall Street right now. All those protestors are sitting ducks.”

“Better call the Spider Society in,” Anya pulled a communicator. “There’s no way we can tackle this on our own. I’ll call Miguel.”

“Where will we start to take the fight to them?” asked Estrella.

“Oh, you’re not fighting anyone,” Armory stopped her. “You’re gonna find a safe place to hide while we handle this. Lucas, you should head to Brooklyn and I’ll get to Queens. Hopefully the rest of the Society can handle the Bronx and Staten Island. Anya, stay here and see if you can help those out on Wall Street.”


Protestors fill the financial district of New York City. For a couple months now people have been occupying Wall Street in Zuccotti Park to protest the current state of the country. It’s been rough few months trying to put a stop to corporate greed, social and economic inequality and various other problems, but nothing could compare to what was about to happen now.

The sky became filled with drones of the Sisterhood of the Wasp. Human-shaped wasps flew around and began their attack on the civilians in the area. The drones shot their stingers amongst the crowd hitting cars, knocking over street lights, and causing a man to crash into a newspaper vending machine belonging to the Daily Bugle. One drone dived through the crowd slamming into people. Another swooped down and picked a woman off the ground, flew her a couple stories high and dropped her.

“Ahh!!!” the woman yelled.


The familiar web-slinging sound came out of nowhere and with it Araña catching the woman underneath her right arm. Araña swung the woman to safety.

“Thank you,” said the woman. “Thank you so much.”

“Don’t mention it, now get out of here!” exclaimed Araña. “Okay, so tons of wasp drones all over the place. This would have been the perfect time for Miguel to show up.”

Araña grabbed the attention of the drones. They were very familiar with her. A number of them hissed at her before they made their move.

“KILL THE SPIDER HUNTER!!” hissed one of them.

“Oh, well I’m happy to see you guys too,” Araña’s sarcastic remark made them madder.

They shot their stingers at her, which she dodged by bouncing up with her great reflexes. She shot a strand of webbing that caught a drone. She attempted to pull the drone but it instead pulled her. Surprised she tried to retake control and clenched a fist as she was pulled in the drone’s direction. Her punch did nothing.

“These guys were pushovers the last time we fought,” Araña looked around at the increasing number of drones. “What changed?”

A drone dove at her. Araña quickly pulled a bottle of pepper spray from her belt and sprayed him. The drone crashed behind her. She started to laugh at how she didn’t think that would work but as she did she was hit from behind by a sting blast. She flew forward into a mob of drones that all began to attack her. She was knocked around before falling out of the mob and to her knees. She looked up to see one of the higher ranking members of the Sisterhood, the Red Wasp.

“What a pleasure to get a chance to take out the Spider Hunter,” she said as she stepped forward.

“Shouldn’t you be on some street corner whoring yourself off to horny old men?” Araña said in reference to Red Wasp’s costume which was skin-tight underneath a corset.

“How clever,” the Red Wasp joked. “You have the whit befitting a spider.”

Araña went for Red Wasp shooting her impact webbing at her. Red Wasp simply shrunk to dodge the balls of web. A drone came out of nowhere and tackled Araña into the crowd of protestors. She got up and looked at the people.

“Why the hell are you still here?” she was baffled at why there was still people in the area.

Another drone came by. Araña was alerted by her spider sense. She kicked the drone in the gut making him bend down. She then landed a strong uppercut that sent him up in the air. While a couple feet off the ground she quickly shot her leg up with a high kick to his jaw.

“That’s one down and many more to go,” said Red Wasp. “To make things worse their powers have all been amplified by the great wasp All-Mother. You may have gotten a couple good shots in but you’ll eventually wear yourself out.”

“Hmm…” Araña grunted.


Armory reached Queens with ease. She called in a favor for some transportation. Once she arrived she found the main infestation of wasps and prepared to counter-attack. She pressed her right hand against a blue mailbox and absorbed its matter allowing her body to be covered in a blue metal armor. That’s Armory’s main ability to absorb matter, preferably metal. She has a secondary ability resulting from this that allowed her to form weapons from her body. From the palms of her hands two katana formed. They slipped out and she gripped them.

“Okay, freaks let’s do this!” she exclaimed.

A drone flew in. Armory hit her with the hilt of the sword, cracking her skull. As the drone held her face Armory slashed down the center of her body leaving a large gash that spewed blood. As that drone fell to the ground another flew by and broke Armory’s swords.

