Today may mark the end of the world, according to some incorrect theories around Mayan prophecies, but from now on it will also mark the day that UnCanon grabbed hold of the flag of Comic Fandom and proudly marched on-wards. So What is Uncanon? well UnCanon is a place for you to write, share and discuss Fan… Read More »


Welcome to a world of fantasy and magic! Scott Summerset is a promising young squire who’s life takes a drastic turn when he discovers he’s a “gifted”, or known to the common folk as a hellbreed! Hunted and hated, only the The Knights of Greymalkin can save him now! Continue reading


Apocalypse has fallen but the battle wages on. Quicksilver, Prelate Summers, and more fight for survival as a new era approaches. This is the end of Age of the Apocalypse and the beginning of The Age After… Continue reading

Gambit Logo

Gambit is back in a brand new solo series for the 617 universe! But first, Gambit is ready to say his goodbye to those he loves and set off on a new path! But where will it lead? Continue reading

COTA Circle

The epic conclusion to the third season of Children of the Atom! It’s a full on prison break and not everyone will make it out alive. This episode doesn’t only have a SHOCKING death but the true destiny of the Children of the Atom is finally revealed. It’s all lead up to this! Continue reading

COTA Circle

They’re back! The Children of the Atom have returned and per usual they’re in grave danger. As members of the Mutant Liberation Front struggle to pick sides, the Children of the Atom struggle to survive. How will the Children of the Atom make it out of this mess? What will become of the Mutant Liberation Front? Check it out in the latest issue of Children of the Atom! Continue reading

Sally Agent

It’s Sally vs. The Blob… No really! The showdown that has been building is finally here, and we get some answers to the question of what happenned to the Inferno-children. There are also more questions, and those questions may very well lead to some life-altering decisions. Continue reading

COTA Circle

Elizabeth Braddock, Crystal Amaquelin, and Calvin Rankin. Three very different children with three very different lives. What made them become they were? Who are the Inhumans? Who are the Braddocks and what is Avalon? And what is Calvin Rankin’s deepest regret? Find out in the first part of the origins stories of the Mutant Liberation Front! Continue reading

Sally Agent

Sally rolls into mutant-town looking for answers, but starts on a quest for vengeance instead. A chance meeting with an old friend takes an upexpected turn, and Joe begins to suspect something more sinister is going on. Also: How do you deal with loosing your powers if they we’re all you ever had? Guest-starring X-Factor. Continue reading