“What?” Armory asked before getting kicked aside by another drone.

Armory held her side in pain. She got up to retaliate but as soon as she turned an arrow flew passed her and nearly hit her. She looked at the arrow and then in the direction it came from. A distance from her was a gray-skinned woman. She had pointed ears that poked out of her hood. A strand of black hair blew across her face as she prepped her bow for another shot.

“So you’re the one leading this infestation?” asked Armory. “You’re a Wasp? You look like an elf.”

“What I look like shouldn’t concern you Spider,” said the Wasp named Apocrita.

Apocrita shot her next arrow. Armory kept an eye on it and caught it with ease. The metallic hero formed a pair of kunai in her hands and threw them at the Wasp. Apocrita jumped to dodge. Both kunai missed their mark one after the other. Apocrita pulled her bow again, which Armory countered by forming some chains from her shoulders, attached to them was a small sickle. She threw the end of the chain with a weight on it at the villain’s bow. It wrapped around it. She tried to pull it away but Apocrita held on tight and pulled Armory to her instead. The archer threw a single punch knocking the hero out.

“You are by far the weakest Spider I’ve ever faced,” claimed Apocrita. “I should have gone for Lord Hechicero’s wasp brats.”


Avispa returned to Brooklyn alone after making sure his sister was safe and sound. The Wasp drones in the area all flew for him. Instead of attacking they landed before him and bowed.

“Do you think that will work?” he asked them. “I may be your hunter but I will not join you in this madness.”

“So what your father said is true,” called another of the wasp-men, this one was bigger than the rest. “You have abandoned us.”

“I was never with you to begin with,” explained Avispa. “And I want nothing to do with you.”

“It must be that Ant blood coursing through your veins,” the wasp known as Stinglash said. “It is corrupting you. It’s all your mother’s doing.”

“Watch it bug,” Avispa hissed. “I have no problem coming over there and slitting your throat.”

“Big words,” laughed Stinglash. “Let’s see if you can back them up mama’s boy.”

Avispa launched a flame attack at Stinglash. The wasp villain simply took flight to get out of the way. The drones then swarmed their hunter in an attempt to capture him. Avispa kicked up a metal pole that had been knocked over at some point. He spun it in his hands and nailed the drones as they approached him. He caught one from behind and rammed the end of the pole into the drone’s back. He spun to the right quickly swatting aside another. Stinglash reappeared he sent his foot up and kicked the metal pole snapping it into two pieces. His foot continued hitting Avispa in the abdomen. The kick sent the Wasp Hunter flying back crashing into drones who then piled atop him.


Wasp drones continued their assault on the other boroughs of New York. Gilberto had been pushed out of the restaurant by his date Elaine Coll. While running away from the chaos Gil lost Elaine. He tried searching for her but he couldn’t find her anywere. Little did he know she wasn’t too far off. Elaine was dressed in a black and green costume that was reminiscent of an old Spider-Man villain the Scorpion.

In this costume she was known as Scorpia and in fact she was an old enemy of Spider-Man herself. Scorpia swung her long tail to strike the flying drones. One was hit and sent flying into the hood of a nearby car.

“First spiders were the problem and now wasps,” she said as she dove with her pincers extended to another drone. “I don’t know which one was a bigger pest. Whatever the case I won’t let these guys get to Gilberto.”

Scorpia extended her tail over her head and fired an intense energy burst at the swarm of wasps. It did make a hit but she noticed that although they were knocked down they got back up with little problem.


The attack was not limited to where our heroes were currently defending. The Bronx was being hit just as hard. Swarms of wasps were floating in the air. The Spider Society was nowhere in sight. Luckily the wasps were being engaged by solo street heroes and there were even reports of Avengers in the area.

“Dude, I could have sworn I saw Hawkeye,” said an ordinary New York citizen. “You can’t miss that purple spandex of his.”

“I hear Spider-Man saved this woman covered in some strange metal armor in Queens,” another said. “This is crazy. These bugs are coming out of the woodwork and every hero in the area is fighting them.”

As the two discussed the current situation a group of drones came for them. They weren’t able to get away in time. It looked badly for them but surprisingly an orange sphere big enough to fit in a human hand flew out of the sky and hit the drones with an explosion.

“What the hell was that?” asked one of the bystanders.

They looked up. Above them was a man who appeared to be another costumed crime fighter, his suit was a form fitting Kevlar fabric except at his lowers legs which was loose. His costume was a mix of three colors with the majority being green, his shoulder pads and elbow pads were light green. All the straps over his shoulders, around his elbows, forearms, right leg, and including his two belts one that held his pants and the other that hung loosely with pouches on it were all black. He had a sword strapped over his right shoulder. That final part of his costume was a pair of green goggles with a faceplate attached to them. The only visible part of his body was his brown forehead and black braided hair.

“Never seen that guy before,” said one of them.

“This isn’t my usual line of work,” said the masked man. “But be assured the Goblin is here to put a stop to this. Now get out of here.”

The swarm grew. The Goblin decided to launch a missile from his board-like glider. The explosion dispersed the group of drones. One flew and slammed the Goblin making him spin out of control while on his glider. While he regained control he pulled out some blades that he held between his fingers and threw them revealing them to be shaped like bats. Once again another drone came at him and this time knocked him off his glider. He was only a couple of feet off the ground so luckily the fall didn’t hurt.

As he got up a mass of water collected near him and then rose up to take the shape of a woman. And then another woman appeared dressed in similar fashion to the Spider-Man villain Electro.

“Well, Goblin looks like you’re handling yourself well,” said Aftershock before looking at the other woman. “Hydro-Girl, soak them! Then I’ll give them a little charge.”

“It won’t work there’s too many of them,” claimed the Goblin. “You Bastards might have to call the whole team in.”


A web-line shot through the skyline. It wasn’t Araña’s and surely didn’t belong to Spider-Man. Another web-slinger in black and red spandex swung into action. His only distinctive feature was the web-like cape hanging down his back. He webbed down a drone to the side of building. He then dropped kicked another. He went in guns blazing, throwing punch after punch. Of course the overwhelming number of drones would get to him as well.

“This is insane!” he exclaimed.

As he turned he saw a drone coming in for him. He had little time to react, but out of nowhere the drone appeared to be knocked away. Confused he looked around. It was then he saw another man who was small in stature. This man grew to normal size dressed in a red and silver metallic costume looking like an ant.

“The name is Hormiga,” he claimed. “And who are you supposed to be?”

“The Scarlet Spider,” the arachnid answered.

“Really?” question Hormiga. “Cause there’s already a Scarlet Spider, and he’s been swinging around this city a lot lately. You know the guy with the light blue hoodie with the crooked black spider symbol?”

“What I thought he was dead?!” exclaimed the spider. “Now I’m gonna have to come up with a new name.”

“No time for that,” Hormiga stood back to back with the spider who now had no name. “It is my job as the Hunter of the Ant to stop these wasps. Let’s see if you deserve to call yourself a spider.”


Everywhere heroes assembled to protect New York City. But our main hero still found herself struggling to ward off the attackers trying to hurt the people on Wall Street. Araña was breathing heavily. Like the Red Wasp said she would soon wear herself out.

[Araña Narrates]: This is ridiculous. No matter how many times I take them down they get back up. If I managed to get an attack in that damages them severely enough more come to take their place. This All-Mother of theirs is a problem. I don’t know what I’m gonna do. But I can’t give up. They’re here for Lucas and I won’t let them have him. He’s chosen to be by my side and I will be there to protect him. If only I knew how…

It was then she was tapped on the back. She looked back and saw her mage Miguel Legar. His long black hair blew in the wind as he pulled his hand from Araña’s back pulling a blue energy stream from her.

“Miguel, you showed up,” Araña expressed how happy she was with a smile.

“Yes,” he answered. “Now we’re connected. Let’s show them why the Sisterhood has never won a battle against the Spider Society.”


Araña charged into action. She landed a clothesline on a drone and ran for the Red Wasp. The wasp villain flew into the sky. With her middle and ring fingers pressed into her palm Araña shot webbing to catch the Red Wasp. A drone came into stop her. Araña did a cartwheel to get out of the way and while getting back to her feet she kicked another drone out. She then jumped on a wall and quickly crawled up it. A drone got in her way and she punched it followed by dodging another oncoming sneak attack. She pounced off the wall and then off the shoulders of a drone. This sent her in the air far enough to reach Red Wasp. She grabbed her opponent by the ankle and threw her to the ground.

“Get down there!” exclaimed Araña.

She dropped with her knee landing in the wasp’s gut. Miguel held his position with the blue stream of energy connecting him and Araña intact. His hands were together with his fingers folded over one another. As drones began their attack on him he flashed some hand-signs. When they were close enough pillars of steel shot out of the ground and impaled the flying insects. The energy connecting him to Araña enveloped his hands. This actually turned his hands into weapons. He slashed drones with his hands as if the energy turned them to blades.

Hechicero, lord of Wasps, finally made his appearance. He stood atop a building and watched his soldiers attack everything. He had no intention of stopping Araña. This is what he wanted. The heroes of New York distracted while he prepared to initiate his plan. He clapped his hand together and began a meditation ritual as he watched his people fight.

“I think red is such a nice color but you’re ruining it right now,” Araña joked at the Red Wasp. “So I think I’ll go blue.”

Her body then began to be covered by her blue exoskeleton. The stinger from below her right palm popped out. She thrust it downward at the Red Wasp who rolled away. The wasp then got back to her feet and shot sting blasts at Araña who swung her stinger to block them. Red Wasp took flight and opened fire again. Araña dodged the sting blasts by jumping up. In the air she met with her opponent and kicked her.

Araña sent a web-line to the rooftops and swung up. She landed backwards on a light post. The Red Wasp shrunk herself and flew up after her enemy. As she went up she fired stings blasts that Araña moved slightly to dodge each time. Araña countered by shooting webbing down that Red Wasp swiftly flew out of the way until she was finally hit. She hit the ground and was webbed down to it.

“Hopefully that did it,” she said. “I hope Lucas isn’t having as much a hard time as I was.”


Avispa was in fact have a hard time. He found himself caught in a bear hug by Stinglash. He yelled in pain while trying break free. Stinglash believed that he succeeded in capturing his leader’s son and wondered how someone so weak could be their strongest soldier. It was then when an orange energy began pouring out of Avispa’s body. The energy itself was powerful enough to break him free and send Stinglash sliding back a short distance.

“Urr, rahh!” Avispa growled.

The energy began to fully wrap itself around him. Before his armor could take shape a hand slapped him on the back. And just like the connection between Araña and Miguel the hand pulled away with a stream of energy.

“If you thought I was gonna let you face this alone then you’re crazy,” Estrella stood behind her brother. “I can take care of myself. Take control of the situation and fight these losers.”

“Oh, a Wasp Mage,” said Stinglash. “So you must be the sister. Lord Hechicero will reward me surely if I bring you both in.”

“Ain’t gonna happen, pal,” Estrella claimed.

“You’re outnumbered,” laughed Stinglash. “The drones are even stronger then you remember. The one’s he took down are back up even from severe injury. There’s nothing you can do.”

“Oh yeah?” Estrella had mystical symbols on her fingertips. She slammed her hands on to ground with those symbols pressed against the pavement. “Ancient summoning, spiders come forth!”

“What again?” questioned a voice before a flash of light revealed a large group of men-spiders.

“She summoned spiders?” Stinglash was surprised.

Avispa was a bit surprised himself, “I thought you could only do this with Anya.”

“Now’s not the time to talk.”

Avispa ran forward with the orange stream between him and her sister. While the summoned spiders dealt with the wasp drones Avispa went for Stinglash. He ran up the large muscular body of the wasp and sent the top of his boot to kick Stinglash on the side of the head. This caused Stinglash’s entire body to turn but he quickly came back around and grabbed Avispa by an arm and threw him into the air. The wasp caught him and reapplied his bear hug. It did not last long though. It appeared as Avispa’s cheeks were filling with air. He spit a miniature fireball into the villain’s giant bug eyes. Avispa was let go and dropped into a crouching position as he watched the wasp hold his eyes.

While those two fought a drone tried to sneak attack Estrella from behind. She didn’t move an inch. A hand shaped out of flames came out of the ground and grabbed the drone slamming it to the ground. She smiled.

Completely enraged, Stinglash popped his stinger and stormed after his prey. Avispa looked on with little emotion and pulled out his sword twirling it in skilled fashion. The stinger and sword clashed. Avispa gritted his teeth.

“You are one ugly son of a bitch,” teased Avispa. “But then again your precious All-Mother could blind people by just looking at her. I could crack out some ‘Yo Mama’ jokes but I think we’re a little short on time so I’ll just cut to the end.”

Avispa was able to push the stinger away and slashed Stinglash across his lower torso. He then was pushed away by the now wounded wasp soldier. Stinglash held the wound. Drones flew by and knocked the sword from Avispa’s hands.

“Annoying insects,” he sighed. “It doesn’t matter I have a stinger of my own. Let’s finish this.”


Araña had stopped the Red Wasp and all that was left to attend to were the wasp drones. The strange thing was that the drones in the area stopped attacking. Miguel joined Araña as they surveyed the area.

“Do you have any idea what’s going on?” she asked Miguel.

He shrugged his shoulders, he was just as clueless as she was, “I don’t know. Even with one of the lieutenants down their numbers were still great they could have done a lot of damage.”

“People of New York!” the voice of Hechicero exclaimed from high above the city skyline.

Araña and Miguel looked up to see what he was doing. He was floating in the air with both arms extended out aligned with his shoulders. His hands were open, palms facing up and they began to glow with magical energies.

“I understand your struggle!” he continued. “The social and economic inequality, unemployment, greed and corruption, it must end! Murderers roam free, thieves go unpunished, and the so-called heroes are left unchecked. It is time for the world to be purged! A new world shall be created and from the ashes I shall lead the pure hearted into a new era for mankind.”

“What?” Araña was confused.

“Anya, he knows forbidden spells,” claimed Miguel. “Whatever he’s planning is not good. Get up there and stop him!”


Araña launched upward with a web-line in hand. She went for the Wasp leader. He noticed this and let out a low laugh. It was then when the wasp drones reentered the fight. Every last one ambushing Araña, she tried to fight her way free but was pulled back down to the street.

“Now enter the dominion of the Wasp!” Hechicero said one last thing before initiating the spell.

The sky went from its usual bright blue to a blinding white. The white light from the sky hit the earth and enveloped everything in sight. Araña would be whited-out before screaming for Hechicero to stop. Miguel was next. In Brooklyn the Garcia siblings saw what was happening. Estrella hugged her brother as they faded into the light. Armory, in Queens, pulled strands of webbing from her shoulders and looked at Apocrita who had been taken out by Spider-Man, she vanished into the light. The Goblin and the Bastards of Evil in the Bronx were next. Finally on Staten Island Hormiga and the nameless spider hero were gone.

The whole planet was covered by this light. In space the planet shined so brightly that you could see it from the sun. And on the other side of the fiery giant was another planet glowing the same as earth, it was Counter-Earth. Their orbits were then altered and the two planets moved closer to each other.

Amidst the light Hechicero marveled at his achievement. The moment he waited for so long was happening. But of course someone always must meddle with the villain’s plans. A flash of pink light appeared revealing the ghostly appearance of Sofia Corazon, Anya’s mother. He yelled in anger only to be left unheard. She vanished.

She reappeared again on Counter-Earth grabbing the left behind members of the Young Allies. She then jumped to the original earth and picked up Nomad and the new Young Allies. Then she got Armory, Hormiga, and the others who were fighting the wasp. She then appeared behind the Garcia twins and wrapped her arms around her beloved god-children. Her final act was getting to her daughter. Anya felt the warm touch of her mother but did not know it was her. The only one to see her other than Hechicero was Miguel who used to be her mage, he could sense her anywhere.

“I love you, Anya,” she said. “I leave the fate of the world in your hands. I believe in you, mi Arañita. Now go get them.”

With that the two earths collided.


Avispa stood holding his chest as if he were out of breath. Estrella still holding her brother looked at the new world before her, a massive city twice the size of Manhattan. As they were left astonished, Araña sat on her knees with tears running down her cheeks.

“Mama…” she muttered.

“Anya, we have to go,” said Estrella. “I don’t know what happened but we can’t stay out in the open like this.”

“Guys, this way!” Armory signaled from a distance for them to come to her.

Araña got to her feet and looked over the newly formed city. There were so many buildings. There was no way to tell where the city ended. She wiped the tears from her cheeks.

“Well, it looks like we aren’t in Kansas anymore,” she joked to lighten up her mood.

“Órale…” Avispa sighed.

To be continued…In Young Allies #3!